80 Surnames or Last Names Starting With ‘M’

80 Surnames or Last Names Starting With 'M'

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Surnames are usually derived from a place, a nickname, occupation or relationship with a one’s father or mother. Investigating the origin of one’s own last name can be interesting for those who want to trace their family history and roots. Most often, surnames get corrupted over a period of time, and their original meanings change. The letter M is associated with a lot of last names, some popular and some unique. Pick one from this comprehensive list of last names starting with the letter M and let it define yours and family’s identity.

80 Last Names or Family Names That Start With ‘M’ With Meanings

This catalogue of the most common last names that start with M with their meanings has been arranged in an alphabetical order to help you select one for your little baby or yourself.

1. Ma

Ma is a Chinese surname which means ‘horse’.

2. Maack

Derived from Mack, Maack means ‘the greatest’ in Latin and ‘charming’ in Scottish.

3. Maag

This Dutch and German-surname is derived from Middle Dutch ‘Mage’ and Middle High German ‘Mac’, Maag means ‘relative’ or ‘kinsman’.

4. Mabbitt

Derived from the Latin word ‘Amabilis’ meaning ‘loveable’, Mabbit is a short form of the Middle English name ‘Mabel’ and Old French name ‘Amabel’.

5. Mabee

Mabee is, and English surname derived from French’ Mabil’ or ‘Amable’ that comes from Latin Amabilis meaning ‘loveable’.

6. Maben

Derived from Welsh Maponas or Mabon meaning’ great son,’ Maben is popular among the Celtic tribes.

7. MacAfee

This Scottish surname means ‘Charming’.

8. Macaluso

This Italian surname is derived from Arabic Makhlus meaning ‘liberated’.

9. Macari

Derived from Arabic Maqqari, this habitational last name refers to ‘someone from the Algerian city of Maqqarah or the Italian city of Maccari’.

10. MacCarthy

This Irish surname is an anglicised form of the Gaelic Mac Carthaigh meaning ‘son of Carthach’ or ‘loving’.

11. Macbain

A variant of the last name McBean, Macbain is an anglicised form of Gaelic Mac a Ghille Bhain meaning’ son of the fair or white-haired lad’.

12. Macbeth

This Scottish origin surname means ‘son of Beth’. It is also an anglicised version of the Gaelic name MacBeatha which means ‘son of life’. A famous bearer of the surname Macbeth was the King of Scotland who also featured in the famous Shakespeare play “Macbeth”.

13. Maccarone

Derived from South Italian Maccaroni, this is an occupational surname for a pasta maker.

14. Macchia

Macchia is an Italian topographic name that comes from the Latin word ‘macula’ meaning ‘scrub’ or ‘thicket’.

15. Macduff

Derived from Gaelic words’ Mac duib’, Macduff means ‘the son of the black man’.

16. Mace

Mace is a Polish surname meaning ‘Sea of bitterness’.

17. Macedo

Macedo is a Portuguese topographic last name, meaning ‘apple grove’.

18. Macfarlane

MacFarlane is an anglicised form of the Gaelic Mac Pharlain meaning’ son of Parlan’.

19. Macgowan

Derived from Scottish and Irish roots, Macgowan means ‘son of a blacksmith’.

20. Macha

Derived from Hungarian form of Matyas and Matthew, Macha is a habitational name for ‘someone from the place Masca’.

21. Machala

Machala is a derivative of Macha meaning ‘swing’ or ‘sway’ in Polish. It’s also similar to a Czech first name Mach.

22. Machamer

Machamer is derived from Germanic first name Magan meaning ‘might’ or Mag meaning ‘kinsman’ and Mari that means ‘famous’.

23. Machart

This Dutch surname originates from a Germanic personal name which is composed of the elements Mag, which means ‘relative’ and hard meaning ‘strong’.

24. Machin

Machin is a Scottish-Gaelic surname for a ‘stone mason’ and ‘a member of the ancient guild of Masons.’

25. Machuga

Machuga has a Polish, Slovak and Slavik origin. It refers to ‘a weapon that was used as a ceremonial symbol of office’.

26. Macina

Macina means ‘millstone’ and is an Italian habitational name for a place.

27. Mackenzie

This Irish surname refers to ‘child of the wise leader’. It is also a popular unisex first name.

28. Mackie

The Gaelic form of Mac Aodha refers to ‘Aodh the fire God’ or the ‘son of Aodh’.

29. Mackintosh

This Scottish surname means ‘son of the leader’.

30. Mackowski

This Polish habitational surname refers to various places like Mackowa, Macki.

31. Macky

A variant of Scottish and Irish McKay, Macky means ‘descendant of Macdha’ or ‘manly and virile’.

32. Macmaster

This Scottish surname means ‘son of the Master’.

33. Macmillan

This Scottish occupational surname means ‘son of the tonsure’.

34. Macnair

The Gaelic form of this surname was Mac-Iain-uidhir, which means ‘son of dun John’. Another meaning of this surname is ‘son of the heir’.

35. Macnamara

This Irish surname means ‘son of the hound of the sea’.

36. MacNaughton

This Scottish surname means ‘son of Nechtan’. Nechtan was an Irish god.

37. Macneill

This Scottish surname of Irish origin means ‘son of Neil’ and Neil means ‘champion’ in Gaelic.

38. Macphee

This Scottish surname refers to ‘a dark-featured, peaceful person.’

39. Macquarrie

This Scottish surname means ‘proud’ or ‘noble’.

