The Most Beautiful Person in the World - Maa!

The Most Beautiful Person in the World – Maa!

Today, I am going to talk about a superwoman, my mummy.

Mothers are given different names; some are called ‘maa‘, some ‘ammi‘, some say ‘mata ji‘, while some say ‘mom’ or ‘Mumma’. But, whatever word we use, the feeling touches our heart. Mothers are the most beautiful things created by God. And I believe, God cannot be everywhere, so he created mother. It doesn’t matter if mothers are old or young, they are always there to nurture you. Even when they grow old, they will stand for you the entire day if you need them. No one can ever take their place.

Every mom has got a superpower from God, so does my mom. Dad left us very soon; I was just 12 years old, and we were devastated. We didn’t have any backup or support. We came across demotivating people everywhere. But my superhero just took out her super wings and protected us from all evil eyes. My mom stood by us and is the only reason where we are today. She might be crying all alone but never showed any sadness to us. Whenever we felt low, her sparkling smile and just her favourite line “meri sher ho tum” made me strong again. Mothers are angels sent by God; respect them. Once they are gone, you cannot get another.

This is not just an article; these are my feelings from the core of my heart. In the end, I just want to say mothers are blessings. Adore them and treasure them because no relationship in this world is as pure as theirs. No one can ever love you as they do. Respect your mother and never be harsh to her. Your single word could break her heart, and you would never know that because she always smiles so that you can smile.

Today, after reading my article, go and give your mother a tight hug and say how much you love her, and I m sure her happiness will multiply. At last, I want to say. “Ma hai to sabkuch hai; woh nahi to kuch bhi nahi“.

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