150 Heart-touching Sorry Messages & Quotes For Husband

150 Heart-touching Sorry Messages and Quotes for Husband

Relationships are like roses. While you love to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the rose, you may get hurt by its thorns. That’s true for relationships, especially for marriages. You get married, love and care for each other. However, married life has it’s up and downs. Amid all the happy moments, there will be a few arguments. You may misunderstand your husband and overact, causing a fight between you two. But later realises your mistake and want to apologise by writing a sorry message. To help in such a scenario, we have compiled sorry quotes and messages for the husband below.

Sorry Messages for Husband

You find apologizing difficult for most people. But when it comes to your husband, you need to apologize to make things better. So if you are looking for inspiration to write an apology message to my husband, we have some meaningful sorry messages below.  

  1. My mistakes have always taught me great lessons. The latest one is that I am lucky to have you as my husband. I am sorry to fight with you. 
  2. Sorry for being rude and hurting you with my words. I promise not to repeat it, ever. 
  3. The only thing I want from you is forgiveness. I am sorry for being insensitive. Forgive me, sweetheart. 
  4.  I did a horrible thing to you. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me. 
  5.  I can go to any extent to make it up to you. Please forgive me. 
  6. I miss your sweet voice, your hug, and your smile. Sorry for hurting you. 
  7.  I can do anything just to see you smile. Please smile at me to make everything all right again. 
  8. We promise we will stay together forever. Sorry for being aloof. 
  9. Sweetheart, I am sorry for my actions. Please forgive me this time. Won’t happen again. 
  10. Our smooth married life hit a bump with my words. Please forgive me for continuing our beautiful journey. 
  11. I vow to be your best friend forever and never argue again. Sorry. 
  12. You are the light of my life. And today, I dimmed that light with my words. Please forgive me. 
  13. I made a grave mistake. Sorry for hurting you. Please forgive me, darling. 
  14. My behavior hurt you badly today. But I promise not to hurt you ever again. I am sorry. 
  15. You forgive me every time I hurt you. But I promise this will be the last time. Last time sorry.
  16. Tragically, a perfect husband like you got an immature wife. Can you forgive me for my immature behavior?
  17. I can’t live without your smile. Please smile at me again. I am sorry. 
  18. I am sorry for what I did and said. Please forgive me. 
  19. My behavior may seem otherwise, but you are the most important person to me. Sorry, don’t be aloof. 
  20. Dear husband, I made a mistake and am deeply sorry for hurting you. 
  21. A beautiful relationship like ours shouldn’t be spoiled by my mistake. Please forgive me. 
  22. I promise never to hurt you again and understand you better. Please forgive me. 
  23. When you are not happy, I am also sad. Sorry for hurting you. 
  24. I cannot undo my action, but I can keep asking for forgiveness till you forgive me. Sorry. 
  25. My ego got better of me, and I did what I did. Sorry. 
  26. Your kiss makes my every pain go away. Let me try to do that for you. Sorry for hurting you. 
  27. I am ashamed of my behavior. Sorry. 
  28. The world’s best husband deserves the world’s most extensive apology. But I can say sorry. 
  29. With rights come responsibilities. I took the rights but forgot the responsibilities. Won’t happen again—sorry. 
  30. Shame is the worst feeling. I am ashamed of my harsh words. Sorry. 
  31. I am sorry to let you down with my behavior. Sorry is not enough, so I promise to be the best wife. 
  32. You are the best person I know. I am sorry to disappoint you. 
  33. Not talking to you is unbearable. Please forgive me. 
  34. What I said was foolish and grave, but you are a bigger person. Please forgive me. 
  35. I am sorry to hurt the most loving person in this world. Please forgive me. 
  36. I apologize for hurting you, my dear husband. 
  37. I won’t apologize with words but will show my repentance for hurting you through my behavior.
  38. Don’t judge by my actions my love for you. I truly love you more than anything, and now I will prove it by my actions. 
  39. I am guilty of wronging you. Please forgive me. 
  40. My heart breaks seeing you sad. Especially when I caused it, please forgive me. 
  41. Hurting you, my love has left me devastated. Hope you forgive me and give me one more chance. 
  42. I am sorry for being hasty, pushy, and inconsiderate. 
  43. I wish for an undo button to undo my actions and your hurt. But there isn’t, so I can just apologize.
  44. Cheating on you has been the biggest mistake of my life. Please forgive me; otherwise, I will die.
  45. Our fight made me sad, and now I regret my harsh words. I can’t stay without you. Please forgive me. 
  46. People say arguments, and then patch-ups make a relationship stronger. Hope our argument and my apology will do the same. 
  47. I blemished our love with my stupidity. Please forgive me. 
  48. My heart is kneeling before you, begging for your forgiveness. Sorry for my harsh words. 
  49. I am sad because you are angry with me. It’s my fault, still, forgive me. 
  50. I was out of my mind for hurting you. I’m sorry.
  51. Sorry husband for being pushy, being hasty and mad. I am so sorry for saying things that were bad! Forgive me!
  52. Sorry my dear for being aloof and making you feel that I don’t care for you. I promise to always behave in a way that reflects your love – profound and true.
  53. Dear husband, I promise to work on myself and make sure our bond always remains happy and fruitful. I am sorry for fighting with you!
  54. I made a mistake of fighting with you because I am only human. I hope you will forgive me husband!
  55. I feel so bad for saying you all those things. I am deeply sorry, my dearest husband.
  56. I wish to see that big smile on your face. I crave to look into your deep eyes. Please forgive me dear husband.
  57. I’m sorry to take our smiles, laughs, and memories for granted. I promise to not do that again because you mean the world to me.
  58. I miss talking to you and giving me a goodnight kiss. Forgive me and let me make everything up to you. Sorry my love.
  59. I’m sorry that I sound like a broken record lately but promise that I will work hard to get my act together.
  60. I want to turn back the things to back to normal right away. I’m very sorry husband.