40. Macqueen

This Scottish-Gaelic surname is an anglicised form of MacShuibhne, meaning ‘son of Suibhne’.

41. MacRae

This Gaelic patronymic surname means ‘son of grace’.

42. Madden

Derived from Gaelic’ Mac an Mhadaidh,’ Madden means ‘descendant of little Matthew’ or ‘gift of Jehovah’.

43. Madura

This Polish surname means ‘the learned man’.

44. Malcolm

Derived from the Gaelic word ‘maol’ meaning ‘shaven-head’, Malcolm means ‘devotee of Saint Columba’.

45. Maloof

Derived from the Arabic word Mayoof meaning ‘fattened’, Maloof is common in Syria and Lebanon.

46. Manuel

This patronymic Hebrew surname, which is derived from the name Immanuel that means ‘God is with us’.

47. Marco

Originating from the Latin word Marcus, Marco refers to the ‘belonging to Mars’ or ‘descendant of Marco’.

48. Marshall

Derived from Germanic elements Marah meaning ‘horse’ and scalc meaning servant, Marshall referred to ‘a person who tends horses’.

49. Martin

Derived from the Latin name Martinus who was the Roman god Mars, this surname means ‘warrior’ or ‘Of Mars’.

50. Martinez

This Spanish surname means ‘son of Martin.’

51. Matthew

Matthew means ‘gift of Jehovah’ in Hebrew, and’ gift of God’ in English.

52. Mayberry

Mayberry is an English habitational name that means ‘dweller at or near the tribal hill’.

53. McAdam

Originating from Scottish and Irish roots, McAdam means ‘son of Adam’.

54. McAlpine

McAlpine is the anglicised form of Gaelic’ Mac Ailpein’ and in Scottish and Irish ‘Mac Ailpin’ means ‘son of Ailpean’.

55. Mcauliffe

This Irish surname is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Amhlaoibh meaning ‘son of Amhlaoibh’ and the Old Norse first name Olaf.

56. McBeth

This Scottish surname is an anglicised form of the Gaelic Mac Beatha meaning ‘son of life’ or ‘man of religion’.

57. McBride

McBride is the anglicised form of the Gaelic Mac Brighde which means ‘son of the servant of Saint Brighid’.

58. McCallum

McCallum is the anglicised form of the Gaelic Mac Coluim’ son or follower of Columba’. It may also have come from the Latin word Columba meaning ‘dove’.

59. Mccauley

This Scottish surname means ‘son of Olaf’.

60. McClay

This Scottish and Irish surname is derived from the Gaelic Mac an Leigh meaning’ son of the physician’.

61. McDonald

Derived from Scottish and Irish origin, McDonald is a patronym, meaning ‘son of Domhnall’.

62. McEwen

Derived from Old Gaelic Mac Eoghainn, this Scottish means’ son of Eogan’.

63. McGeorge

McGeorge is a Gaelic surname meaning ‘son of George’. The name George has a Greek origin, and it means farmer.

64. McGill

The anglicised version of this Scottish and Irish surname is Gaelic Ghoill meaning’ son of the stranger’.

65. McIsaac

Derived from the first name Isaac, which means ‘laughter’ in Hebrew, McIsaac means ‘son of Isaac’.

66. Mcleod

The Gaelic form of this Scottish surname means ‘son of Leod’.

67. McMurdo

This patronymic Scottish surname means ‘sea battle’.

68. McPhail

Derived from Scottish and Irish origin, it is a variant of the name Paul, meaning ‘small’ as a term of endearment.

69. Mendoza

Mendoza originates from the Basque region, and it refers to ‘a cold mountain’.

70. Meyer

Originating from the Old English name Maire meaning ‘mayor,’ it means ‘officer in charge of legal matters’.

71. Miller

Miller is an occupational surname that refers to ‘the mill keeper’. It is derived from the Old Germanic name ‘Mulinari’, Old Norse name ‘Mylnari’.

72. Mitchell

This surname is derived from the famous Hebrew name Michael. Mitchell means ‘son of Michael’.

73. Montalvo

This French surname means ‘white mountain’.

74. Moore

Moore is derived from Old Irish Moores meaning ‘stately’ and ‘noble.’ Its Middle English form refers to ‘persons dwelling near a moor.’

75. Morgan

This surname has a Welsh origin, and Morgan means ‘great kingdom’.

76. Morris

Derived from the Old French name Mauris, and the Anglo-Norman de Marisco meaning ‘of the marsh’.

77. Mullen

Derived from Irish and the Gaelic Ó Maoláin, meaning ‘son of Maolán’, another meaning is ‘monk’ or ‘shaven head’.

78. Murphy

Derived from two Irish surnames Murchadha’ descendant of Murchadh’ and Mac Murchaid’ son of Murchadh’, it means ‘sea warrior’.

79. Murray

A variant of Moray from Scottish Gaelic for ‘sea settlement’, Murray comes from the native Irish name Mac Muireadhaigh’ descendant of Muireadhach’.

80. Myers

Derived from Old English Maire’ mayor’, Old French mire ‘physician’ and Old Norse Myrr ‘marsh’, Myers means ‘son of Mayer’.

​​Hope this directory of surnames beginning with M had managed to shed light on the important aspects of their meaning and the people’s lives in times gone by. So, whether you’re investigating your family origins or trying to find a suitable surname that can be passed on from one generation to another, this is a good place to begin your quest for last names starting with M.

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