Where Is Your Child? Here's a Brilliant Way To Always Know The Answer

Where Is Your Child? Here’s a Brilliant Way To Always Know The Answer

When you become a new parent, and a delicate, sleepy baby is in your arms, your mind is brimming with anxiety. At the time, caring for your baby seems the most challenging phase ever; everything would be easier when the baby grows up…And then, it’s time for your baby to start crawling, walking and running off by himself. It is then that you realize you spoke too soon!

Moms are often tied between this trade-off – letting their kids explore the outdoors where dangers may lurk, or keeping them indoors all the time at the risk of reduced physical and social development. While all parents want their children to thrive and become independent, letting them out of their sight is one scary scenario. After all, as per recent government statistics, 72.8 % of missing person cases are from the age group of 12-18 years. What’s worse, a good 45% of these cases still remain unsolved.

So, how can you stop worrying yourself sick about your child’s whereabouts and get some peace of mind? The answer lies in innovative technology!

Over the years, several researchers have been exploring various solutions to help parents keep track of their child’s location. One such group at ePurpleSky.com has come up with a simple and practical fix – a GPS Watch aptly called FindMe! This fits snugly into your child’s wrist and lets you monitor their location real-time, down to the exact building address.

Here’s how a GPS tracking device can buy moms some sanity – and no, it isn’t complicated at all

1. Track your child’s specific location

The inbuilt GPS Locator tells you where your child is at the moment. This isn’t a vague street address but the precise building with the nearest landmark.

2. Talk to your child whenever he needs you

No, you don’t have to give your child a mobile phone and open a fresh can of worms about cyber and network safety! The FindMe Watch, for instance, has an embedded calling feature that allows your child to call you with a single click. You can easily talk to them and guide them home.

3. Play back the route your child has taken

Some trackers also allow you to playback your child’s location in sequential order. Where was he during a certain time? What spots did he visit and where did he linger? This is also a useful tool when you are worried that your child has been secretive and more withdrawn than usual. Where he goes and whom he meets can help you figure out what is disturbing him.

4. Keep your child away from dangerous spots

Sometimes, the best way to keep your child safe is to ensure he is alone only in familiar places with plenty of “safe spots” like a neighbour’s house, a police station, or his school. By using a technology called Geo-Fencing, you can set a protective, virtual “fence” for your child. If they step out of this, you’ll get an instant notification. Problem solved!

Now, this is surely a comforting premise. Your kids may be out in the playground, on the way to a friend’s house, or having ice-creams with their friends. Even though you’re not physically present with them, you are just by their side. As for those long, disturbing minutes of not knowing whether your child is safe? Well, you can bid them adieu forever!

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