Life Moves on Just Like a Flash

Life Moves on Just Like a Flash

Life might feel like an eternity at times, and it can also feel like a flash at other times. There was always a desire to grow up and do something when we were little. Possibly that it’s because life seems more manageable at the time, and everything seems feasible. However, as you grow up, you realise that the best time of your life was when you were young because it was a time when you were full of dreams, and the only stress you had was from your studies. Then you complete your education, struggle hard to get a stable income, and aim to have a good life.

Life can seem endless and complete with insecurities at times. However, there is one person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, and this feeling inspires you to take every risk and do something. Finally, you marry the person you’ve always wished to marry. You have the impression that you have finally conquered a mountain. The moment you want to celebrate suddenly you realise everything has changed, including your spouse’s behaviour. It’s full of insecurities once again, but you get through the bad days and realise that each period has its beauty and satisfaction.

One fine day, while doing some work, the moments that were upsetting you return to memory, and you chuckle at your foolishness and immaturity, and you realise how far you’ve come. The silliness that was worrying you earlier is of no significance. Then you get pregnant and start worrying about how you’ll handle things and how you’ll manage everything. The baby arrives before you can prepare for anything, and you are more concerned about the child than anything else. You begin to consider your parents’ sacrifices and become emotional for no apparent cause.

This is how your life goes in a circle. You arrived at that point from where you started. Life can both astound and surprise you in terms of how far you’ve come. And how did you get through such a difficult period?

Thank you, God, for being present in my life at all times.

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