Jude Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Jude Name Meaning and Origin

Choosing a name for your baby is a complex task that needs careful deliberation. Significantly, since names change so frequently and parents need to make sure that their child’s name is trendy, there is much to consider. One name that has gotten held back amid such trends is the boys’ name, “Jude.” Keep reading to know its meaning, origin, and why it needs to make a comeback.

What Does Jude Mean? 

In Latin, the meaning of Jude is “praised” or “the praised one.” While the meaning of the name is highly positive and desirable, it had been a highly unfavoured name in the past. The negative connotations arose primarily due to the Biblical reference to the traitorous Judas. However, the name has enjoyed considerable popularity despite the meaning and connotations. Now, it is used more as a nickname for girls named Judith, Judy, and other similar names.


The origins of Jude arise from the Hebrew as well as the Greek culture. As per the Hebrew origin, the name is derived from the Bible, specifically as a variant of Judas Iscariot, the second Judas. Furthermore, Judas is the Greek form of Judah, making the name originate from both Greek and Hebrew origins. While other English, French, and German forms of usage can also be identified, they all arise from the Hebrew origin of the name.




  • Joood
  • Jewd
  • Jyood


1 Syllable


4 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

While Jude itself is a name with a considerably respectful and praise-worthy meaning, other spellings for Jude may signify the presence and usage of the name in other cultures as well. As such, you may use such Jude name variations to give your boy a unique name that holds a deep meaning in other cultures.

Name Origin
Judd Hebrew
Judah Hebrew
Judas Hebrew
Juda Hebrew
Judda Hebrew
Yehudi Hebrew
Juddson Hebrew
Yehudah Hebrew
Yehuda Hebrew
Juddas Hebrew

How Popular Is the Name Jude? 

As per SSA data, the Jude popularity ranking has been steadily increasing over the years, despite the lack of notable celebrities in recent times named Jude. At the beginning of the millennium, the name was at the 679th position. However, over the years, the Jude baby name ranking has increased by leaps and bounds, reaching its highest level of popularity in 2019 by ranking at 152. Although it ranked 154 in 2020, the overall increased popularity over the last five years indicates that the name is bound to get popular in the following years as well.

Interest in Jude – Worldwide

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As per the interest trends, Jude has been a popular search topic over the last decade. The name started the decade with the highest popularity, ranking 100 in December 2011. Although its search frequency has decreased over the years, the lowest popularity was recorded in March 2021 at 56, which is still a considerably high score.

Interest in Jude – the US

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Just like the global interest trend, Jude has been popular within the US as well, enjoying popularity over the score of 50 consistently over the decade. While January 2017 recorded the highest popularity at 100, the lowest was recorded at 58 in March and May 2021.

Popularity of the Name Jude

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched? 

Search Trends of Jude – Worldwide

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Contrary to assumptions, Sri Lanka is the country that has generated the highest search interest over the last decade. It is followed by the Philippines, Uganda, the US, and Ireland, which rounds up the top five countries with the highest search interest.

Search Trends of Jude – the US

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Among the sub-regions of the US, Tennessee was the sub-region that generated the highest search for “Jude” since 2011. Tennessee is closely followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Arkansas to round up the top five sub-regions.

Middle Names That Go With Jude 

Middle names have become a highly popular trending in the Western part of the world. And rightfully so, since they help make a name sound much more beautiful and give your child the option to go by the one they like better. So, some double names with Jude that make it sound more attractive are:

Allan Anton
Bryan Christopher
Duke Francis
Garson Isaac
Theodore Frank
Phillip Stefan
Richard Noah
Ray Seth
Thomas Lucas
Ryan Levi

Famous People Named Jude 

Popular personalities often influence your choices when naming your child. In the case of Jude as well, numerous impressive and likeable celebrities make this name worth having. Here are a few:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Jude Law Actor
Jude Ciccolella Actor
Jude Wright Actor
Jude Gordon Grammer Child of Kelsey Grammer
Jude Cole Singer/Songwriter
Jude Angelini Radio Personality
Jude Deveraux Author
Jude Bellingham Professional Footballer
Jude Anthany Joseph Film Director
Jude Watson (Judy Blundell) Author

Similar Names & Last Names

The meaning of Jude is one thing that makes it especially desirable, and you may be looking for more baby names like Jude that have the same meaning. Keeping their meanings in mind, here are a few other names for Jude that will go well with these uncommon family names for Jude.

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Hallel Sheldon
Odel Bardot
Joab Sweet
Thad Monroe
Yuta Mathis
Xudas Ledger
Hamied Pierce
Mohammad Gray
Thaddeus Carter
Yudita Nolan

Names That Sound Like Jude 

If you are looking for names that sound like Jude rather than have the same meaning, this list of names that rhyme with Jude may help you become creative. This list includes both boy and girl names, so if you are looking for similar names for siblings as well, then you can take some tips:

Jade Joseph
Jada Jaden
Jodie Joshua
Josiah Gertrude
Jace Julian
Jack Jake
Luke Jameson
June Jacob
Jonah Ian
Noah Ezra

Sibling Names Related to Jude 

When you have multiple children, then not only do you need to ensure that all your children have beautiful names, but also that they suit each other. So, if you are looking for sister names for your child or brother names for Jude, here are a few sibling names that go with Jude:

Sister Names for Jude Brother Names for Jude
Lexi Jeremy
Aubrey Simon
Olivia Caleb
Cassidy Asher
Thea Dylan
Raven Kris
April Mark
Autumn Robert
Giselle Sebastian
Ariana Elijah

Nicknames for Jude 

As a parent, you will most probably call your children by their nicknames more than their formal names, well, unless they are in trouble. So, if you are looking for sweet, adorable, crazy, funny, or unique nicknames for Jude, here are a few ideas:

Jo Jedd
Jay-Jay Jeddo-boy
Dude Juju
Juje Lil J
Judo Juda Cat
BeetleJude J-Boy
Jude-Dude Judester

Jude is a classic name with religious connotations, is incredibly trendy, and is also steadily rising in the charts of popularity. In this regard, parents need to seriously consider naming their children Jude, which is on its way to becoming a trendy name. And with its beautiful meaning, your child will surely be proud of their name as well.


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