What Your Child's Favourite Toy Predicts About His Personality

Tell Us Your Child’s Favourite Toy, We’ll Tell You His Personality!

When your baby comes home, your household becomes a treasury for toys! There’s the monkey with the orange ribbon, the toy piano that makes funny sounds, and the pull-along train your child loves chugging around the house with. It’s funny what our children fall in love with…But wait, is it really? What if we tell you that the connection between your kid and a certain toy is not a coincidence but a deep look into his future personality? It’s time to give those toys a long, hard look!

Child development experts have revealed that toys not only shape our physical and mental development, they also determine our personality. What we like and feel drawn towards is an early but definite indication of our personality – and yes, this holds true for your little child!

So, what is your kiddo’s most loved toy? Get ready to unravel what it means…

Tricycles and Bicycles

Granted, most average kids enjoy riding around on their cycles, but there are some who simply cannot stay apart! These kids are usually also attracted to motorcycles and cars that allow kids to steer them.

What it means: Your child is an energetic, restless little human! He loves getting a lot of space to move around in – and this holds true inside the house. He is naturally curious, enjoys having fun, and is likely to be free-spirited.

As moms, all of us want to instill curiuosity in our kids. These cycles can help you do that.

Musical Toys

Pianos, guitars or simple movers-and-shakers, your kiddo is a music lover! He not only enjoys playing with rattle jars and music-making-toys but also shakes a leg every now and then.

What it means: Kids who love musical toys usually grow up to be creative and liberal in their thinking. Even from an early age, music breaks boundaries and builds a sense of rhythm in our mind – something that lets us make the whole world our oyster! While such kids will not necessarily grow up to be musicians, they will definitely develop a love for symmetry, melody and beauty.

Find some musical toys here and build your kid’s love for melody.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Every set of building blocks that you get home is transformed into houses, roads and gardens! Your child loves messing around with blocks even if he can’t hold them very well at this age, and spends hour after hour with them.

What it means: Your child has a creative soul – and yes, this holds true even if all they seem to enjoy doing with blocks is push them around! He likes to think things from a fresh perspective and also has immense patience and stability. Here’s an interesting forecast for you: research has proven that such kids are likely to take up design-led jobs in the future. Now that’s smart!

Board Games

Monopoly, Life or Scrabble? Some kids just lap up board games and will pester you no end to get everyone together and have a go. When you’re travelling or out for a picnic, you know what to turn to.

What it means: Congrats Mom, you have quite a family person at home! Kids who like board games have better social skills than their peers and find less trouble making new friends. They also appreciate sharing, empathy and a sense of consideration for others.

Soft Toys & Dolls

Soft Toys & Dolls

Teddy bears, dolls and doll-houses, monkeys and rabbits – they are your child’s best friends! Whether through pretend play or by being a good friend to these toy-friends, your child loves his little menagerie!

What it means: This one is really sweet – your child is excellent at empathy, affection and care! While most kids go through a lovey phase wherein they obsess about a certain soft toy, sometimes this lasts longer. Being attached to soft toys isn’t something you need to discourage; older children understand the difference between fantasy and reality. A love for soft toys and dolls hints at an emotional personality and a creative bent of mind. These kids have a world within this world!



Jigsaw puzzles, animal puzzles, logic questions and brain-teasers – your child gulps them all down with elan! There’s never a boring day for him as long as he has a set of puzzles to solve at home.

What it means: This one may seem obvious but the connection has been validated by studies repeatedly – puzzle-loving kids are brainy, patient, hard-working and involved. It takes a lot to distract them from what they love doing. Guess what experts think your child is likely to opt for as career? A Maths related role such as an accountant or a banker! Talk about a proud Mommy!

Take a look at some engaging puzzles here – they’re what your kid needs to be brainy!

Our children spend a lot of time with their toys. As moms, it is our responsibility to give them age-appropriate toys, free from gender stereotyping. Ensure that what they are playing with is safe and useful for their overall development. Eventually, patterns will start showing up in your child’s inclination towards certain toys – and that is when the fun begins!

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