Romantic Sorry Messages for Husband 

Wondering how to write a romantic sorry for a husband? Here are some romantic sorry messages for you:

  1. Sorry for my behavior, my love. You can be assured of my love and my sincerity for you.
  2. I am sorry for my behavior from last night. Sweetheart, can I make up with my kisses?
  3. I promise darling never to hurt you again. I’m sorry. 
  4. My apology note drowned in my tears. That’s how much sorry I am, baby. 
  5. I promise to never fight with you again. Please forgive me, my love. 
  6. I am sorry, my precious husband. Our fight hurt me more than you can imagine. 
  7. Don’t judge my love for the mistake I made. Baby, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. 
  8. I will do anything and everything to prove to you how sorry I am, my love. 
  9. You are special to me, and I can’t live without your love. Please forgive me. 
  10. My darling, I promise to be a better wife if you’ll forgive me just this time. 
  11. You are my friend and my love. Don’t know how I could hurt you? I’m sorry, darling. 
  12. I made a grave mistake, and I am ready to pay for it with kisses and hugs. 
  13. I realized how wrong I was. Can you forgive me, my darling? 
  14. I know my behavior lately was disgraceful. But I trust your love to forgive me. I’m sorry, darling. 
  15. I didn’t mean to hurt you. But I still did, sweetheart. I’m sorry, love. 
  16. You know I am immature, love. Please forgive my foolish words. I never meant to hurt you. 
  17. I know I hurt you, but I am hurting more in the absence of your love. Can we please kiss and forgive? 
  18. May you feel my love through my apology. I miss you, my love. Please forgive me. 
  19. I can’t live without you and your love. Please forgive me, darling. 
  20. Your pain in hearing my words will haunt me forever. Please forgive me, darling. 
  21. I was proud that, like other couples, we didn’t fight. But then I hurt you. I’m sorry, love. 
  22. I can say sorry a million times, if only it would lessen your hurt. I made a grave mistake for doubting you. Please forgive me, sweetheart. 
  23. Wish you could take back my words. But now I can just say how sorry I am for hurting you, baby. 
  24. Without you smiling at me, I am sad. Though it’s my mistake, I still want you smiling at me again. I’m sorry, darling. 
  25. You are my love, my life. Still, I hurt you, sweetheart. I’m sorry. 
  26. My love, I know our love can overcome our fight. Hope you still trust our love and will forgive my mistake. 
  27. I made the most loving husband sad. And that is unforgivable. But still, I hope, my darling, you will forgive me. 
  28. Hurting my love has left me gloomy. Darling, please forgive me so that we become happy again. 
  29. You are the perfect husband, but I failed to be the perfect wife. Please forgive me, love. 
  30. Without you, I’m a mess. Forgive me, hubby. Let’s kiss and make up. 
  31. I am not the perfect wife. But I promise to love you more than anything. Please forgive and forget, dear. 
  32. Baby, I hurt you with my lies. But I am hurting more seeing you sad. I’m sorry for making you sad. 
  33. Sweetheart, I miss your love, smile, and your hugs. I am sorry, darling. Please smile again. 
  34. My darling husband, you didn’t deserve my lies. I am genuinely sorry. Please forgive me. 
  35. Darling, I promise to be a better wife from now. I will keep my ego aside and show my love through my actions. Please forgive me. 
