Top 140 Space Names For Girls & Boys With Meanings

140 Space Names for Baby Boy and Girl

Names are more than a piece of identity; people look beyond the earth to choose a name for their child. This is a trend that has picked up quite a lot in recent times, with more and more space-related events happening all over the world.

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140 Best Space Baby Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings

Do you love the stars, space exploration, astronomy, and everything not found here on Earth? Then, why not choose a baby name inspired by space for your baby? Here we provide you with some space names. Baby names inspired by space include names of constellations, celestial bodies, comets, meteors, and satellites. Check out our list of beautiful, space-themed, and astronomy names for both boys and girls.

20 Star and Constellation Baby Names for Girls

Let your little girl shine bright like a star with our curated list of baby girl names.

1. Adhara

Name of one of the brightest stars in the sky, Adhara is perfect for your beautiful baby girl.

2. Alpha

Alpha is the brightest star in each constellation. It is also the first letter in the Greek alphabet.

3. Alula

It is the palindromic name of the very first double star which is identified as one that is physically related to its twin. Alula in Arabic means “the first leap”.

4. Amalthea

The name Amalthea has significance in both Greek mythologies and also in the constellation of stars. Amalthea was the name of a goat who nursed and protected the God Zeus during his infancy.

5. Andromeda

Cassiopeia’s beautiful daughter Andromeda was made a star and a constellation named after her.

6. Ascella

Ascella is known to be a star system in the sign of Sagittarius. It would be an apt name for a December-born baby girl.

7. Asterope

Asterope is the name of an asteroid and is very uncommon.

8. Astra

In Latin Astra means “of the stars”. Small and sweet it is easy to pronounce and will be perfect for your beautiful girl.

9. Aurora

Beautiful as its name, Aurora symbolizes the Roman goddess who rules over sunrises.

10. Capella

The name of the eleventh brightest star in the whole sky is known as Capella. As per astrological significance, Capella stands for military honor and wealth.

11. Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is believed to be the mother of Andromeda, who became a stellar constellation.

12. Celestial

Celestial sounds very classy and is a unique name. It means “of the planets, stars or heavens”.

13. Halley

The name sounds very captive and is the name of a short-period comet. Halley is visible through the naked eyes of Earth and appears only twice in a human’s lifetime.

14. Libra

Libra means one who is tactful, fair, and well-balanced. It is also the name of a famous constellation which is one of the members of the zodiac system.

15. Luna

Luna means “moon” in Latin. Luna is the perfect name for your little girl despite the moon’s calm and beauty.

16. Lyra

The harp-looking constellation in the northern hemisphere is known as Lyra. A beautiful and short name, Lyra was derived from the word Lyre, which is mentioned in the Greek mythology of Orpheus.

17. Nashira

Uncommon and mystical, Nashira is a giant star found in Capricorn.

18. Norma

It is a small constellation of stars in the southern hemisphere.

19. Polaris

It is a bright star that appears above the North pole. Also known as the Pole Star or North Star, it exudes a special charm to its name.

20. Stella

In Latin, a star is called “Stella”. Name your little girl “Stella” who means the star of the whole world.

20 Star and Constellation Baby Names for Boys

Star and Constellation Baby Names for Boys

Here are some catchy and meaningful baby boy star names that you can gift your little bundle of joy.

1. Aerglo

Areglo is simply a variation of the word “airglow”. It refers to the night sky’s natural glow resulting from the various reactions that occur in the Earth’s upper atmosphere

2. Apollo

Classy and mystical, Apollo, is the name of the Greek god who rules over sun and light.

3. Aster

Aster is known as “star” in Greek. Simple and elegant, this name sounds very sophisticated.

4. Archer

Archer symbolizes strength and power. It is the name of the Sagittarius group of stars depicting a half-horse and half-man figure.

5. Aries

In Greek mythology, the constellation named Aries depicts a ram and represents the Golden Fleece.

6. Atlas

Atlas sounds handsome and fearless. I also known Atlas to be the titan of astronomy and navigation.

7. Castor

The brightest star in the Gemini constellation is known as castor. Its twin is named Pollux. If you are blessed with twins, this would surely be a starry name for your babies.

8. Columba

Columba constellation is named after the beautiful dove who warned and saved Noah from the flood.

9. Cosmos

The whole universe is known as “cosmos”. One of the favored universe baby names, it is perfectly apt for your baby boy who is your “universe”.

10. Danica

Danica is a very uncommon name. In Slavic, it means the “morning star”.

11. Hercules

Hercules means “warrior” or “hero”. Hercules is also the name of a star constellation.

