Top 70 Thai Girl Names & Their Meanings

70 Thai Names for Girls With Meanings

Thailand is a country with an influential culture, and it is reflected in the way they name their newly born kids. It is traditional for them to give names with proper meanings. For them, the name of the baby signifies the religion and region to which the baby belongs. Interestingly, Thai babies have two names. One is the formal one, and the other is the nickname. The nicknames are generally given based on the peculiar traits of the baby. Furthermore, naming the baby after a famous personality is considered a gift for the baby. We have compiled for you a list of 70 best Thailand girl names for you to consider.

Popular Thai Baby Girl Names

1. Aom

The name means ‘to embrace.’ The name signifies a gentle and idealistic nature of the person. It is a cute name for your baby girl.

2. Amara

This beautiful name means ‘everlasting’ and ‘immortal’.

3. Amporn

The name is derived from Thai อํา (am), meaning “to hide”, and พร (phon), meaning “blessing”.

4. Arpa

A famous Thai actress is the name bearer. This Thai name means ‘unbounded.’ Wish your baby girl with unlimited potential with this name.

5. Aranya

It is a Sanskrit word, and the name is common for a Thai girl. It means ‘bountiful forest.’ It signifies fertility or abundance.

6. Achara

This Thai name comes from a Tamil word. It means ‘Goddess or angel.’ It is the right choice if you are looking for a meaningful name for your daughter.

7. Anong

It is pronounced as ‘Ah-nong.’ It means ‘a gorgeous woman.’ It will be a proper name for your baby girl.

8. Beam

Here is a beautiful name that means ‘ray of light.’ Your baby girl will grow as a vibrant personality with this name.

9. Busarakham

The name is of Christian origin, and it means ‘yellow sapphire.’ Wouldn’t you like your daughter to shine like a precious stone as she grows up?

10. Busaba

It is a unique Thai name that is gaining steady popularity as a baby girl’s name. It refers to ‘floral.’ Let the colorfulness and fragrance remain with her throughout her life with this name.

11. Baifern

The name is unique and means ‘girlfriend’.

12. Banyen

The name means ‘the God tree’.

13. Chalita

This unique name means ‘successful in every way’. 

14. Chaluai

This beautiful Thai name means ‘beautiful’ and ‘elegant’.

15. Chariya

This lovely Thai name for a baby girl means ‘good manners.’ Bless her with all the good manners of the culture with this name.

16. Chaem Choi

It is a traditional Thai name for a baby girl. It refers to ‘gracefulness.’

17. Chalermwan

This Thai name has a beautiful meaning to it. It refers to a ‘celebrated beauty.’ She will grow with immense beauty that will draw admiration from all over.

18. Chailai

It means ‘pretty.’ It is one of the common names for baby girls in Thailand. This name will suit your baby girl.

19. Chantana

How about a name for your little that daughter that means ‘affection?’ Her affectionate expressions need a name as sweet as this.

20. Duangkamol

It means ‘from the heart.’ Give an expression to the purity and innocence of your baby girl by choosing this name for her.

21. Dokkaew

The name represents ‘seriousness’ and ‘intuition’.

22. Dokmai

The name is of Thai origin and means ‘flower of a plant’.

23. Emon

The name means ‘religious faith’.

24. Fah

This short and sweet name means ‘flower’.

25. Gamon

This Thai name means ‘from the heart.’ Why not this name, if you want your baby girl to grow up as a simple and straightforward person.

26. Hom

It means a ‘sweet smell.’ It is a meaningful name for your daughter. Her fragrant aura will continuously remind you of it.

27. Hathai

Hathai means ‘heart.’ Your daughter is a piece of your heart, and you will admire her for this throughout your life.

28. Hansa

It is a unique sounding Thai name for a baby girl. It has an Indian origin. It means ‘swan.’

29. Ireshi

Your baby girl is no less than a princess for you. Here is a name that will make her proud of you as she grows up. The name means ‘queen.’

30. Junta

This Thai name means a ‘star.’ Wish your daughter all the success of life and let her shine like a star.

