Journey From Being a Housewife to Being a Mother

Motherhood – a journey of balancing the needs of the family and the baby. Isn’t it difficult for new moms to cater to the needs of the family, the baby, and also the household chores?

A solution to this is working in the smartest way and giving as much time to the baby as possible because once they grow up, we’re going to miss the quality time terribly! Effective and smart work includes having a pre-planned schedule instead of working hard all day. Planning of meals and working out the schedule for the next day in advance will ease the routine for the next day. Preparing for the next day during baby’s sleep time will boost the speed of the task at hand.

Let us mommies start by giving equal time to family, work, and baby. Keeping the baby with you through your working process will also enhance the bond between you and your baby as your little one will be with you throughout, making them feel like they are being prioritised over everything. It is important to remember that it’s not easy being a mom who balances everything in her family – some moms may not be able to do so, and that is also perfectly okay. Every mother will try to balance life with her new baby to the best of her abilities, and that in itself is worth an applause. After all, can one count the tasks performed by a mom in one day? Can one simply imagine a single day without a mother? The answer is no. Because all moms carry out invisible tasks every day.

Some women go through the journey of being wives first, and then mothers – this journey can be exciting and thrilling. However, while it’s not easy balancing work and life along with a baby, some find it a rewarding experience!

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