Importance of Developing Self Awareness Skills in Children

Self Awareness in Your 21 Months Old

Self-consciousness is often underrated, which is why parents are not aware of what self-awareness skills are in toddlers. The fact that they can help them grow into balanced individuals is often overlooked. However, these skills can be developed with some simple exercises.

As your little one grows up, so does his sense of self. He starts recognising his needs as well as those of the people around him. It is this self-awareness that helps a child understand and react to different situations in an appropriate way. Though it develops with time, as a parent you can help yours gain self-awareness quickly.

Self Awareness in Child Development- How it Works

Studies have shown that every child is born with a sense of self-awareness. This is why a newborn baby cries when he feels hungry, cold or needs a nappy change. However, as the child develops, so does his capacity for self-awareness. But when does a toddler become self-conscious? Well, the first time your child smiles at you and you smile back can be cited as an important development. It helps him realise that his actions can get reactions. As he grows, he understands this more and more and acts accordingly. Once he starts speaking, he expresses his desires to perform various activities by using the words “I” and “me”. Also, a child becomes self-conscious when he explores the world around him and learns how different things work.

Importance of Self-consciousness in Toddlers

  • Better expression of feelings
  • Recognising his positive and negative traits
  • Completing tasks at hand
  • Analysing the reaction caused by his actions
  • Understanding mistakes made and correcting them

Developing Self-awareness in Children the Fun Way!

1. Who’s in the Mirror?

Since most toddlers can recognise themselves in the mirror by 15 months, this is one of the best exercises for developing self-awareness. Place a mirror in front of your child and ask him what he sees. Then, take it away and put a bright coloured dot or sticker on his face. Now, give him back the mirror. Your child will very likely remove the dot. Doing this in different ways will make him more conscious about himself.

2. Teach Me the Game

This is another great way to help your 21-month-old toddler develop self-consciousness. Pick one of his favourite games and ask him to teach you the right way to play it. Make sure you make some mistakes to keep him his mind in the game. It’s also a good way to test his observation and correcting powers.

3. Taking Turns While Playing

Choose some age-appropriate games for your little one that involve waiting for turns and competing. Invite some of his friends over to play or involve the family members. These self-awareness activities for toddlers teach a sense of responsibility and instill the urge to excel.

When it comes to child care, self-awareness is a key element that can’t be overlooked. It’s the only way to ensure that you’re bringing up an individual who is aware of his own needs and deeds. Start early and your child will learn sooner.

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