31. Kaeo

This Thai name means ‘victorious.’ Let her draw huge admiration in life with this name. She will love this name as she grows up.

32. Komen

It means ‘precious stone.’ Like a precious stone that is valued everywhere it goes, your daughter will also command respect with this name.

33. Karnchana

Whenever you hold your little princess in your hand, what is the feeling that comes inside? This name means ‘a beautiful and lovely girl.’

34. Kamlai

It means ‘a jewelry bracelet.’ It signifies something of great value for a person, and your daughter is that one for you.

35. Kanda

This name means ‘darling.’ Since the day she was born, she is loved by everyone, then why not this name for her?

36. Kessarin

The name represents ‘compassion’ and ‘creativity’.

37. Latda

The name invokes impulsivity, easiness and prudence.

38. Lawan

This unique Thai name means ‘beautiful’.

39. Lawana

Daughters always remain the most beautiful for the parents their entire life. Therefore, how about a name that means the same.

40. Lamai

It is a Thai name for a baby girl that is currently trending. It means ‘gentle and caring.’

41. Mai

This short and sweet name means ‘dance’.

42. Malai

This beautiful Thai name means ‘garland of flowers’.

43. Naiyana

This gentle name represents the eyes.

44. Nalin

The name is perfect for a beautiful little girl. The name means ‘lotus’.

45. Noi

This short and sweet name means ‘rest’.

46. Nan

It is a popular baby girl’s name in Thailand. It refers to a person who has ‘grace and poise.’

47. Pakpao

This unique name means ‘kite’ in Thai.

48. Panadda

This name means ‘grandchild’ and is the perfect name to be bestowed on a child by their grandparents.

49. Phaibun

As parents, we always wish success and happiness for our baby girl. This name means ‘to prosper.’

50. Phawta

The name means ‘someone pleasing to the eyes.’ The name fits your daughter perfectly.

51. Preeda

When you hold your little daughter in your hands, there is one feeling that always comes to your mind- happiness. The name means ‘full of joy.’

52. Rhatha

This beautiful name means ‘sentimental’.

53. Ruchira

This name means ‘beautiful’, ‘brilliant’, and ‘pleasant’.

54. Saengduean

This name is perfect for a baby girl born on a full moon as it means ‘moonlight’.

55. Saripah

The name means ‘distinguished’ and ‘noble’.

56. Samorn

The name means ‘a darling and gorgeous woman.’ You will love it when she gets admiration from all over as she grows up.

57. Sarai

This Thai name for a baby girl has several meanings. The most appropriate one is ‘my princess.’

58. Sukhorn

This Thai name for girls means ‘pleasing fragrance.’ It is an apt name for your baby girl.

59. Thong

This beautiful sounding Thai name means ‘gold.’ Add the glitter of gold to your daughter’s life with this name.

60. Thanomwang

This name has a unique sound to it, and that is its appeal. The name means ‘hopeful’.

61. Thatsani

This name means ‘powerful’ and is the perfect name for a tough little girl.

62. Tontawan

The name represents someone who is known to be generous and altruistic. 

63. Urassaya

The name means ‘queen of beauty’ and is a beautiful name for your little one.

64. Ubon

Lotus flower is considered auspicious in the Thai culture and often used in religious ceremonies. Ubon means ‘the lotus flower.’

65. Waan

It is a traditional Thai name for a baby girl. It means ‘sweet.’

66. Wanwisa

This name represents the goddess of the sea.

67. Yihwa

This name represents the soul in Thai culture.

68. Yingluck

This name means ‘clan’.

69. Ying

It is a Thai baby girl name that has multiple meanings. It means ‘intelligent, feminine, clever, jade or eagle.’

70. Ya Chai

Ya Chai means a ‘sweetheart.’ She is one right now, and hence the name will go well with her.

This was the best and unique Thai girl names list that you can refer to for finalizing a name for your baby girl. These names are a mix of modernity and traditional values which are of high importance in Thai culture. We have provided you with 40 beautiful names for you to choose which will draw massive admiration from friends and family.

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