Top 120 Ancient Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Top 120 Baby Names From Ancient Culture

Naming a newborn is a special occasion for every parent. Thus, parents need to consider its source, right meaning, religious and cultural associations while choosing the perfect name for their little bundle of joy. Your child’s name has the power to shape their character, their behaviour as well as their destiny.

Parents can pick from names derived from the Bible, Shakespearean references, Gods and Goddesses of various mythologies, or folklores that are strong, creative, and unusual. There’s a variety to choose from. So, find the ideal boys’ and girls’ names, sourced from a range of eras and places of the world, in the the comprehensive list given below.

60 Popular Ancient Boy Names with Meaning

Most ancient baby boy names evoke feelings of masculinity, courage, and dynamism. The curated list of ancient names for boys with their meanings given below will add a measure of strength and power to their identity.

1. Amias

Amias is an old French name derived from the Latin ‘amatus’, which means ‘loved.’

2. Anthony

An English variant of the Latin name ‘Antonius’  which means or Greek name ‘Anteon’, Anthony means ‘the priceless one.’

3. Atlas

Atlas has origin in Greek Mythology, and is the name of a Titan who bore the weight of the sky on his shoulders. It is an ancient boy name that means ‘bearer of heavens’ and denotes strength.

4. Atticus

Common among the ancient baby boy names, Atticus has a Latin origin. It refers to ‘someone from Attica’ or simply, ‘Athenian’.

5. Augustus

Augustus has a Slavic or Latin origin and means ‘magnificent’ or ‘majestic’. The first Roman emperor was named Augustus following the fall of the Roman Republic.

6. Bruno

Derived from Old German ‘Brun’ or standard German ‘Braun’, it means ‘brown.’

7. Caesar

This name belonging to the Roman emperor has a Latin origin and means ‘long-haired.’ It was also used as a title for rulers of the Roman Empire that came after Julius Caesar.

8. Cassius

This Shakespearean name is rooted in Latin origin and means ‘hollow.’

9. Castor

Castor has a Greek and Latin origin and means ‘Beaver’, it also means ‘he who excels’. In classical myth, Castor and Pollux were twins immortalized in Gemini’s constellation.

10. Cornelius

Derived from Latin origin, Cornelius means ‘horn.’ In the Bible, Cornelius was the first gentile convert.

11. Cyrus

Cyrus is one of the best ancient names for baby boy with a Persian origin and has multiple meanings like ‘Sun’ or ‘one who bestows car.’

12. Damon

With an English origin, Damon means ‘to tame’ or ‘subdue.’ Damon and Pythias from the classical myth have become symbols of true friendship.

13. Decimus

The Latin origin of Decimus means ‘tenth.’

14. Demetrius

This Shakespearean boy’s name of Greek origin means ‘follower of Demeter.’ (Demeter is the Greek Goddess of Harvest).

15. Emmerich

Emmerich is a variant of Emery, meaning ‘industrious’ or ‘home-ruler.’

16. Evander

Evander has a Scottish origin meaning ‘bow warrior; strong or good man.’

17. Felix

Derived from Latin ‘Felicis’, Felix is a Roman nickname that means ‘happy’ or ‘lucky.’

18. Flavius

A family name for a dynasty of emperors, Flavius is an ancient Roman name means ‘yellow, golden.’

19. Helios

Helios means ‘sun.’ He was the Greek sun god.

20. Horatio

Horatio is a variation of Latin ‘Horatius’, which means ‘hour’ ‘time.’

21. Icarus

Borrowed from the Greek mythological name ‘Ikaros’, Icarus means ‘follower.’ and is based on the mythological figure who flew too close to the sun.

22. Jason

Jason comes from Greek ‘lason’ and means ‘healer’. The name also appears in the Bible.

