70 Beautiful Hawaiian Baby Names for Girls

Hawaiian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Hawaii is blessed with awe-inspiring beauty. Its serene beaches, lush green forests and volcanoes make it one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The scenic surroundings of Hawaii influence the names of the locals too, especially baby girls. They are mostly inspired by nature and relate to volcanoes, mists, fire, and the sky. One would commonly find names that depict the flowers and the plants, but there are other pretty names too that describe feminine traits like beauty, calmness, intelligence, and femininity.

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People these days generally choose names which are quirky and exotic. They start searching for names well in advance so that they find unique names. On the other hand, some people still prefer to keep traditional names that have deep meanings. It is believed that a child should resonate with their name, as it affects what he/she grows up to become. You should, therefore, be careful about choosing the right name for your baby. And, there is a wide variety of Hawaiian names to choose from for your baby girl. Let’s check them out!

70 Hawaiian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Hawaiian names are known to be beautiful and different just like the place. So, whether you are Hawaiian or not, you can pick a name from the following list that includes some popular Hawaiian girl names as well as some unique ones:

Name Meaning
Ailani There are many Hawaiian girl names that start with ‘a’. But this name sounds so royal, and it means royal too. It is a traditional Hawaiian name and means ‘high chief’. People with this name tend to become leaders and have specific goals in life.
Akela This name is popular in many languages and cultures. It means ‘joy’, ‘brightness’ or ‘honourable’. It is a unisex name and can be kept for a boy as well.
Akamai If you want your baby girl to grow as a smart being, name her Akamai. It means ‘smart’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘one who has wisdom’.
Aloha This name defines the people of Hawaii as the name means ‘loving or ‘kindhearted’.
Allyna The name is derived from another Hawaiian name, Alana, and it means ‘precious’, ‘awakening’ or ‘light’.
Apikaila This can be an apt name for your darling daughter as it means ‘delight of my father’.
Allanna This is a regal choice of name that will suit your beautiful baby. The name means ‘serenity’, ‘calmness’ or ‘tranquillity’.
Anani This lovely baby girl name means ‘Orange Tree’.
Anuhea Your cute baby will love this name in the future. It means ‘a cool fragrance’.
Aheahe This name is generally used for girls but is infrequently used for boys as well. As babies come into your life as a calm breeze this name justifies the same. It means ‘gentle breeze’.
Aouli Just like most Hawaiian names, this name also describes a feeling. It means ‘describing how the beautiful blue sky expands on a clear sky’.
Elikapeka This name of Hawaiian origin means ‘Promise of God’ or ‘God is my oath’. It is the Hawaiian version of Elizabeth.
Ele This name is loved in Hawaii. It will suit a child with a rich and warm complexion. It means ‘the black, shining one’.
Emalia It is a popular name in Hawaii and is a classic alternative for Emily. It means ‘trying to equal or excel’. If we go in-depth, it shows a person’s determination and dedication in every walk of life.
Halia It is a lovely name for girls which means ‘in remembrance of a loved one’. Generally, people with this name are known to inspire others for a cause.
Haukea Every child is beautiful in their parent’s eyes. This name is supremely beautiful and means ‘snow white’. Your angel’s beauty will enhance with this name.
Healani It is a pure Hawaiian name and has a beautiful meaning just like the beautiful Hawaii Island. The name means ‘haze from the heavens’.
Hokulani It is derived from the Hawaiian name ‘Hoku’. It is not a very popular name in Hawaii but the meaning is truly beautiful. The name means ‘heavenly star’.
Haumea She is known to be the earth-mother Goddess who plays a great role in female fertility. She is also known as the Volcano Goddess, believed to be born with a flame in the mouth.
Honalie It is a name from a place called Honalie, Hawaii. It is usually a name for girls born in Honalie or if her parents belong to that area, and it means ‘heavenly land’.
Iolana This name sounds so good. The ‘I’ in the name is pronounced as long ‘e’. The name means ‘soaring like an eagle or hawk’. The name suits every girl child as every parent wants their child to excel in life.
Iokina Iokina is a name of Hebrew origin which means ‘God will develop’.
Kaia The name means ‘the sea’, and resonates beautifully with the fact that Hawaii is surrounded by the ocean. The sea flows with beauty and wonder, your child will too!
Kiana As beautiful the name sounds, the meaning is beautiful too. It means ‘divine’. It is the Hawaiian version of ‘Diana’.
Keola Every parent wants their child to remain healthy always. The name justifies it too! It means ‘the well-being’ or ‘the healthy’ or ‘the life’.
