Sarah Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Sarah Name Meaning and Origin

Sarah is a classic name that has been dwindling in popularity over time. With more aunts and mothers having the name Sarah than children nowadays, there is a need to bring back the name by understanding how beautiful it is. So, keep reading to know the name’s significance and why it should be your next choice for a baby girl name.

What Does Sarah Mean?

While the name Sarah has roots in Hebrew and Persian history and is significant in both cultures, the name means “high-ranking female” regardless of the culture or region. This means that the meaning of Sarah can be interpreted as a noblewoman, a princess, or even the ruler of a land.


Sarah is the biblical reference for Abraham’s wife, who lived in the time of Abraham. It is a Jewish term that may be translated as noblewoman or princess. A character named Sarah first appeared in the Book of Genesis. She also appears in the Quran, though in a minor role. She is regarded as the founding matriarch of the Jewish religion because she was Abraham’s wife, and as such, she is known as the Mother of the Nation.




  • Sair-Uh
  • Sai-Ruh


2 syllables


5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

While Sarah is a beautiful name with Biblical importance and influence, the old-fashioned nature of the name may force you to look for other spellings for Sarah. Here are just a handful of the Sarah name variations that you can choose to maintain the integrity of the name in a modern way:

Name Origin
Hara Maori, Korean
Kala Hawaiian
Saara Finnish
Sara English
Sára Eastern European
Sarai Biblical Hebrew
Sarrha Biblical Greek
Sorcha Irish
Suri Yiddish
Zara Arabic, Hebrew

How Popular Is the Name Sarah?

Sarah is a classic name that will never go out of fashion. While data on newborn girl names have been kept, this biblical name has a high rating for females in the United States. As per the SSA, Sarah’s popularity is evident, becoming the 87th most popular girls’ name in 2020. Further interest in the name can be observed from the following analysis of Google trends and analytics, helping to determine an accurate Sarah baby name ranking.

Interest in Sarah – Worldwide

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The level of popularity and interest in ‘Sarah’ has been consistently over the scale of 50, with the sole exception of a dip in the popularity scale to 49 in December 2019. Apart from this, the highest popularity of the name was recorded at 100 in January 2012, implying that the popularity of the name was the highest in this month within the decade.

Interest in Sarah – US

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The popularity of the name Sarah –


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Sarah Worldwide

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Among the global regions with the highest search trends of the name Sarah, it can be seen that Ireland reigns supreme. This is followed by the UK, Philippines, Australia, and Germany. It implies that the name still has considerable popularity and usage in countries across multiple continents.

Search trends of Sarah in the US

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As for the popularity of the name within the US, Vermont has demonstrated the country’s greatest interest and search trends for Sarah as a baby girl name. This is followed by Maine, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. It is notable that within the popularity scale of 0-100, the top 5 sub-regions fall within the scale of 91-100.

Middle Names That Go With Sarah

While choosing a middle name is optional, wouldn’t it be wonderful if your child could choose between two equally beautiful names? Check out this list of some of the most beautiful double names with Sarah.

Elizabeth Verity
Therese Lavinia
Caroline Bianca
Phoebe Joy
Florence Celeste

Famous People Named Sarah

While you may not find many Sarahs around you, there are many famous people called Sarah who can inspire you. Here are some of the most famous people named Sarah:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Sarah Brightman English soprano
Sarah Jessica Parker American actress
Sarah Palin American politician
Sarah McLachlan Canadian musician
Sarah Orne Jewett American novelist
Sarah Silverman American comedian and actress
Sara Bareilles American musician
Sara Gilbert American actress
Sara Teasdale American poet
Sarah Michelle Gellar Actress
Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York
Sarah Bernhardt Writer

Similar Names & Last Names

Despite being a popular girl’s name, there are many baby names like Sarah that you can use for a modern touch. If you choose to go for some of these popular alternatives, you also need to be mindful of suitable family names for Sarah that will sound cohesive when said together. Here are some other names for Sarah along with suitable family names:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Hara Mccarthy
Kala Ryan
Saara Mendoza
Sara Richards
Sára Robbins
Sarai Malone
Sarrha Terry
Sassa Thompson
Sadie Wyatt

Names That Sound Like Sarah

Names that rhyme with Sarah can also be helpful in your attempt to choose a name that is as beautiful as it is while being equally meaningful and modern. So, if you are hesitant about Sarah as a baby name, choose from these names instead:

Sabrina Shanon
Sandra Sonia
Scarlett Shiloh
Sophia Susanna
Sydney Stephanie

Sibling Names Related to Sarah

When you have multiple children, you must choose sibling names that go with the eldest child’s name so that all the names sound in sync when taken together. Here are some ideas for sister names along with brother names for your eldest child named Sarah:

Sister Names for Sarah  Brother Names for Sarah
Anne Andrew
Sasha Jonathan
Elsa Leah
Ava Peter
Charlotte Samuel
Sash Scott
Lucy Thomas
Rosa Edward
Clara Henry
Laura Charles

Nicknames for Sarah

Children’s nicknames are an excellent way to refer to them affectionately. Based on the information made publicly available so far, it seems that Sarah’s parents may use a variety of aliases for her given name in social situations to refer to their child affectionately.

Sar RahRah
Ash Essie
Sasa Sassy
Shi Ess
Shia Sarry

Sarah’s name has a wide variety of meanings and emotions among people of various races and civilizations. Because of its biblical roots, it is linked with a wide range of emotions and connotations. So, despite its decreasing popularity and usage, you can revive it and maintain its beauty by naming your baby girl Sarah.


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