Encouraging Toddlers to Make Friends

When Young Children Want Company

There’s no denying the fact that the importance of friendship for children is a lot more than parents may think. Helping toddlers make more friends can play a very crucial role in the overall development of a child. Find out how you can do this.

Parents leave no stone unturned to make sure that their toddlers grow up to be socially acceptable individuals. They teach them manners and various other things that can prove beneficial. But, the company of a good friend can sometimes prove to have a bigger impact on a child’s behaviour. Give this some thought the next time you’re wondering how to develop your child’s social skills.

Do 23-month-old Toddlers Need Friends: Revealing the Truth

Spending quality time with your child is important but it’s not enough. He needs friends of his age too. Toddlers pick up many things when playing with other children, which is why you should encourage having friends. These are a few benefits:

  • Better interaction
  • Sharing things
  • Waiting for turns
  • Cooperating
  • Compromising when need be
  • Following the rules
  • Being fair
  • Negotiating

Encouraging Toddler Friendship the Fun Way

1. Plan Play Dates

One of the best ways to help your toddler make friends is by planning a play date with other kids his age. You can invite your friends who also have kids and make a fun day out of it. You can also plan a play date by coordinating with other parents at the playground. There are more chances of your toddler making friends this way.

2. Improve Social Skills

You might have to put in a little effort to improve the social skills of your toddler, such that he gets along with other children. Start at home by encouraging him to share his toys with his siblings and cousins. You can also point out the good behaviour in other children when you take him to his play group or to the park. Don’t forget to show appreciation when your child behaves well.

3. Teach Problem-solving Skills

There are bound to be conflicts when your toddler and his friends play together. However, don’t let it be a deterrent for your child. Instead, help him resolve conflicts. Whenever your tot has a problem, ask him for suggestions that he thinks would solve it. If he comes up with a good fix, like taking turns or sharing, applaud him. And if he can’t find a solution himself, help him by suggesting a few.

4. Be a Role Model

If you want to ingrain the importance of being friendly and kind in your child, make sure that you are setting a good example too. Introduce your toddler to your friends. Share some of your funny friendship tales with him. Invite friends home for a fun meeting to let your little one see what friendship is.

Think of all the good things in your life that have happened because of your friends. It’ll help you understand better why toddlers need friends too. Go ahead and do your bit to help your child. He’ll grow up more social and accepting of others.

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