12. Hunter

The constellation, Orion, was personified as a brave and adventurous hunter in the famous epic Odyssey. The name sounds of valor and adventure.

13. Nash

The well-known Gamma Sagittarii star located in Sagittarius’s constellation is Nash. Small and crisp, Nash is a favorite of many parents.

14. Nova

Nova is a bright star that keeps appearing and fading over a few months. Sophisticated and elegant, this is one of the beautiful names you can choose for your little one.

15. Orion

Did you know that Orion is the brightest and best-known constellation in the sky? Choose this beautiful starry name for your son, which means “boundary or limit”.

16. Perseus

The constellation located in the northern portion of the sky is known as Perseus. Named in honor of the son of Zeus, The Greek God, the name sounds heroic.

17. Rigel

The giant superstar in the Orion constellation is known as Rigel. The star guides people when they are traveling in the ocean. Make your baby’s name memorable with this beautiful name.

18. Solar

Solar or “The Sun”, is the brightest star in the universe. One of the beautiful baby names inspired by the solar system, its rays bring hope and warmth to everyone’s life.

19. Sirius

Radiant and shiny, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. Also called the Dog Star, it occupies the best spot in the sky.

20. Taurus

Taurus comes from the Latin word “bull.” It is the name of a constellation and a star sign portrayed as the forequarter of a mighty bull.

40 Galaxy, Planets, Celestial Bodies, and other Space Inspired Baby Names for Girls

Look a little higher in the sky and find your inspiration for naming your newborn. Below is a list of some of the best galaxy names for girls that find their mention in astronomy.

1. Alya

In Arabic, Alya denotes sky, heaven, and loftiness. In Hebrew, Alya means to climb, to go up.

2. Ariel

Ariel is a historical Hebrew name that means “lion of God.” Ariela and Ariella are Ariel’s alternate French and English spellings. 

3. Arpina

Arpina means “ the rising of the sun”. Beautiful and fresh as its name, Arpina will be perfect for your little girl.

4. Astrid

A traditional Scandinavian name with the meaning “divinely beautiful” is Astrid. Although the name is a traditionally feminine name, it will be a great fit for babies of any gender. 

5. Belinda

Belinda is the name of the ninth moon of the planet Uranus. It has a poetic ring to its name.

6. Bellatrix

Bellatrix is the name of an appellation of one of the many stars in Orion. In Latin, it also means “female warrior”. One of the names that mean star, Bellatrix sounds like a modern name.

7. Bianca

The name Bianca is gender neutral. It is an Italian version of Blanche and means “white.”

8. Carina

Carina is the name of the constellation that contains Canopus. Canopus is the second-brightest star in the beautiful sky.

9. Cassini

Cassini is one of the favored baby names from outer space, a perfect blend of mystery and excitement. The gap in Saturn’s ring is known as “Cassini’s division”.

10. Celeste

Like its sound, Celeste means “heavenly”, one from the celestial. It is one of the preferred celestial girl names.

11. Ceres

The meaning of the name Ceres according to Latin Baby Names, is Goddess of the harvest; Of the spring. Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility in mythology.

12. Chara

Chara means “joy”. It is also the name of one of the stars in a constellation that is known to represent hunting dogs. It is believed that this star Chara hosts extraterrestrial life as well.

13. Cressida

Cressida is the name of the fourth-largest moon on the planet Uranus. Beautiful as its name, Cressida will be right for your little daughter’s name.

14. Cordelia

The name Cordelia, which means Jewel of the Sea, is said to imply “heart” or “daughter of the sea(-god)” (Welsh).

15. Despina

Despina refers to the inner satellite of the planet Neptune. It is also known as Neptune V.

16. Elara

Elara is the name of the moon of the planet Jupiter. It is believed to be coined after one of Zeus’s lovers.

17. Eris

In 2005, a tenth planet was discovered in the solar system. This planet was named Eris.

18. Estella

The Latin name Estella, which comes from the word Stella, means “star.” 

19. Esther

The name Esther means to hide or conceal. 

20. Europa

Europa, “where the sun sank,” is derived from the Phoenician term EROB (west of Phoenicia, west of Bosphorus, Sea of Marmora).

21. Faye

Faye is derived from the Middle English word “faie,” which means “fairy,” or perhaps from the Old French word “loyauté,” which means “believing.”

22. Gaia

Named after our beautiful earth, Gaia means “mother earth”. So if you are a “green” parent, Gaia should be the perfect choice to gift your little daughter.

23. Helia

Helia is the name of the “sun” in Greek. Perfect name for a radiant and beautiful little girl.

24. Juliet

It is the name of the moon of the planet Uranus. Juliet is a very famous name in many novels.

