Post Pregnancy Belt – Does It help To Reduce the Belly Pouch


After delivery, most women try a lot of methods to get back into their pre-pregnancy body and shed all the extra weight they gained during pregnancy. One of the methods used in this process is the post pregnancy belt, which is particularly used to target the loose skin and fat around the belly area.

What Is Meant By “Tying The Stomach Or Abdominal Wrapping After Delivery”?

The practice of tying the stomach after delivery has been around for a long time as it is believed to tighten the muscles, reduce swelling and even provide support to the back. During pregnancy, the walls of your abdomen stretch to accommodate a growing uterus. There is also a considerable amount of fat cells that accumulate in the region. These over-stretched muscles don’t contract immediately after delivery, leaving flabby skin and fat around the abdomen. Wrapping the abdomen with a cloth or a postpartum belt is believed to help tighten and strengthen these muscles.

What Are The Different Types Of Binding?

While traditionally clothes were being used to wrap around the abdomen after pregnancy, today there are several different types of binds available. Be sure to pick the one that is comfortable for you and suits your lifestyle.

  1. Wraps

These are made of cloth and are can be used immediately after postpartum.

  1. Corsets

Typically worn under dresses, corsets are extremely tight and may exert a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor as well as on the organs within the abdominal cavity, and are not recommended for long- term use.


  1. Belts or Splints

These are more modern options, and come with a Velcro fastening for easy use. They also allow you to adjust the tightness for the required pressure on your abdomen.

What Is A Post Pregnancy Belt?

A post-pregnancy belt is a wrap that can be used to tie your belly and thereby, offer support to your abdominal organs and the muscles. A post-delivery belt will help in tightening up loose muscles and push the organs back to position.

When Can You Start Tying Your Stomach After Pregnancy?

Some doctors also suggest that new mothers should wait at least for a day after delivery before they begin frequently tying their stomach. It is best to consult your doctor about when the right time to start is as your doctor will be best familiar with your health situation.

– After Natural Delivery

If you’ve had a normal delivery, you can typically begin tying your stomach within a few hours after giving birth.

– After a C-section

If you’ve had a C-section, it is advisable to wait until the wound is healed enough before you tie your stomach. This may mean at least six to eight weeks. Check with your doctor if you are ready for a belt or a wrap.

How Does Postpartum Belt Help In Reducing The Belly?

Although there is little scientific evidence to back the use of postpartum belts, their popularity stems from the tradition across cultures around the world. Maternity belt uses include

  • Tummy fat reduction
  • Posture enhancement
  • Tummy muscle toning
  • A fast method to achieve flat tummy
  • Internal organs support
  • Back support and back pain reduction
  • Instant tummy tucker or body shaper
  • Better comfort for movement after delivery

What Are The Risks Involved In Using A Postnatal Belt?

Maternity belts tuck in the extra fat that you have gained during pregnancy for a flatter tummy and a reduced bulge. However, several doctors advise against the use of maternity belt after delivery due to the following risk factors.

  • Excess pressure on the uterus which may lead to bleeding
  • Rashes and itching around the region where the edges of the belt press into the skin
  • Excessive use of the belts, almost throughout the day, in an effort to reduce fat may lead to pain and discomfort
  • After C section, the wounds may take at least six to eight weeks to completely heal. Using the belt before the internal wounds have healed may lead to complications.
  • There is a possibility of developing a hernia due to constant pressure on the abdomen.

Is A Post Maternity Belt Comfortable?

All mothers who’ve used the abdominal belt after pregnancy will agree that these are far from being comfortable. Using them can even be painful on many occasions as they wrap around your tummy tightly for the desired results. If you’ve had a C-section, there may be complications if the belt exerts a lot of pressure where the incision was made. It is also possible for the belt to slip out of position every now and then, requiring constant adjustment. While using softer fabrics can ease some discomfort, but it comes at a cost as softer fabric belts are priced higher.

Other Ways To Reduce Belly After Delivery

Follow A Healthy Diet

Following a healthy diet and indulging in moderate exercise can help you get your pre-pregnancy body back. Begin with easy exercises and workouts that do not strain you and remember to progress gradually. You can consult your doctor about the right time to hit the gym for a more rigorous work out session. Yoga and brisk walks every day can also be of great help to reduce tummy fat.

Using a maternity belt after delivery can aid in the process of getting back into shape, however, it does not supplement a good diet and exercise. Using a belt can help you move around better and equip you to work out better, but these postpartum belts should not be considered as a tool for instant weight loss. Use them in moderation and avoid putting your abdomen under constant pressure all day long. Also, seek guidance from your doctor about the best ways to use the belt for better results.

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