A Small Perseverance, and I Got the Biggest Joy from My Baby's Smile

A Small Perseverance, and I Got the Biggest Joy from My Baby’s Smile

I always knew that I want to breastfeed my baby, because of all the great benefits it has. But, little did I know that it will be a difficult task. I had a planned C-section, so when my baby was born, I was lying down for 24 hours. I couldn’t feed her, even though the nurse had brought my baby to my breast within a few minutes of my coming out of the O.T. Then, I realised I had flat nipples.

After 24 hours, when I was able to sit up, my doctor arranged for a lactation expert to see me. When she came in and advised me to use a nipple shield for the first few minutes of feeding and then give my nipple to my baby to suck, I tried it, but due to the C-section, I was in a lot of pain. When my baby would cry because it was hard for her to suck the milk from the nipple shield, and my nipple would not go in her month, I would give up and give her formula milk or expressed breast milk. Another mistake I made was to start her on bottle feeding, which she happily accepted.

Once my incision was healed, I started to slowly feed my baby from my breast. Initially, she uses to fuss, because she had an easy way of the bottle, but then slowly I stopped her bottle, one feed session at a time, and feed her through my breast instead. She became used to my nipples without a nipple shield, and used to suck on them. Now, my nipples are not flat anymore, since my baby completely feeds through my breasts. I get the best joy to hold my baby to my chest, and look into her eyes and smile while she feeds.

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