Breastfeeding: My Most Memorable Phase of Motherhood!

Breastfeeding: My Most Memorable Phase of Motherhood!

Everyone says that pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride, parenting is even more worse, and so on. The truth I want to reveal is that whatever phase we are going through, if it’s met with the right intention and commitment, everything falls into place, and it’s a journey to remember and cherish.

I am the mother of a 17 month old baby girl baby. She’s such a cute and naughty little brat who, until the age of one, was very calm and quiet! I have been breastfeeding her ever since she was born, until now, and I wish to continue doing it as far as I can, and as far as she demands it.

Initially, breastfeeding was extremely difficult. But, with the help of my mother, I was able to make it. I had gestational diabetes a few months before delivery, but I still managed, and had a normal delivery at 38 weeks. Ever since then, I am breastfeeding my baby girl. She was a pro at everything, right from latching till burping. I understand her needs, and feed her accordingly. We are successful till now!

Being a working woman, I knew I would be missing feeding her, but I coped up by pumping, storing, and feeding her. Still, she loved getting fed directly, and would wait for me to return from the office. Now, being on lockdown, most of us are working from home, and it’s easier to feed her whenever she demands. In fact, I feel that breastfeeding at night, along with gentle massages and her favourite lullaby, puts her to sleep hassle-free.

Initially, a lot of family members were against me feeding my daughter beyond the age of 12 months, and a few even insisted that I stop. But, I would never do that, until my daughter decides by herself when to stop.

Until then, my journey continues! Thank you for reading about my wonderful experience, and I feel so happy to have shared it here.

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