23. Julius

With a possible Greek origin meaning ‘downy-bearded’ or Latin origin word ‘Jovilius’ that means ‘devoted to Jove’, Julius means ‘Youthful’

24. Jupiter

Jupiter means ‘supreme’ in Latin and is the name of the biggest planet, named after the sky god from Roman mythology.

25. Kosmos

This name of Greek origin means ‘beauty’ or ‘order.’

26. Lazarus

Lazarus comes from Hebrew ‘Eleazer’, meaning ‘God has helped.’

27. Leander

Leander is of Greek origin and means ‘lion-man.’ In Greek legend, Leander was a young man who swam across the Hellespont every night to visit his beloved, Hero.

28. Leo

Leo is a Latin name that means “Lion’ and has Greek origins.

29. Loki

This name of Scandinavian origin is derived from the Germanic root Luka meaning ‘knot, lock.’ In Norse Mythology, Loki was a Trickster God.

30. Marcus

Considered a variant of ‘Mars’, the name for Roman god of fertility, Marcus has Latin origins, which means ‘Warlike.’

31. Maximilian

This name is of Latin origin and means ‘greatest.’

32. Mercury

Mercury, in its Latin origin, refers to the Roman Messenger God. The planet closest to the sun is named Mercury after him.

33. Narfi

Narfi refers to the God of Wrongdoing in Norse mythology. It may also mean ‘narrow’ or ‘demon of the dead.’

34. Neptune

Neptune comes from Latin ‘Neptunus’, who is the ‘Roman God of the Sea.’ The eight planet from the sun is named Neptune after him.

35. Nero

Nero was the name of a Roman emperor and has a Latin origin meaning ‘stern.’

36. Octavius

This name of Latin origin means ‘eighth.’

37. Odin

This name has a Norse origin and refers to ‘the supreme Norse god of art, wisdom, culture, and law.’

38. Odysseus

Odysseus is the name of one of the greatest Greek heroes from Homer’s epic saga hero, where his name means ‘victim of enmity.’ The name also means ‘wrathful.’

39. Orion

In Greek mythology, Orion refers to a legendary hunter who was placed in the sky by Zeus as one of the brightest constellations. The name means ‘the rising star.’

40. Orpheus

Orpheus is considered the best musician and poet of all in Greek mythology. and the name means ‘the darkness of the night.’

41. Oscar

This name of Scandinavian or Gaelic origin with literal translations meaning ‘God spear’, or ‘deer-lover’ It also means ‘champion warrior.’

42. Osiris

Osiris, the Latin form of the Egyptian word ‘Usir’, means ‘powerful’ or ‘mighty’ and refers to a prominent Egyptian Mythology figure. Osiris also means ‘with strong eyesight.’

43. Philo

Philo has a Greek origin that means ‘loving.’ He was a Biblical philosopher.

44. Prosper

Prosper means ‘fortune’ and comes from the Latin word “prosperous.”

45. Quintus

Quintus has a Latin origin meaning ‘fifth’ and was used in the early Roman Republic in the form of ‘Quinctus.’

46. Remus

Remus has a Latin origin and refers to one of the legendary twin brothers who founded Romeand possibly means ‘Swiftness.’

47. Rhodes

This name of Greek origin means ‘rose garden’ or ‘where roses grow.’

48. Romeulus

Romeulus has a Latin origin and refers to the one of the twin brothers who founded Rome. This name means ‘citizen of Rome’..

49. Rufus

Rufus has a Latin origin meaning ‘red-haired.’

50. Scorpius

Scorpius originates from Italian ‘Scorpiane’, which in turn comes from Latin Scorpius or Greek ‘Skorpios’. It means ‘scorpion’ or literally translates to ‘creature with the burning sting’. It is also the name for one of the brightest constellations in the sky.

51. Seneca

Seneca has a Latin origin meaning ‘people of the standing rock.’ It also is the name of a Native American Tribe.

52. Theon

A short for of Theodore, Theon means ‘godly’ in Greek. He was an ancient Greek teacher of astronomy and mathematics.

