Theodore Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Theodore Name Meaning and Origin

Parents love to give their children a meaningful name. The name Theodore is relatively unique. The name has not been widely popular in the previous generation but has gained rapid fame in the last few years. You can observe the name’s popularity from 1900 where it reached the highest in 1919. The name’s popularity declined after 1970 and gained back up after 2010.

What Does Theodore Mean?

Parents consider various factors when selecting a name for their child. One such factor is the name’s meaning. The name forms of the two components “theos,” meaning “God” and “dōron,” meaning “gift.” The meaning of Theodore is “gift of God,” therefore, it has a symbolic meaning. One can find the name’s popularity in the Middle Ages since it was considered an auspicious name.


The name Theodore comes from the Greek origin of the word “Theodōros.” The name also has literary significance due to the crucial character of Theodore Laurence in Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott.




  • Thee-oh-dore
  • Thee-a-dor


Three syllables


Eight letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Theodore name variations signify the existence of the name across the globe. It also denotes the cultural significance of the name. Therefore, some of the other spellings for Theodore, along with its origin, are:

Name Origin
Teador Greek
Theodors Greek
Teodor Greek and Finnish
Tedrick German
Theodoor Dutch
Theodoros French
Teodoro Spanish
Theodoras Greek
Teodore Greek
Theodorus Dutch

How Popular is The Name Theodore?

The name Theodore has been gaining gradual popularity over the decade. The name reached its peak in 1919 and 1952, after which it faded out of the baby name ranks. As per the Theodore popularity index, the name was among the top 400 names in early 2000. Data collected from Social Security Administration states that the name ranked 300 in 2002, followed by 313 in 2004. The name started to go up in rank from 2005 onwards; however, it faced a minor setback in 2007 when the name ranked down.

The Theodore baby name ranking consistently went upwards from after 2008, where it ranked 259 in 2010 and 230 in 2011. The name entered the top 200 list in 2012 by ranking 194. The stable increase in the name’s ranking from 2012 is evident from the SSA data. After this, the name entered the top 100 list in 2015, where it ranked 99, followed by 83 in 2016 and 61 in 2017. In recent years, the baby name ranking of Theodore reached 36 in 2019 and 23 in 2020. This signifies the consistent increase in the name’s popularity in the last decade.

Interest in Theodore – Worldwide

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The worldwide trend suggests the interest in the name Theodore has been significant in the last decade. With a rank over 55, the name reached the highest in September 2014, followed by April 2020. Although the popularity of the name decreased after that, the slight upward trend suggests its probability of going up again.

Interest in Theodore – the US

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In the last ten years, the interest in ‘Theodore’ has maintained an upward and downwards trend in the US. The name has held a stable rank over 45 and dipped the lowest in August 2013. The popularity of the name skyrocketed in September 2014. After this, it has regained its popularity in February 2017 and 2018, followed by April 2020.

The Popularity of the name Theodore


Where is The Name Most Searched

Search trends of Theodore – Worldwide

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The search trends of ‘Theodore’ worldwide have been the highest in Australia in the last decade. United States, Canada, France, and New Zealand are the other countries where the search rank for this name has been consistent. This indicates the adequate use of the name in these majorly English-speaking countries, except for France.

Search trends of Theodore – the US

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The top five cities where Theodore’s name has been the most searched in the US are Alabama, North Dakota, Mississippi, Minnesota, and South Dakota. The name has been consistent in these cities in the last ten years, indicating its significant use.

Middle Names That go With Theodore

Middle names are equally important as the first and last of your child. It maintains an overall balance for the full name. Therefore, some of the double names with Theodore are:

Christopher Hayes
Pierce Clay
Cooper Troy
Grayson Mason
Graham Reece
Walker Zane
Benson Grant
Shane Kennedy
Grey Jackson
Emmett Stone


Famous People Named Theodore

The impact of celebrities or famous people is limitless. Their influence can be felt in various areas of life. The trend of a name is one of them. Hence, some of the famous personalities named Theodore are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Theodore Hayes MacArthur Son of American Actress Alison Elizabeth Larter
Theodore Roosevelt Youngest President of the United States President (26th)
Theodore Sturgeon American science fiction author
Theodore Shapiro American film composer
Theodore Norman Howard Gabel Son of Actress Bryce Dallas Harper
Theodore Roberts American film and stage actor
Theodore Harold Maiman American engineer and physicist, inventor of the laser
Theodore H. Winters Jr. American flying ace during World War II
Theodore Long American professional wrestler
Theodore Levitt American economist

Similar Names & Last Names

A name can have different variations with the same meaning. This goes for baby names like Theodore as well. Therefore, some of the family names for Theodore, along with other names for Theodore, are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Matthew Wilson
Nathan Adams
Amaris Rodriguez
Asher Morningstar
Jeramiah Morgan
Axel Howard
John Kelly
Jonas Cook
Donato Edwards
Adam Stewart

Names That Sound Like Theodore

There are several alternatives of a name that are similar sounding. This list presents some of the names that rhyme with Theodore:

Salvador Simon
Peter Theoron
Isadore Richardson
Sebastian Williamson
Nathaniel Oliver

Sibling Names Related to Theodore

Selecting suitable sibling names is vital since they ensure harmony among the names. It also strengthens the bond among the siblings. Due to this, proper choosing sibling names that go with Theodore is vital. Therefore, some of the sister and brother names for Theodore are:

Sister Names for Theodore Brother Names for Theodore
Emma Benjamin
Hannah Declan
Layla Maverick
Sophia Joshua
Rose Logan
Claire Weston
Chloe Jace
Stella Alec
Elena Evan
Natalie Chase

Nicknames for Theodore

Nicknames can be used in informal settings that are often used instead of the proper name. Some of the unique nicknames for Theodore are:

Theo Odore
Thee Doro
Ted Dordor
Teddy Odo
Theda Odin
Tee Oreo
Todor Dorus

The popularity of the name Theodore is evident in the 21st century. The uniqueness of the name, along with its meaning, has resulted in its widespread popularity. The name is among the top 25 baby names list in the US and is expected to increase in the popularity ranking even further. With its consistent use, the name is likely to enter the top 10 list in the upcoming years.


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