25. Larissa

The fifth moon of Neptune is known as Larissa.

26. Leda

Leda is the name of the moon of the planet Jupiter. One of Zeus’s lovers shared this name as well.

27. Leia

There are a number of different spellings and meanings for the name Leia. Although it might equally be rendered as “languid, relaxed,” it means “tired” in Hebrew. Its Hawaiian equivalents are “heavenly flowers” or “child of heaven.”

28. Maia

Maia signifies a wonderful mother. Maia is a feminine name with Greek roots that will undoubtedly encourage a kid to become more nurturing. This name belongs to the Greek mythological character Maia, the mother of the Greek god Hermes, and is translated as “great” and “mother.”

29. Miranda

Beautiful and elegant as its name, Miranda refers to the smallest of all the major moons of the planet Uranus.

30. Nevaeh

Nevaeh is a girl’s name of American origin, meaning “heaven”.

31. Ophelia

Ophelia is a fantastic choice for a name. The term most likely came from the Greek word “aid” or “benefit.”

32. Pandora

According to the myth presented in Works and Days, the meaning of Pandora’s name is “all-gifted”. Others assert that Pandora means “all-giving” more accurately.

33. Phoebe

Phoebe, is a feminine variant of the male given name Phoebus, an epithet of Apollo that means “bright” or “shining.” Phoebe was a Titan in Greek mythology who was connected to both the moon and the power of prophecy.

34. Portia

Portia is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “pig, hog or doorway”.

35. Rhea

Rhea is a beautiful name for any little girl. It is the name of one of the moons of Saturn.

36. Sally

The Hebrew baby girl’s name Sally means “princess.” Sally is a worldwide name that is frequently used in conjunction with the English baby girl name Sarah.

37. Sidra

Sidra is a given name meaning “Goddess of the stars” or “like a star”.

38. Sitara

Sitara is a girl’s name of Hindi origin, meaning “star.”

39. Thebe

The beautiful red-coloured inner satellite that is seen on the planet of Jupiter is known as Thebe. An uncommon and unique name.

40. Titania

As vast as its name, Titania refers to the largest moon on the planet Uranus.

80 Cute Baby Names Inspired by Space for Girls and Boys

40 Planets, Celestial Bodies, and Other Space-Inspired Names For Baby Boy

If outer space has always entranced you, then make it more memorable by choosing one of the beautiful names from the below list for your beloved son.

1. Aldrin

Aldrin is an Old English-derived boy’s name. Its meaning of “old” immediately lends an air of antiquity.

2. Altair

Altair is an Arabic baby boy name that means “falcon.”

3. Arche

Arche is the name of the moon that orbits around the planet Jupiter.

4. Armstrong

Armstrong is a surname that originated in the Scottish Borders. It comes from a Middle English nick-name for someone who had powerful arms.

5. Astro

Astro is a boy’s name that means “star.”

6. Astrophel

The name comes from the Latin word “stella,” which means star, and the two Greek words “aster” (star) and “phil” (lover).

7. Aten

Aten is the name of a group of asteroids. One of the uncommon space names for boys, it is easy to spell as well.

8. Buzz

Buzz is an American-born boy’s name. This name means “settlement in the woods,” despite being most famously associated with the touching and amusing character of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story film series.

9. Callisto

Name in Italian derived from the Greek word kallistos, which means “fair” or “good.”

10. Calypso

Greek in origin, Calypso is a name for both girls and boys that means “she who hides.”

11. Comet

The word comete, which ultimately derives from the Greek word kometes, which literally means “long-haired star,” was used in Old French.

12. Cosmo

Cosmo means the whole universe and will surely be the perfect name for your loving son.

13. Cygnus

The Milky Way’s northernmost constellation, Cygnus, gets its name from the Latinization of the Greek word for swan

14. Deimos

It is the name of one of the many moons on the planet of Mars.

15. Eos

Simple and sweet, Eos is the family name given to a group of asteroids.

16. Galilei

The Latin name “Galilaeus,” which means “of Galilee,” a biblically significant region in Northern Israel, is where the Italian male given name “Galileo” (and subsequently the surname “Galilei”) originates.

17. Holmes

Holmes was the name of a comet, the largest object in the whole solar system some years back.

18. Janus

It is the name of one of the moons of the planet Saturn.

19. Jericho

Jericho has an Arabic origin and means the city of moons.

20. Jett

The name Jett means “free” or “black stone.”

21. Jupiter

It is the largest planet in our solar system and the fifth closest to Sun.

22. Leo

Leo means “lion”. It is also one of the star signs in the zodiac system.

