The Many Shades of Corona

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You all are aware of this virus now; therefore, I won’t go into the details. But, the pandemic has changed so many things in life that nothing seems to be the way it used to be before. Adults are working from home, and kids now know what online classes are all about. Suddenly, our little home has turned into an office, school, restaurant, playground, and so many other things we could never imagine. I don’t know when this virus will leave our country, but till the time it’s here, and we all are in quarantine, let’s all make our home a happy place and stop worrying about the future. In short, I am going to give a new meaning to “Corona”. It means different to every individual, but for me, it has formed my little world.

1. “C” Stands for Corridor

We have 4 flats on our 12th floor. And, the only kids who play there are my kids, one is 6 years old, and the other is 1 year old. Not to forget my husband too, who is no less than a kid. But, I am grateful he is here, otherwise this period would have been very difficult to face. Anyway, the corridor is all ours to play cricket, football and even drive the scooty. And, even the little one started walking in the only space left for her. So, the corridor is our little playground to get some movement and feel free.

2. “O” Stands for Opportunity

I am a person who loves going out whether it’s travelling, shopping or just anything and everything. And, I have always loved doing new things. However, cooking was neither my hobby, nor do I like to cook. When we quarantined ourselves, I was so frustrated with my cooking skills and thought why not try new things. Now I make sure that I try one new recipe every day. And, when my family appreciates my efforts, I feel it is worth trying. Nonetheless, after the lockdown is lifted, I will keep a cook for sure.

3. “R” Stands for Rational

I am actually a very emotional person. My mom left for Delhi just before the lockdown, and she could not come back, and this thought of being alone pinched me. I thought I wouldn’t get any help from my hubby and daughter for household chores. Yes, we had our fights, and then they understood what I was going through. I am glad that our rational and logical talk helped us. Now, we help each other to make this tough ride smooth.

4. “O” Stands for Opinion

Yes, as adults, we always have opinions that we try to enforce on our kids. But, kids also have opinions because the way they see the world is so different and pure. Sometimes it’s good to listen to their imaginary stories and how they find a solution to their problems. My child gives different opinions all the time. Just imagine my condition.

5. “N” Stands for Never say No

I think not just me, but most parents have the habit of saying “no” to their kids. But, this lockdown has had a huge impact on young minds. They could have never imagined in their dreams what staying inside the house 24*7 means. They are fighting bravely though, just like us. In fact, I think, better than us. Therefore, appreciate them and set them free for some time to do whatever they want to do. They will turn out good and strong after this lockdown for sure.

6. “A” stands for Affection

Finally, I am overwhelmed with the affection I am getting from my hubby, my kids, my family and friends in Delhi, and all my lovely friends in Mumbai. They are with me all the time, especially when I feel low. Yes, this period is tough for all, but when you have the love and support of everyone, you always stand strong. Thank you all for tolerating me, my anger, my tantrums during this period. Love you all. Can’t wait to see you all soon. Till then zoom, WhatsApp zindabad!

This is my version of the coronavirus lockdown. I hope I turn this tough phase makes me a better human being. For now, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog.

Bani Dey John

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