Size Comparing Games and Activities for Children

When Toddlers Start Comparing Sizes

Comparing sizes is an important aspect that comes in handy in everyday life. Helping toddlers to learn this will actually form a base for future math activities. Learn how to teach big and small to children using fun activities that engage and educate them.

As your toddler grows up, he encounters a number of toys and is even able to distinguish them in terms of their sizes. But, when it comes to actually comparing sizes between two given objects, he might not be so well-equipped. However, there’s no reason to fret over this. Comparing sizes can be easily taught to kids with interesting games and that too, during their play hours.

Teaching Big and Little to Toddlers for Easy Learning

1. Using The Right Words

When it comes to comparing sizes of objects, the words most commonly used are ‘big’ and ‘small’. Before starting with size comparing games for toddlers, teaching them the meaning and the right way to use these words is extremely important. Put out some toys and objects and then point one out as ‘big’ or ‘small’. Engaging in this activity regularly will help your tot get a grip on the right way to use words when comparing sizes.

2. Doing it with Toys

Raiding his toy chest is another way of teaching the concept of big and small to your toddler! Pick up toys of different sizes and point out the one that’s big and another that’s small. You can start off with balls and later graduate to stuffed toys, cars and dolls. You can even use household articles like books and jars to teach the concept of comparing sizes. Remember to alter words based on what you’re trying to teach.

3. Game of Sizes

There’s no denying the fact that toddlers love playing games. Pick a few toys or household objects in different sizes and point them out according to their sizes. Call out a size like ‘big’ or ‘small’ and ask your toddler to pick a toy of similar size. Whenever he gets it right, reward him with a big kiss or cuddles. This is a fun big and small activity for toddlers and one that your tot will be eager to do right!

4. Sorting Game

Once your child seems to be better equipped with knowing sizes of objects, notch up the comparison by asking him to sort between big and small things. You can give him boxes and ask him to drop the big ones in one box and the small ones in the other. Don’t forget to applaud when he does it right.

5. Activity Time

Give a few comparison activity sheets to your child. You can find them at most shops or you can even design them yourself. Ask your munchkin to colour an object that’s big or cross an object that’s small. This activity will soon see your toddler achieve the comparing sizes milestone.

Once he learns to compare big and small sizes, you can move on to teaching him others like long, tall and short. Continue to use games and fun activities for the same.

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