Managing Toddler Climbing Chair and Safety Tips

Chair Climbing in a 21 Months Old

21 months is an important age for your kid. Her increasing mobility tempts her to explore newer avenues in the household and to climb surfaces higher than her. If you see your toddler climbing chairs or trying to, it’s time to secure the area and help channel her energy.

It’s amazing when you see how your toddler discovers new stepping stones to reach higher surfaces like chairs. It’s all part of a kid’s motor skills development, and while you may love your new hiker’s talents, her climbing will call for your supervision repeatedly. Knowing some behavioral traits about toddlers and climbing can help you.

Managing Toddlers Climbing Chairs: Understanding the Basics

Your toddler’s urge to climb a chair or other nearby objects clearly demonstrates that she’s exploring her energy and her boundaries. After spending 18 months or so crawling and then learning to slowly walk, she’s now ready to push the limits and employ her newfound power! Curiosity to see or touch things placed high up is another reason for a child’s desire to climb.

1. What to Do When Your Toddler Keeps Climbing on Chairs

It’s natural to be concerned for your child’s safety, but chair climbing is an activity that makes her strong, increases flexibility and improves balance. It also raises her confidence and acquaints her with newer environments. Being a natural part of her development, you can’t entirely stop your 21-month-old toddler from climbing chair. However, you can employ a few measures instead of trying to discontinue the activity.

  • Make the area safer by buying a kiddie gym and placing large cushions on the floor. Set aside an area free of chairs, tables and furniture with sharp edges. Whenever you see that she wants to climb, place her in the space.
  • If there are space constraints at home, add a step stool near chairs and places she’s most likely to climb on at home. Always supervise the activity.
  • Take her to toddler gym classes where she can enjoy using safe climbing equipment. The company of children her age will also keep her entertained and build social skills.

2. Help Channel Her Energy

Some kids are more adventurous. They want to enjoy the thrill of climbing and won’t stop unless they get a scolding! For parents, coming up with interesting physical activities on the ground is one way to help kids channel their energy more safely. These ideas can help:

  • Kids are most likely to climb when they have limited space to move around. Make sure you provide her with enough space at home or take her outdoors.
  • Introduce her to new environments such as a yard, garden or playground to involve her in ground activities.
  • Apart from physical activities, involve your child in learning games such as building blocks. They help enhance hand-eye coordination, develop spatial skills and even language skills.

A little thought and execution can help you successfully manage your toddler’s energy and her need to climb without any hazards.

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