Top 175 Hippie Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

175 Hippie Names for Girls and Boys

Congratulations! If you’re expecting a little one, it is one of your life’s most exhilarating and heartwarming times! While you undergo many lifestyle changes, you also gain new responsibilities, one of the first being naming your little bundle of joy something special. Finding the best names can be challenging! You want an unconventional yet relatable name, quirky but charming. You might also be looking for something culturally, historically, or spiritually significant or that exudes the personality traits you want your child to grow up with. While plenty of established names are available, you’ll need one that makes heads turn. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of great hippie names. These names are unique yet meaningful. So whether you are looking for a groovy 60s and 70s vibe or a modern boho baby name, we have a perfectly curated list to draw inspiration from!

If you want to name your child something unique and crazy, you can go through our list and choose a name that suits their personality and style. Check out our list of hippie names for both boys and girls, and tell us what you think.

Hippie Baby Girl Names With Meanings

You can choose from plenty of options if you’d like to give your little girl a unique and hippie-sounding name. Here’s a list of 50 of the best female hippie names –

1. Ambrosia

The name means immortal and makes for a perfect name for a baby girl.

2. America

The name means home ruler. All the family members will love this hippie name.

3. Arlo

A name that means ‘known throughout the land,’ Arlo is an option for your little girl who will grow up to capture the world’s imagination.

4. Autumn

If you’re sticking with the seasonal theme, Autumn is an excellent option because it brings memories of nostalgia.

5. Azalea

Azalea is a feminine-sounding name, a beautiful set of flowers with colourful shrubs and more, perfect for your girl. Iggy Azalea and Azalea Banks are two famous artists who use the name.

6. Brite

Pronounce Breet-tuh, this unconventional hippie name for your baby girl, is of Swedish origin. It means strong and is a perfect moniker for your warrior princess!

7. Cayenne

The meaning of this name is a hot spice, and it makes for a perfect hippie name.

8. Celeste

Celeste means heavenly, a beautiful little bundle of joy from heaven. A perfect name you can give to your baby girl.

9. Clarity

Clarity means clear, bright, coherent, and hopeful, all of the things you experience and everything your baby girl exudes once she enters your life!

10. Crystal

Gem is the meaning of this beautiful hippie name. This pretty name will make for a popular baby girl name in the coming years.

11. Cypress

Another one for nature lovers, Cypress, is a beautiful tree that also acts as a unique name for your little girl that she will love to be referred to.

12. Dahlia

Beautiful, lovely and bright – qualities similar to the Dahlia and your little girl.

13. Daisy

This is the perfect name for your daughter, who always loves to stay chirpy and happy. Daisies are beautiful flowers, and this is a name that will stick out from the rest.

14. Dawn

Dawn is a name that brings with it a promise of a better tomorrow that’s bright and lovely for you.

15. Dream

Well, she did make your dreams come true, so why don’t you go ahead and call her that?

16. Echo

A name that will remind everyone your little girl won’t just fade away into oblivion, Echo is a cool-sounding name for a little girl and will ensure everyone remembers her. It means ‘reflecting sound waves to the listener.’

17. Essence

The one who blossomed your surroundings with her presence should be named essence. What a perfect hippie name!

18. Feather

If your baby is light as a feather and lovely, Feather is the perfect name for her! It’s short and sweet and memorable at the same time.

19. Freedom

Wish your daughter a happy life and want her to stand independently. Freedom is the name for you. The name means liberty.

20. Gardenia

The Gardenia is a beautiful shrub with lovely white and yellow flowers. Gardenia is a sweet name that evokes happy feelings at all times.

21. Gracious

Your little girl has to be thankful and gracious in everything she does. That’s why what you name her is a reminder.

22. Gratitude

Let her name be the catalyst for you to show how much she means to you.

23. Gypsy

It’s a perfect hippie name for a little girl. The name Gypsy means wanderer.

24. Harmony

This is a name that will hopefully bring you a lot of peace later on in life. Harmony is a lovely name that brings a sense of music and well…harmony!

25. Heather

Heather is another great name, a lovely purple flower that stands out.

Heather - Hippie Names for Girls and Boys

26. Honest

You couldn’t get a more honest name, could you? This name will raise eyebrows in surprise and is a hippie option for your little girl to grow with.

27. Honor

Any baby girl in the family brings a badge of honour, so it’s time to remind everyone about it.