Kala As royal the name sounds, its meaning is royal too! The name means ‘princess’ and is the Hawaiian version of the name Sara.
Kahula This name means ‘dancing’, and can be used for both boys and girls.
Kailani This beautiful baby girl name means ‘sea and sky’.
Kaimana This name is apt for a baby girl born near the sea. It means ‘power of the sea’, and is a stylish Hawaiian name for a baby girl.
Kaipo This name means ‘sweetheart’, and is perfect for a pure-hearted girl!
Kamaya It is a popular name all over the world. Every child is precious for their loved ones, and the name justifies the same. It means ‘the precious one’. Perfect for your precious little darling.
Kekepania The name means ‘crowned in victory’ or ‘the woman with a crown’. It is a perfect name for your little girl who deserves nothing less than a crown in her life.
Keonaona Kids add a beautiful fragrance into your life. Name your darling daughter Keonaona which means ‘soft aroma’.
Keone As Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, this name means ‘the sand’. The beauty of the beach not only lies because of water but also because of the golden sand surrounding it.
Kiely This choice of name is quite stylish and pretty. It means ‘garden of flowers’.
Kaena Beautiful choice of name for your daughter as it means ‘praised’. It is also the name of the westernmost point of island Oahu.
Keiba This name for your daughter means ‘sunrise’. Perfect for the little one who brings light into your life.
Kakalina It is derived from the name Katherine which means ‘chaste and pure’.
Leiko This name is perfect to describe a petite little baby girl. The name means ‘petite flower’.
Leilani Every child is unique in their way. This name says so too! It means ‘a heavenly flower’.
Lani The name is generally used as a pet name and is derived from the name Leilani. But, the meaning is different and equally beautiful – ‘heavenly’, ‘sky’ or ‘royal’.
Luana As cool the name sounds, it means too! The names mean ‘enjoyment’.
Lanakila Every parent aspires their child to win in life. Hope this name imbibes energy in your child’s life to win as it means ‘victory’.
Leimomi If you want your daughter has lots and lots of precious pearls, this name is apt. It means ‘daughter of pearls’.
Lua The name is so simple and means ‘relaxation and joyfulness’.
Malana This Hawaiian name means ‘buoyant’ or ‘light’.
Malie It is the only way to ensure that your child remains calm, name her Malie. The name means ‘calm’.
Makani These babies may blow you away, as the name means ‘wind’. It is a unisex name.
Makana The name means ‘a gift to the world’, perfect for the girl who is selfless and considerate.
Makamae The name means ‘my precious’. How beautiful!
Moanna Moanna means ‘from the ocean’. It is an apt name for the water baby.
Nalani This name denotes even girls can rule the world. It means ‘the chief’, ‘the head’, ‘the heavens’ or ‘quiet skies’.
Nohealani People love this name because of its pretty meaning. It means ‘the prettiest woman from paradise’.
Nohea This charming name means ‘lovely’ and can be quite an uncommon choice for a name for your baby girl.
Noelani It is derived from the name, Noel, which means born on Christmas. Noelani means ‘heavenly mist’.
Napua It is a common name in Hawaii and means ‘the flowers’.
Noe This cute little name means ‘harmony’.
Olina The aura of kids brings joy to a room. Name your kid Olina as it means ‘joyous’ or ‘cheerful’. May the kid bring joy to each and everyone around.
Okalani This name is suitable for spiritual parents. They would love to keep a holy name which means ‘heaven’.
Ona The cute and little name Ona means ‘sweetness’.
Oke It is quite an uncommon name to keep. Oke means ‘deer lover’.
Pua Mostly Hawaiian names depict nature. Yet another one means ‘flower’.
Pele This name is apt for a Hawaiian girl. The name means ‘goddess of fire, wind, lightning and volcanoes’. Known to be the creator of Hawaiian island.
Puanani Your daughter will love this name as it means ‘gorgeous flower’.
Talei Each child is precious to their loved ones. This name justifies that their treasure lies in their little one. The name means ‘precious’.
Ululani No names are so beautiful as the Hawaiian girl names. This is yet another beautiful name which means ‘divine inspiration’.
Urima This name has such a deep meaning. It means ‘fruit of the earth’.
Ulani Children bring a smile to your face even when you’re sad, either by actions or by talking nonsense. To bring such joy to your life, name her Ulani. It means ‘cheerful’.
Waiola The name is the Hawaiian version of Viola. Viola is a Latin word which means ‘violet flower’. It is also the name of a musical instrument belonging to the Violin family.
Waulani This cute and unique name means ‘the king’s messenger’.

We deeply believe that the future of a child inclines towards his/her name. The process of finding a proper name for your child might be tedious, but it is worth it! We have put in all the efforts to provide you with the best of names possible. Now, you must take it forward and choose wisely for your child.

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