Caleb Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Caleb Name Meaning and Origin

Of Hebrew origin, Caleb comes “from the word dog” and is a symbol of devotion to God. With more parents looking towards ancient mythology and religious texts for names, this name is becoming a choice for parents. It is also a derivative of Hebrew components “Kal” and “Lev,” which together mean “whole heart.” In the Old Testament, Caleb is one of the two Israelites who set out from Egypt to enter the promised land.

What Does Caleb Mean?

The meaning of Caleb has immense religious significance with Biblical references. “Faithful,” “Wholehearted,” “Bold,” “Brave,” and “Devotion to God” are some of the meanings of the name. Bought to popular culture from the Bible, Caleb was a companion of Joshua and Moses. One among the two to make it to the promised land, Caleb survived with Moses to make it to Cannan.


The name Caleb has spiritual roots and appears in the Bible. Even though it has Hebrew origins, it became famous as an English name post the Protestant reformation. This was a strong movement in the 16th century to reform the Catholic church. Caleb was also a popular name in the English Protestant sect called the Puritans, who introduced it to America in the 17th century.




  • Kay-Luhb
  • Kay-Lehb


2 syllables


5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Different cultures have different influences on names, their spellings, and the way they are pronounced. Caleb name variations across different cultures also give us the following other spellings for Caleb that you can use:

Name Origin
Cale English
Chaleb Latin/Greek
Kaleb English
Kalib Arabic
Khaley Hebrew
Cal Spanish
Kohlby Scandinavian
Kelby German
Colby English
Killip Gaelic

How Popular Is the Name Caleb?

A popular name in the United States, Caleb has remained in the top 100 list of names for boys and is popular among Christians. The name rose to popularity in the late 60s and has remained popular since then.

According to Social Security Administration, Caleb is the 56th most popular name for boys as of 2020. Its popularity dropped since 2019 when it was the 51st most popular name for boys. Despite the slight deterioration, Caleb’s popularity is still immense in English-speaking countries. Between 1996 and 2016, Caleb’s baby name ranking has stayed in the top 50 list of popular names for boys.

2009 was the year when the name Caleb was most popular. Since 2000, the name Caleb has only risen in popularity. This can be attributed to popular TV shows “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “The Desperate Housewives,” where Caleb-named characters played pivotal roles.

Interest in Caleb – Worldwide

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Over the last ten years, search trends for ‘Caleb’ have recorded consistent popularity and interest of 50 and above, reaching 100 in November 2015. The least popularity was recorded in August 2021 at 43.

Interest in Caleb – US

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The name has been extremely popular in the United States, fetching a popularity index of 100 in 2015. It did show a drop between the years 2016 and 2020 but again rose to popularity in 2021. The least popularity for the name was recorded in 2012 at just 17.

Popularity of name Caleb


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Caleb Worldwide

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Search trends show that the name has been searched the most in the United States in the last ten years, followed by Nigeria, New Zealand, Ghana, and Honduras. Canada, Australia, Kenya, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala round off the top 10 countries. The top 10 countries have also recorded a search interest of 50 and above in the last decade.

Search trends of Caleb in the US

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Indiana in the US records the most searches for the name Caleb in the last ten years. Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and South Dakota follow closely, with search interest between the value of 92 and 98.

Middle Names That Go With Caleb

Middle names that you choose should be equally glorious to hear while retaining the beauty of the Biblical name. A few double names with Caleb that you could select include:

Elijah Jonas
Finn Liam
Issac Marshall
Joel Noam
Truman Owen

Famous People Named Caleb

Celebrities named Caleb could take credit for its popularity in recent years. The name is expected to rise in popularity or be used as a middle name because of its Biblical origin and beautiful meaning.

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Caleb Bradham American pharmacist and inventor of Pepsi
Caleb Hanie American football player
Caleb Laundry Jones American actor and musician
Caleb McLaughlin American Actor
Caleb Rowden American politician
Caleb Wilson American Football Player
Caleb Carr American military historian and actor
Caleb Johnson American Singer
Caleb Ross New Zealand film and television actor
Caleb Thielbar American professional baseball pitcher
Caleb Gattegno Mathematics Expert

Similar Names & Last Names

You can find baby names like Caleb in various first, middle, and last name options. There are also several family names for Caleb that suit the name specifically. Some of the most suitable other names for Caleb along with family names include:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Daniel Smith
Eli Locklear
Elijah Crowe
Ethan Johnson
Gabriel Atwood
Isaiah Hunt
Issac Reed
Levi Brooks
Luke Lanning
Micah Bernier

Names That Sound Like Caleb

Caleb as a name has several variations, meaning that there are many names that rhyme with Caleb. This could also be a great and unique alternative to naming your baby boy while retaining religious significance.

Haleb Zeb
Seb Jebediah
Gleb Gabe (short for Gabriel)
Abel Kelton
Kaiden Callum

Sibling Names Related to Caleb

Sibling names that go with Caleb could seem like a tall task. However, sibling names must go with each other. Below is a list that offers choices for sisters and brothers.

Sister Names for Caleb Brother Names for Caleb
Anna Cameron
Grace Joshua
Lydia Luke
Olivia Madison
Sarah Nathan
Paige Evan
Nicole Noah
Greta Lucas
Lauren Elliott
Susannah Asher

Nicknames for Caleb

Nicknames somehow creep into our lives once we have kids. There are so many affectionate ways to address your kids. Some parents give them an entirely new name, while some shorten their name. A few nicknames for Caleb are:

Cay Cally
Cale Lebs
Club Cole
Cabey Crab
Cub Lubs

A useful exercise to know the meaning of the name helps gain more perspective. The Biblical reference for Caleb lends a degree of devotion and faith. With its soaring popularity, you might just be molding a determined and strong personality.


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