What It's Like to Be Pregnant for the First Time With Zero Experience

What It’s Like to Be Pregnant for the First Time With Zero Experience

I would say that I became a mother on May 6th 2017 because that’s the day I got to know that I was pregnant. People say that motherhood is a challenge, but pregnancy is a challenge too. My pregnancy brought new challenges every day. Every day there was some new pain. One day I noticed that I was bleeding; of course, I was scared and with a heavy heart I went to the hospital. 

I was hospitalised for a week and was in the labour room. Every night there was like a challenge for me, but it was a mental challenge. In the labour room, women were screaming there due to pain and I worried that even I will have to go through this pain. These were new thoughts and why wouldn’t be? I was pregnant for the first time!

Days passed and the challenges continued. Finally, the day of my baby’s arrival came. I experienced labour pains but they were not excruciating. I was supposed to have a C-section and I dreaded it.

With all the scary thoughts in my mind, I was ready for the OT or rather the nurses took me to the OT. I was administered an anaesthesia injection in my backbone and my bottom part was so cold. 

The doctor came and the operation began. I closed my eyes and continuously said, “Please God, let it be a boy, a boy please.” And I prayed for a boy only because my in-laws kept saying, “Munda jamle munda jamle.” 

After some time, one nurse came and told me that I have given birth to a boy. The first thought that came to my mind was iski bahu kaisi aayegi. I closed my eyes and took some rest for a while. And if you’re wondering when my baby was born, then let me tell you the date: it was 12th January 2018.

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