10 Scary Things They Didn’t Tell You About Your Postpartum Body!

10 Scary Things They Didn’t Tell You About Your Postpartum Body

“Wait until you become a mother. Your entire life will change!” Knowing relatives and friends start warning us immediately after we get married. Change isn’t a foreign concept for women – our lives change dramatically when we transition into our role as a wife and daughter-in-law too. But the knowing folk is right. Moms understand that motherhood unleashes the biggest change of all – in our life, emotions, relationships, and our bodies.

During pregnancy, every new morning is a new revelation. When you have managed to put morning sickness away, at least for some time, you marvel at how much your body has changed. Your waist has swelled, your bump has grown overnight, and you can even see the shine in your skin and hair that everyone else exclaims over.

After the delivery, surely, things will bounce back to normal. When the baby is out, the bump should subside, right? Errm, there are a number of secrets about your postpartum body that society has kept for decades…lest they scare you!

If you’re an expecting mummy, let this be your preparation for what to expect postpartum. And if you’re already a mum, we promise this will be like a trip down memory lane. Plus, odd as it seems, some of these changes continue into several years after becoming a mom. Motherhood is permanent – yes, even for our bodies!

1. It will be a LONG time before you can fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes

So you didn’t put on too much weight during pregnancy? Or you figured the bump would subside after the baby comes out and hey presto, the old clothes can be back? Well, till long after the delivery, your uterus and other organs are still in disarray, which means those old clothes will have to wait.

2. That belly button will never be the same again

Remember how that belly button used to be a point of consideration when you wore a saree or a short top? Postpartum, it’s just going to be a circle with some skin over the top. In fact, this can be a great giveaway that you are a mom!

3. There will be a number of breast changes – and a particularly appealing one

Women’s bodies undergo a lot of postpartum problems. One of the biggest and most noticeable of these are the changes in your breasts! As your body readies for breastfeeding, there will be many things going on there. But the fascinating part is how your breasts will be bigger than ever and they won’t sag one bit! Get yourself some hot breastfeeding bras and enjoy the feeling.

4. Your period will be back with a vengeance

It’s time to say goodbye to the blissful period of going without a period – for nine months in case you had a full-term baby! But now, the placenta has detached and left a bleeding wound behind. The bleeding may continue for up to six weeks so keep those pads handy!

5. The line above your belly button is here to stay

Know that line stretching above your belly button? This is called the linea nigra and though it will fade with time, it may never disappear completely. Some women have their stretch marks forever. It’s beautiful and a terrific reminder of the miracle you’ve created!

6. There will be clumps of hair in the shower and on the pillow

The dream of gorgeous hair that pregnancy brings you will now break. There will be hair in your rubber-band, on your shoulder, in the washbasin. It’s just one of those side effects of motherhood that you don’t particularly like…but hey, these home remedies to prevent hair loss can help you out quite a bit.

7. The tummy fat will become a perpetual problem

Unlike what you thought, your tummy will not deflate immediately after delivery. In fact, it may be years before you can get back a flat tummy! After birth, you may develop a little pooch which will stubbornly refuse to go. Trying to lose the extra weight has to be a continuing effort but don’t push it. Eat a balanced diet, exercise, and get enough rest. Also, check out these 12 magical drinks that let you drink your way to a flatter belly!

8. Your tear-glands will be in overdrive

Never been a cry-baby? Welcome to the new world! Postpartum, many women report crying sessions that they cannot seem to get over. Little things may make you cry and you will never realise you’ve been doing this too much until someone points this out to you. In fact, your baby will have quite some competition in the crying department!

9. The world will suddenly feel hotter than ever before

This has nothing to do with the season you delivered, though all the best if it’s summer! You are going to experience some terrible hot flashes because of the hormones going wild in your body. Keep yourself cool by drinking enough water and looking at the little one every now and then!

10. This is one bodily change your husband will take particular interest in

Many doctors advise staying away from intercourse for six weeks postpartum. This is mainly because your body is recovering and you may be feeling drained. But, hey, all those hormones raging in your body may also mean this becomes a difficult timeline to maintain. So, if your body permits, feel free to indulge in some intimate time with your spouse. Just make sure you discuss this with your doctor and remember that some women ovulate quite early after delivery.

Giving birth is a huge adventure for our body and a life-changing experience for our heart. While some of these changes may come across as harsh and difficult, moms know they are actually beautiful. In a way they cannot, no matter how hard they try, put into words

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