Aurora Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Aurora Name Meaning and Origin

While there is no guarantee that a child will follow the meaning and essence of their name, it is undeniable that a beautiful name elevates how others view them. This is why choosing the perfect name for your child is essential since it is one of the first things someone gets to know about them. If you are looking for suitable girl names, keep reading to learn more about ‘Aurora.’

What does Aurora mean?

Aurora is more renowned as the stunning Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, a tourist attraction near the North Pole. However, the literal meaning of Aurora is ‘Dawn,’ and it is derived from Latin. The meaning of the name lends it a mystical and heavenly feel, further enhanced due to the Northern Lights phenomenon. While the name has not been found to have Biblical connotations or relations, the name has an impactful origin in mythology.


The name Aurora has been derived from Latin and translates to ‘Dawn.’ However, you can find the origin of the name in ancient mythology, where Aurora was the “Roman Goddess of the Dawn.” She was constantly accompanied by her siblings, Helios and Selene, and played an integral role in the emergence of each new day.

Despite the mythological presence of the name, Aurora only gained importance and widespread renown after the Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty.” Princess Aurora in the tale helped to propagate this heavenly name, which has since found considerably greater usage.




  • Aw-Row-Rah
  • Ah-Rowr-Ah


3 Syllables


6 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings

While it is a stunning name, there are many Aurora name variations across different cultures and nationalities. These other spellings for Aurora can help you keep this name while adopting a unique approach and incorporating cultural diversity. Some of these variations include:

Name Origin
Aura Latin
Rora/Rory Latin
Aurea Latin
Aria English
Ariana Latin
Aurore French
Aurelia Latin/Greek
Avrore Russian
Aurea Latin
Aurelija Latin/Proto-Italic

How Popular is The Name Aurora?

The popularity of a name is identified from how many parents choose that name for newborns in a particular year. To determine this name’s popularity in the US, data from the SSA can act as a reliable indicator. As per data from SSA from 2000 onward, the name has been becoming increasingly more popular. It has been in the top 100 names since 2015 and the top 50 names since 2018. We can accurately understand the baby name ranking and popularity by analyzing search trends over the last ten years.

Interest in Aurora – Worldwide

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As per the Google Trends graph, the name had gained peak popularity for the decade in July 2012. While factual data is not available, one can assume that it is due to unfortunate events occurring in Aurora city in Colorado in the month. On the downside, it recorded the least popularity thrice during the decade, when a popularity score of just 43 was recorded.

Interest in Aurora – the US

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Similar to the trends regarding global interest and popularity, the name Aurora generated the most interest in the last decade in July 2012 in the US. While the average popularity in the US is lower than that recorded globally, this name recorded the lowest level of interest in April 2020 at 30, which is slightly lower than the global data recorded.

The Popularity of the name Aurora


Where Is The Name Most Searched

Search trends of Aurora – Worldwide

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Global search trends for the name Aurora were the highest in Iceland from 2011-2021. However, while Canada, Guatemala, the US, and North Macedonia rounded up the top 5 countries in that order, the difference in search trends generated by Iceland and Canada is drastic.

Search trends of Aurora – the US

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Similar to global search trends, the amount of search generated for the name in the US also shows a drastic difference between the first and second sub-regions. Most searches within the US emerged out of Colorado, followed by Illinois, Wisconsin, Alaska, and Nebraska, respectively, in the decade.

Middle Names That go With Aurora

Middle names have been integral and common in many cultures since times immemorial. While some may see it as the opportunity to use two names, a suitable middle name helps to enhance the beauty of the first name. Here is a list of suitable double names with Aurora that you can choose from:

Ruby Marie
Jane Clara
Ellen Sophie
Mae Grace
June Ruth
Shay Lynn
Dawn Glenn
Edith Dew
Elaine Rainn
Diane Skye



Famous People Named Aurora

Unique and new names gain greater attention when celebrities with that name emerge, or characters in renowned cultural references use the name. In the case of Aurora as well, the following celebrities are some of the most popular personalities with the name Aurora:

Celebrity Names  Profession/Famous For
Aurora Aksnes Norwegian Pop Singer
Aurora Perrineau American Movie Actress
Aurora De Albornoz Spanish Poet
Aurora Carbonell Spanish TV Actress
Aurora James Canadian Fashion Designer
Princess Aurora The protagonist in “Sleeping Beauty.”
Aurora Quezon First ‘First Lady’ in the Philippines
Aurora Bautista Spanish Movie Actress
Aurora Robles Mexican Supermodel
Aurora Straus American Professional Racer

Similar Names & Last Names

While baby names like Aurora are beautiful in themselves, you may want to opt for names that exude the same feel but are more unique. The same is true for family names for Aurora – since it is a part of the full name, the name has to sound delightful collectively. Here is a list of other names for Aurora that also mean ‘Dawn’ or have similar connotations:

Similar Names Family Names
Aurelius Winston
Clarence Sheridan
Dion Scott
Chiara Holliday
Danique Cook
Lucian Fleming
Anastasia Daniels
Ophelia Garcia
Elio Salvatore
Celia Matthews

Names That Sound Like Aurora

While you may look for alternative names with the same or similar meaning, you may also look for alternative names that sound similar. These similar-sounding names ensure that not only can you choose unique names that rhyme with Aurora, but you can also use these when naming siblings. Some suggestions for such names are:

Amber Leanaura
Arlo Gloria
Arlene Maribel
Arabella Mariah
Anastasia Darla
Anna Lorelai
Audrey Lara
Adriana/Adrienne Serena
Amelia Brianna
Alora Giselle

Sibling Names Related to Aurora

Parents of multiple children often aim for matching names that sound fluid and sweet when said together. So, choosing sibling names with Aurora is necessary to ensure that all the children have similar names. Here are a few sister and brother names for you to choose and take inspiration from:

Sister Names for Aurora Brother Names for Aurora
Astrid Luke
Genevieve Aaron
Penelope Adam
Isla Jacob
Clara Oliver
Bianca Stefan
Olivia Emile
Daphne Ezekiel
Olive Adrian
Ivy Landon

Nicknames For Aurora

Nicknames are a cute and personal form of addressing someone. While any nickname sounds adorable when called affectionately, such names often stick with a person well into adulthood. So, choosing cute nicknames that will suit the child well into adulthood is crucial. Here are a few suggestions for nicknames for Aurora:

Auri Arra
RoRo Baby
Rora Lola
Aura Riley
Ally Ari

While choosing a name can be very difficult and confusing, you can reduce that confusion immensely. You can do this if you know the meaning of the name and similar names concerning meaning and sounds. By choosing the name Aurora, you can get a meaningful, elegant, and unique name that is bound to lend your baby girl an aura of elegance and class.


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