53. Thor

This name belonging to the Norse god of war means ‘thunder.’

54. Timon

Timon has Greek origins and is a Biblical name which means ‘worthy’ or ‘honorable.’

55. Titus

The Greek origin of Titus means ‘Titan of the giants’ and was considered a title of honour. Its Biblical meaning is ‘pleasing.’

56. Urban

This Latin name means ‘of the city.’ Urbano is Italian, and Urbain is the French version.

57. Wolfgang

Derived from German origin, Wolfgang means ‘traveling wolf.’

58. Xerxes

Xerxes has a Persian origin that means ‘hero among heroes.’ Xerxes the Great was a king of the Persian Achaemenid Empire.

59. Zephyr

This name of a Greek god, Zephyr means ‘west wind.’

60. Zotikos

This Greek name is derived from the Latin word ‘zotikus’, which means “full of life.’

Unique Ancient Girl Names with Meaning

Add a touch of beauty and grace to your beloved little girl’s name by choosing one of the great old ancient girl names from the pages of history. These meaningful ancient girl names sourced from around the world are sure to make your princess stand out in the crowd. Pick one from the alphabetically listed ancient baby girl names given below

1. Allegra

Derived from Italian roots, Allegra means ‘joyful.’

2. Amadeus

Amadeus is a compound of Latin words ‘amare’ (to love) and ‘deus’ (God) , hence meaning ‘Lover of God.

3. April

April or the fourth month of the year is derived from the Latin ‘aperire’ meaning ‘to open’, referring to spring season.

4. Aquilla

Derived from Latin roots, Aquila meaning ‘eagle.’ She was the wife of the Roman Emperor Elagabalus.

5. Aurelia

Aurelia has a Latin origin and means ‘the golden.’ It is the female form of the classic Roman ‘Aurelius.’

6. Basilia

Basilia is a female variation of basil and has a Greek origin.

7. Beata

Beata has origin in multiple languages and means ‘blessed’.

8. Cadence

Cadence is an English word that means ‘rhythm’ or ‘flow.’

9. Candida

Candida is derived from Latin ‘candidus’ meaning ‘white.’

10. Cassia

This Latin name means ‘cinnamon’ and is the feminine form of ‘Cassius’ in Greek.

11. Chrysanthe

Feminine form of Chrysanthos, this name of Greek origin means ‘golden flower’.

12. Columba

This name of Latin origin means ‘dove.’

13. Cyra

This name of Persian or Greek origin means ‘sun,’ ‘throne’ or ‘lord.’

14. Damaris

Damaris in Greek means ‘dominant woman’ and appears in the Bible as well.

15. Delicia

Delicia has a Latin origin that means ‘delight.’

16. Dominica

Dominica is a girl’s name of Spanish, Italian origin meaning ‘belonging to the Lord.’

17. Elishah

This name’s Hebrew meaning is ‘salvation of God’, who was a prophet in the Old Testament.

18. Eugeneia

Eugeneia is the Greek feminine form of Eugene meaning ‘ well-born’.

19. Eve

Derived from the Latin name Eva, Eve’s meaning is ‘living’ or ‘enlivening.’ According to Abrahamic religions, Eve was the name of the first woman.

20. Felicia

Felicia is the feminine for of ‘Felix’ and in Latin, it means ‘lucky.’

21. Florentina

Florentina is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning ‘blooming.;

22. Gaia

Gaia in Greek Mythology refers to ‘the classical Greek goddess of the earth’ and is the ancestral mother of all life.

23. Gaynor

This Welsh name means ‘white and soft.’

24. Helen

This Greek name means ‘shining light.’ In Latin, it means ‘most beautiful woman in the world.’ Helen of Troy from Greek Mythology was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

25. Hilaria

Hilaria has a Latin origin meaning ‘cheerful.’ Its ancient Roman form is ‘Hilary.’

26. Honoria

This Latin name means ‘woman of honor.’

