The Journey of My Pregnancy – The Most Exciting Roller Coaster Ride of My Life

We got the most exciting news of our lives with the ‘2 pink lines of happiness’ one fine morning. We both were numb for around a minute since we didn’t know how to react as it was totally unexpected until the silence was broken by a drop of tear falling right onto the strip. Thus began the most exciting journey of our lives! My workplace was around 24 km from where we stayed across a bumpy road with minimum transportation facilities. That was the foremost headache we had as our gynaecologist suggested me to be very careful for the first trimester! We shifted to a house next to my office and continued with my busy office schedule being a power engineer. Months passed and one trimester passed. I still remember my baby’s first heartbeat, her first movements, the feel of the way she grew inside me, the monthly checkups and visits. My hubby was extremely careful of my diet, my walk schedules and he was more involved in this journey, mentally providing the best possible environment to bring our love to this world. The entire 36 weeks went so smoothly with my little one totally cooperating with her mommy. I sang, talked to her while I cooked in the kitchen (which was my passion) and read novels whenever I got time. It was Saturday 28th December 2019. I returned from office and on the way home entered a salon to get a warm oil hair massage and some pedicure done as our maternity shoot was scheduled the next day which was a Sunday. After returning home, I baked a cake to be used in the shoot, got the props ready, cooked dinner and we both had our dinner. As I stood up to wash my plate, I felt a huge outrush of liquid. For a moment I was ashamed as I took that to be urine. Then I immediately told my hubby that no my water had just broken! As I told him, I was shivering because I never really expected a delivery one month before my due date and moreover I hadn’t yet applied for my leaves as the due date was a month away. He immediately called up my gynaecologist. It was 10.30 pm and by God’s grace, she was there as she had a delivery scheduled at 11 pm. She immediately asked me to come to the hospital. As I rushed into the car, I just took my documents with no hospital bag no luggage! And I felt every rush of water just leaking out. It still gives me goosebumps! We reached the hospital at 11.05 pm and immediately got admitted. The doctors took my details and told that a C-section had to be done immediately but again since I had my dinner a couple of minutes ago it will not be possible until 5 hrs of dinner. Tears rolled down uncontrollably and for a moment I was shattered. However, my gynaecologist told both of us that she will make sure I and my baby are absolutely safe and kept me under observation the entire night. I still remember that night counting every microsecond till it was 6 am and I saw my gynaecologist! And I got the most beautiful gift of my life – My dotty Aarhi at 7.21 am on 29 December 2019. The entire OT session was such fun as the doctors made me super comfortable and we talked about how I missed my maternity shoot. The cake that I baked for my maternity shoot was then brought to my cabin and all the doctors and nurses celebrated together the arrival of my princess!

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