  36. You are so handsome that I get jealous easily. But from now I will control my temper and possessiveness. Sorry for my behavior, my darling. 
  37. My heart is aching from hurting you through my words. I’m sorry, my love. 
  38. I am extremely ashamed of my behavior. I hope, my love, you can forgive me and be my loving husband again. 
  39. Darling, you care for me the most, so I hope you can forgive my harsh words. I never thought of hurting you in my dreams, but still, I did. So for our love’s sake, please forgive me. 
  40. I can write sorry a million times to beg for your forgiveness, my love. To wipe your pain, I can kiss you a million times. Still, it won’t be enough as your love for me is limitless. And I know that love in your heart will forgive my mistake. Sorry, my dear.
  41. My loving husband, you don’t deserve the treatment I gave you, and I am very sorry.
  42. I apologise for the way I treated you, my love. I’m sorry my sweet Husband. Forgive me!
  43. My dear husband, I’m hoping that this sweet little apology will be the beginning of our path to healing. Please talk to me again my love.
  44. I feel blessed to call you, husband. Please don’t let my bad behaviour overshadow the beautiful days we’ve spent together. Forgive me my love!
  45. I know this apology letter can’t compensate for the way I made you feel. I need you back in my life as you are the only man I love! So sorry!
  46. When my hubby’s unhappy, I’m not happy either. I’m sorry for hurting you and your feelings.
  47. Hi husband! To repair your heart, I’ve created a love potion for you. I’ve added a sprinkling of heartfelt hugs and kisses Hope you will forgive me.
  48. Let me make it up to you as I take the full responsibility for what has happened between us, and I vow to make everything as it was before our fight. Love you hubby!
  49. I’m a mess without you, darling. Can we please kiss and make up before the day ends?
  50. I know I’m not perfect, but I can certainly be a better and loving wife just like before. Please let us give it another try!

Emotional Sorry Messages for Your Husband

Searching for “an apology message to my husband” but couldn’t find any? Here we have some emotional messages that will convey to your husband how sorry you feel!

  1. Our fight made me very sad, and now I regret my harsh ugly words. I can’t stay without you, my love. Please forgive me!
  2. I was horrible with you my dear husband. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart!
  3. The only thing I want from you husband is your forgiveness. I am sorry for being so insensitive that I forgot how much I love you.
  4. I’m sorry that I was so egoistic that I missed seeing your wounds. Please forgive husband, and I will work to be the best version of myself for you.
  5. I ignored our happiness for such a small thing. I created an emotional mess for both of us. I’m sorry love. Let’s patch up and forget about what happened.
  6. Husband, I am sorry for causing you trouble. Please forgive me, baby. For me, you will always have a special place.
  7. I know I’ve made mistakes that are hard to overlook but I’m terribly sorry. Please forgive me.
  8. Love, I can do anything and everything just to take away all the pain that you feel because of me. Please allow me to me set things straight again. I’m Sorry!
  9. I am sorry husband. I cannot see you crying because of me. I’ll not repeat this mistake again. I miss you so much.
  10. If it is a life without talking to you, then it is a life I do not want to live. Please forgive me and talk to me baby.

