Independent Activities Toddlers Can Do Well

Getting your child to play independently not just sharpens the child’s mind but also leaves you with some spare time. Once you’re aware of the activities you can introduce, there’re many things a 14-month-old baby can do herself much to your surprise.

Toddlers love to explore and do things on their own and they often insist on it. And why not? Independent play is the best way to learn things. Be it eating food with their own hands or drinking milk from a glass, the benefits of letting your child do things on his own are immeasurable.

Activities Toddlers Can Do Well Independently

1. Eating is fun

By 14 months of age, most toddlers start grabbing the spoon. Help them to eat on their own by providing them with kid size utensils and bite-sized food that are thicker in texture and easy to eat. Though your child will put the food in the mouth intermittently, help them and encourage this. This will give your child an opportunity to learn how to self-feed. Besides, this activity helps in developing motor skills and gives you time to enjoy your meal too.

2. Water games

Children love water and they are enthralled by it. But it’s always good to take the game outside or to the sink. Give them a small mug and bucket of water less than half-filled, to water the plants. Else, give then different sized containers and a cup and encourage them to practice pouring water from one container to the other. Don’t expect an efficient job, although.

3. Engaging with toy basket

At this age, emptying things filled with anything is a toddler’s favourite pastime as they are trying to perfect some finer movements. But teach them to refill the basket with toys. Ask for their help when you’re gathering toys and teach them to put those inside the toy basket. You’ll be surprised to see what excellent helpers they are. Soon they’ll be emptying and filling their toy baskets without any aid.

4. Drinking from the cup

14 months is the best time to encourage your toddler to drink by himself using a cup. This will also help her to leave the habit of drinking from the bottle. Bottling for too long can lead to a delay in speech too. Supply them with good quality plastic mugs and pour a little amount of liquid to start with. Pretty soon you’ll see them drinking independently.

A toddler of 14 months has a brain full of inquisitiveness. Support him to learn and explore. Yes, of course, the little one can’t do things perfectly but with a little patience you’ll be surprised to see what she can achieve and it can be fun for you as well. Hope these tips will help you understand the needs of your toddler in a better way.

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