27. Isidora

This ancient Greek name means ‘gift of Isis.’

28. Isolde

This name of Welsh origin means ‘ice ruler.’ She was the beautiful Irish princess of Arthurian-era folklore.

29. Jennet

Jennet is an Old English form of Janet or Jean that means ‘God is Gracious.’

30. Junia

This Latin name is a female variation of ‘Junius’ and means ‘born in June’.

31. Justina

Justina has a Latin origin that means ‘fair’ or ‘just’ in Greek.

32. Khrystyna

This Christian name has ancient Greek, Russian, Ukrainian origin and means ‘follower of Christ’.

33. Laurentina

This name of Latin origin is a female form of ‘Laurence’ and means ‘Laurel tree; a symbol of victory.’

34. Liene

Liene means ‘beautiful’ or ‘bright’ and comes from ancient Greek and Latvian roots.

35. Lipa

Lipa has ancient Greek or Romanian origin and means ‘friend of horses.’

36. Livia

Livia is a name of Swedish origin meaning ‘life.’ In Latvian origin ‘Lividius’ means ‘Blue’ or ‘Envious’.

37. Lucretia

Derived from the Roman clan name Lucretius, this Latin name means ‘profit’ or ‘wealth.’

38. Mahala

Mahala in Hebrew and Arabic means ‘tender.’ It is also of Native American origin meaning ‘woman.’

39. Marciana

Marciana, similar to Marcus in its Latin origin, means ‘warlike.’

40. Maxima

Maxima comes from Latin and is the female variation of Maximus, meaning “greatest.”

41. Merula

Merula in Latin means ‘black bird’.

42. Mila

Mila has a Russian origin and Slavic origin and means ‘gracious’ or ‘dear.’

43. Naevia

Naevia is of French origin and means ‘Full of Life.’ It is also said to be of Hebrew Origin meaning ‘Gift of God.’

44. Nicasia

The female variation of ‘Nicasio’ is Nicasia and comes from Latin origin. It means ‘victorious.’

45. Nymphodora

This ancient Greek name refers to the ‘Gift of the Nymphs.’

46. Octavia

The Italian and Latin meaning of this name is ‘born eighth.’

47. Paccia

Paccia in Latin means ‘peace’.

48. Phile

Phile has an ancient Greek origin and means ‘lover’ or ‘friend.’

49. Phillida

Phillida is a Latin variation of ‘Phyllida’, which means ‘green bough.’

50. Polydora

Derived from the ancient Greek name ‘Polúdōros’, Polydora means ‘one who brings many gifts.’

51. Quintina

Quintina in Latin means ‘the fifth.’

52. Rhode

Rhode means ‘rose.’ It is the ancient Greek form of Rhoda.

53. Rufus

Rufus has a Latin origin and means ‘redhead.’

54. Sabina

Sabina has a Latin origin that refers to ‘an ancient Roman tribe.’ In Islam, it means ‘flower.’

55. Septima

This girl’s name of Latin origin means ‘seventh.’

56. Thetis

This Greek name means ‘dogmatic; and refers to the Mother of Achilles, a hero of the Trojan War in Greek Mythology

57. Tigris

Originating from Irish and Gaelic roots, Tigris is a Greek form of Latin Tiger or Old Persian ‘Tigra’ meaning ‘swift river.’

58. Valentina

Valentina is a Roman name that means ‘strength’ or ‘health.’

59. Vita

Vita has Latin origin and means ‘life’.

60. Zinaida

Zinaida has ancient Greek origin and means ‘the daughter of Zeus’ or ‘life of Zeus.’

Most researchers agree that the oldest known name in the world dates to around 3400 to 3000 BCE, and the oldest named person on record was, surprisingly, not a king or ruler but an accountant. However, thousands of names and stories belong to ancient people before that time about whom we’ll never know. Hence it is imperative for parents to keep this heritage of old ancient names alive by choosing them for the future generation.

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