Sorry Quotes for Your Husband

When you hurt your husband, a simple sorry message won’t do. You need a moving sorry quote to convey your heartfelt emotions. Sending an emotional sorry message will make it impossible for him not to forgive you. Here are some emotional sorry quotes for your husband:

  1. I never even imagined hurting you. But clearly, I lost control over my emotions and hurt you with my words. I’m sorry.
  2. I promised on our marriage day that I would always make you happy, but I made you sad today. I can’t take back my words, but I apologize from the bottom of my heart for hurting you. 
  3. I wish for the power to turn back time and undo the hurt I caused you. But I can’t do that. The only thing I can do is ask for your forgiveness. Please forgive me. 
  4. I was always surprised that you loved me so much. I don’t deserve a perfect man like you. How could I hurt you? I’m sorry and promise never to give in to my emotions. 
  5. You are so perfect that I always feel inadequate infront of you. That feeling made me lash out at you. I will never allow my weaker emotions to retake control of me. I’m sorry. 
  6. It may seem hard to believe my apology after I said to you. But believe me, darling, I am genuinely sorry. I love you. 
  7. I have no excuse for my behavior—just a heartfelt apology and promise never to repeat it. 
  8. You have consistently ignored my mistakes, and I have always taken you for granted. But last night, I realized how much pain I have caused you. Please forgive me. I will never take you for granted again. 
  9. Your smile has always comforted me and assured me of your love. But now it’s missing, and my world has turned sad. Please forgive me and smile again. 
  10. I’ll am lucky to have you as my husband and best friend. But your luck is not so good to have me as your wife. A wife who hurt her loving husband on a small thing. But darling, please forgive me, and I promise to be the best wife ever. 
  11. You always put my happiness above yours every time, and I acted selfishly and hurt you. Please forgive me. 
  12. I have childish in hurting you and mocking your calmness as weakness. I am incredibly sorry and hope you can forgive me. 
  13. With all my sincerity, I apologize to you, my dear. Hurting you was unintentional. Please forgive me. 
  14. I was jealous and upset. But that doesn’t justify my behavior to you. I’m sorry. 
  15. I feel disgusted for hurting you. Please forgive me. 
  16. Ugly arguments like yesterday could have been avoided if I had stayed calm. I’m sorry for my outburst. 
  17. You are a rare gem that brightens my world. And I hurt you with my reckless actions. Please forgive me. 
  18. I’m sorry. I reacted terribly and never thought of the consequences of my actions. Please forgive me. 
  19. I will wait forever for your forgiveness. I made a grave mistake and am ready to apologize every day. Just promise you will forgive me someday. 
  20. I am feeling terrible for hurting you. Please remember all the fun times and happy moments and not the fight. I’m sorry for causing you pain.
  21. Can you forgive me? You are the best man in my life. I really miss you and want to hug you. Please, don’t be angry at me!
  22. Just know that I will be waiting for you until you forgive me. I’m sorry.
  23. Losing you is the biggest punishment. I apologise for my actions please come back.
  24. I am really very sorry, sweetheart! You are the sole reason for my happiness. I have hurt you unintentionally and I regret it. I will take care.
  25. I am sad and ashamed of my actions. I am frustrated that I have hurt my boyfriend. I am sorry and I love you so much.
  26. My life truly feels empty without you in it. I am sorry for everything, and I hope you can forgive me so we start over. I love you.
  27. Sweetheart, I am really sorry that my words hurt you. I didn’t mean it at all.
  28. I seriously hate it when we fight. I hate it, even more, when I realise that it was all my fault. I am sorry. I love you so much. Please forgive me!
  29. I am so stupid to say something so silly like that. I am sorry, my love.
  30. I am so sorry for being rude to you. Swear upon God; this will never happen again. Please, accept my apology!


1. How to Show Your Husband That You Are Sorry?

If you wish to show your husband that you are sorry, you must:

  • Acknowledge your mistake.
  • Explain to your husband why you reacted that way.
  • Listen to what your husband has to say.
  • Apologise and make up for your mistake.

You can also use the apologies with the help of “saying sorry to husband quotes” mentioned above.

2. Why Is It Important to Apologise or Say Sorry to Husband?

Whenever you have a fight with your husband, and it’s your mistake, you must say sorry and make up for your bad behaviour with your husband. A sincere apology helps keep the relationship afloat and strengthen your bond. Apologising to your husband does not make you a small person but helps to keep misunderstandings at bay.

A meaningful apology is a key to making things right between the couple. So when you know you hurt your partner, apologize sincerely and makeup with him. 

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