Darius Name Meaning

  • Name :darius
  • Meaning :a good and wealthy protector,darius how a young man by the name is pronounced, because the rye-us, car-ee-us. it is of greek and persian origin, and the importance of darius is "maintains possessions well". of dareios, originally a version of the name of the ancient persian kings. the original form of the name is darayavahush. historical: darius (in persian, dariush) the great assumed the kingship of babylon after the conquest of cyrus in the fifth century before christ. he was a famous king, also known as darius the great. also the name of an obscure saints, martyrs at nicaea. this name is very popular among afro-americans.,owner of the hacienda,a supporter of the good,of new, kingly
  • Gender :Boy

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