23. Luke

Luke means “bringing light” in Greek. It is a condensed form of the Latinized name Lucas, which is a translation of the Greek name Loukas.

24. Mars

Mars is the name of the red planet in the solar system. Short and easy to pronounce, it will suit your little boy perfectly.

25. Mercury

The smallest planet in the solar system, Mercury, will suit your son if he is the youngest in the family.

26. Meteor

A meteor is a brief, blazing streak in the sky caused by a meteoroid that has entered the earth’s atmosphere; it can also be referred to as a shooting star or bolide.

27. Oberon

It is the name of the significant moon on the planet Uranus. Oberon sounds very sweet and nice.

28. Pallas

Pallas is the name of a family of asteroids.

29. Phoebus

Phoebus means “bright and dazzling” in Greek.

30. Phoenix

Phoenix is the name of a constellation and has a very modern ring to it.

31. Planet

The word “planet” is derived from a Greek word that means “passively drifting, wandering, or roaming,” and it is the root of several other words that are linked to planetary.

32. Pluto

One of the planets in the solar system has five moons.

33. Red

What does the name “Red” mean? The gender-neutral name Red, which is of English origin and means Red Haired, is generally used for boys.

34. Saros

Greek in origin, the name Saros for boys means “sweep.” Eclipses cycle back on themselves throughout this time period.

35. Sky

Sky refers to the beautiful galaxy of the universe. A unique name perfect for your son.

36. Sol

Hebrew roots can be seen in the gender-neutral name Sol. Its two meanings—”prayer for” or “peace”—will both demonstrate to your kid that they are a blessing in your life and contribute to the betterment of the planet.

37. Starr

Star refers to the stars in the sky. Beautiful and shiny this name is always a hit with many parents.

38. Tarique

The meaning of the name Tarique in Arabic is: Morning star.

39. Themis

Themis is the name of a group of asteroids and is a unique name.

40. Thule

It is the name of a large asteroid discovered in the year 1888. An uncommon name for your little boy.

20 Unisex Names Inspired By Planets and Celestial Bodies

1. Blaze

Blaze is a gender-neutral name of Latin origin meaning “fire” or “flame.”

2. Cielo

Italian in origin, the name Cielo is used both for girls and boys and means “sky”. Italian word name that is broad and cheery.

3. Eclipse

The meaning of this name involves celestial bodies.

4. Eden

Eden’s name translates to “a land of joy and enjoyment.” It is a name with biblical and Hebrew origins that is enchanting and tranquil.

5. Galaxy

The word Galaxy, which is of American origin and generally gender-neutral, literally means “Large System Of Stars.”

6. Halo

Greek in origin, the name Halo is typically given to females and means Divine Aura. A circular aura of light is frequently portrayed over the head of an angel or a spiritual figure.

7. Heaven

Home Of The Gods And Celestial Beings is the meaning of the name Heaven, which is generally a female name of English origin.

8. Infinity

Infinity is largely a gender-neutral American name with the meaning “endless.” Infinite in both space and/or time.

9. Marz

Marz is a Latin baby boy name, meaning “Manly; Virile.”

10. Meridian

A boy’s and a girl’s name, Meridian, means “midday/apex”.

11. Neptune

Neptune is the name which means the roman god of the sea.

12. Rocket

The meaning of the name Rocket is “Jet-propelled Tube,” and it is largely a gender-neutral name of English origin.

13. Saturn

Roman God Of Agriculture is the meaning of the name Saturn, which is primarily a male name of Latin origin.

14. Shadow

Shadow is of English origin and means “shadow” for both girls and boys.

15. Solveig

The meaning of the Scandinavian baby girl name Solveig is “the strong house or daughter of the sun.”

16. Starla

Starla can be the ideal name for astronomy buffs. The meaning of this feminine title, which has British and American roots, is “star.”

17. Sunshine

The meaning of the word Sunshine, which is of English origin, is “light from the sun.”

18. Trek

A journey or movement, especially one challenging or requiring intricate planning: is a difficult voyage.

19. Virgo

The first records of the word Virgo come from before the year 1000. Its origins are in a Latin word that means “maiden” (in the sense of a young unmarried woman).

20. Zenith

Zenith developed from Arabic phrases meaning “the way over one’s head,” and then migrated through Old Spanish, Medieval Latin, and Middle French before reaching English.

These beautiful and starry celestial and cosmic names are perfect for parents who would love to give their baby a unique and versatile name that speaks of something much bigger than themselves. Your little boy or girl surely deserves an awesome moniker that matches their special spirit.

Infographic: Space Baby Names for Boys & Girls

Space Themed Baby Names For Boys & Girls - Infographic

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