50 Most Popular Puerto Rican Baby Names for Boys

Puerto Rican Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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A name is the first gift given to a baby by their parents which adds an identity too. Parenting is a huge responsibility, and one even has to incorporate the moral values in their child so that they become good human beings in life. Researching to finalize a name for your little one is a tough job, and you surely need assistance.

Puerto Rican Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Let’s ponder on some amazing Puerto Rican baby boy names with their meanings

Names Meanings
Alano Every son is very handsome in their parent’s eyes, and this name can convey their thoughts to the kids.
Armando Men with such names are expected to be rough and tough. They are very disciplined and strong. They are patriotic and want to devote their lives to their nation.
Benigno This is one of the Puerto Rican boy names which means ‘a kind and friendly person.’ In life, it is important to be a true and trustworthy person.
Bonifacio Generally, such people are found to be doing good deeds all throughout life. They exhibit the morals their parents teach them.
Braulio Every parent expects the best for their child. They wish for their successful life with good health and wealth. This name is just perfect as it means ‘shining’.
Carlos The name means ‘warrior.’ To sustain in this competitive world one has to be very strong and confident.
Christian If you belong to a religious family, then this name suits well as it means ‘a follower of the Almighty.’ It is an amazing name to opt for.
Cleto This person is chosen to fight all the odds in our society. They stand for the truth and fight for the right thing. These people are generally strong and confident.
Dario Every parent expects their child to grow successful and rich in life and Dario itself means ‘rich.’ So it is expected that these individuals will have a good future.
Donatello A baby is a blessing to every couple or family from the Almighty. If you want to tell them about their value in your life, then this is the right name as it means ‘a gift from God.’
Eufrasio These personalities are very outspoken and can easily become a center of attraction.
Felix It is one of the common names which adds your blessings to your son. To gain success in life, hard work, along with luck is very important.
Fidele Every parent will expect their child to learn moral values and family ethics to lead a good life. So this name is very suitable, and it means ‘a faithful person.’
Frasco The name has an exciting sound. It means ‘free,’ and we all believe that every child should have their own space to enjoy life.
Garcia This name means a person who can any cross the hurdles of life and win the battle bravely. Thus this is one of the top suggested baby boy names.
Guillermo The name means ‘a determined guardian.’ Such individuals are very responsible for whatever they do and can lead all to the right path.
Hernan They are also capable of being future leaders, but their approach is different. People with this name believe in peace and harmony.
Hilario Every parent wishes happiness for their child always. Therefore this name can be like a blessing to them as it means ‘happy.’
Hugo This short and cute name is very impactful as it means ‘an intelligent person.’ These people are generally aware of their surrounding.
Ignado Fire is a powerful component, though it is useful, it also has the potential to destroy everything. A person with such a name has a prominent personality.
Jadzia A child is always a gem to his parents. By this name, one can say, that he is invaluable to his parents.
Javier This Puerto Rican baby boy name means ‘bright.’ Every parent wishes for a bright future of their child, and hence it’s a very suitable name.
John It is one of the popular and commonly used names all over the world. The meaning of this name is ‘God is very gracious.’
Jorge It is a Puerto Rican form of the name George, and it sounds very sophisticated. These days the name is also in trend.
Katia This unique name means ‘pure.’ Its uniqueness puts it in the top lists; you can name your son as Katia and flaunt it.
Kemen Every parent will expect their son to be strong and stout. Thus, this is an applicable name as per its meaning. Don’t let go of this name!
Kevin A good human being is always respected, and every parent wishes so for their child. Therefore this name will be like a blessing to your son as it means ‘kind and gentle.’
Leandro It means ‘brave as a lion.’ People with such a name generally have a prominent personality and can lead people to the correct direction.
Lucio Generally, an individual named Lucio becomes the ray of hope for many needy people as the name means ‘bringer of light.’
Luis This exotic name is very popular among Puerto Rican boys and is one of the coolest names being heard.
Macerio Every parent asks for a safe and secure life for their child. This name is applicable for similar search as it means ‘one who is blessed.’
Mateo A baby is like a gift to every parent and family. Thus one can convey them their love and affection via this name as it means ‘a gift from God.’
Neron A strong personality is significant in this competitive era, and thus this name will be quiet impactful as it means ‘strong.’
Nicholas Men with this name are very inspiring. They can lead all to the right direction and bring victory to all. They are responsible and reliable.
Osvaldo The name will be like a blessing to your son as it means ‘a divine power.’
Pablo This is another trendy and commonly heard name. Your little one will be little to you at any age of their life, and thus the name is perfect.
Pitin This is one of the cute names which means happy and fortunate. So it is evident that if you are fortunate enough to attain success, you will always be happy.
Ramon Parents who will have such a kid who turns out to be ‘a wise protector of mankind’ are going to be very fortunate.
Roberto It is another commonly used name. It means ‘shining fame,’ which cannot be suppressed easily, and they always glow like a jewel.
Rolan The name sounds classy, and it refers to the one who is very famous in the land. Therefore, this is also a very much suggested name.
Salvador The name means ‘savior.’ An individual with such personality is respected by all around him and gains colossal fame.
Sebastian It is a classy and common name, but it’s always in trend. This traditional name is widely heard on the islands.
Servando If you are patriotic then this is the correct name for your son as it means ‘born to serve.’ A country always aspires for a leader like them.
Teyo Are you from a religious family? Then this is a unique name for your child! The meaning of the name is ‘the Almighty,’ and the kid is always a part of God.
Tristan Such kids grow to be ‘a bold knight or a great fighter.’ They protect the innocent people from the cruel part of the world and secure everyone’s life.
Venturo Every single parent wishes for a good fortune for their little one. So, this name is like a blessing to the kids from their parents.
Vicente The name can create an identity for your son as it means ‘a conquerer.’ So it is also one of the top listed names.
Vidan The name means ‘life.’ For every parent, their child is their life; therefore this is a simple and suitable name.
Xalvador The name might sound very complicated, but it has a simple meaning ‘a savior.’ In the future, these individuals play a very prominent role.
Ximen Another unique name that means ‘an obedient son.’ We all want our children to lead a life in our moral lessons.

The names in the list are highly suggested ones, and we hope you have found the perfect name for your son. Therefore, we all would like to wish you and your son a prosperous future ahead.

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