28. Hope

Your little girl brings hope to lift your spirits and improve everything.

29. Jade

Named after the precious stone, there couldn’t be a more apt name for your priceless little gem!

30. Janis

If you believe God has been kind towards you and gifted you what you wished for, go for the name Janis. This hippie name means God is gracious.

31. Juniper

Sweet and delicious, Juniper berries are a popular and memory-evoking snack. Also, it’s a great name for your girl.

32. Kai

A lovely name of Hawaiian origin, Kai means ‘sea’ and is a simple and powerful name for your little one.

33. Leaf

A rudimentary part of nature, bringing positivity and clean energy, the leaf is a name that evokes a calm and happy feeling.

34. Light

She is the one who brought light into your life. Light is the beautiful hippie name you can give to your child.

35. Love

The purest emotion for the purest little girl in your life. Love is a wonderfully hippie name you could choose.

36. Maple

Sweet like the syrup and vibrant as the leaf, Maple is a perfect name that draws inspiration from the majestic tree.

37. Marley

Marley is a name that evokes happy memories in every musical fan, as it is the moniker of legendary singer Bob Marley.

38. Meadow

It is a beautiful name that will remind people of simpler times, relaxing and enjoying the meadows. This unique name always brings a smile to anyone’s face.

39. Moon

Why not name your daughter after one of nature’s most beautiful creations – the Moon? It is a genuinely inspiring entity that stands out from the rest.

40. Moonbeam

Moonbeam, the light that lights your days and nights, is a cute hippie name for your girl.

41. Nala

A stunning Swahili name that means queen, lion, and honeybee, amongst others. The name was made famous by the character Nala in The Lion King – a charming lioness who was Simba’s best friend!

42. Ocean

If your daughter has blue eyes, then Ocean is an excellent name. It evokes calmness and power in equal measure, which she’ll proudly wear for the rest of her life.

43. Ode

A beautiful gender-neutral name means a lyric poem. This will make for the perfect name for your baby girl.

44. Paloma

Paloma is an elegant choice for your little angel. It is a charming Spanish name for peace – an invaluable tenet of hippie life.

45. Patience

Teach your little girl to remain patient, and she’ll thank you for the rest of her life.

46. Peace

Your little girl must remember always to stay peaceful no matter where she goes! Peace is an option that she will appreciate for the rest of her life.

47. Petal

She loves you; she loves you not? Of course she does! Petal is a truly hippie name for your little girl and is a memorable option.

48. Petunia

Petunia is a name you could consider for lovely flowers that evoke a sense of happiness and serenity.

49. Promise

What better name to give your little one who comes with the promise of being lovely and bringing joy into your life?

50. Radiance

The light that shines bright in your life is an excellent name for your little one, and he is a hippie in nature.

51. Rain

If your daughter brings with her feelings of happiness and hope, Rain is an excellent option for you to consider.

52. Rainbow

If she brings colour to your life, Rainbow is an excellent option for you to consider.

53. Raven

If your baby girl has beautiful dark hair, Raven is the name to go for. The meaning of the name is dark-haired or wise.

54. Rebel

A pretty badass and hippie name, Rebel is one name that evokes a sense of pride and respect no matter where your daughter goes!

55. Robin

Robin is a lovely bird and an option for your little girl if you want her to grow up to be a sweet and caring person.

56. Saffron

Saffron is a beautiful colour and spice, a name no one will forget soon. It’s an excellent name for your little one; she can proudly carry it everywhere.

57. Sage

If your daughter brings a sense of calmness and wisdom, Sage is the perfect option.

58. Sequoia

The Sequoia tree is the tallest and one of the oldest trees on Earth and is found natively in California. The name Sequoia means sparrow.

Sequoia - Hippie Names for Girls and Boys

59. Serenity

If you’d like your baby to be calm and bring peace to everything she meets, Serenity is a name you should consider.

60. Shine

You’d like your little girl to shine and show the world what she’s made of, right? This is another fantastic option to consider for her.

61. Sienna

Sienna is an Italian name with Latin roots that is as vibrant as it sounds! It refers to people from the ancient city of Siena or the colour which is an orangish-red!

62. Sierra

A name that evokes long, winding deserts and lands that stretch beyond imagination, Sierra is a superb hippie name option for your daughter. It is one of those girl names that mean free spirit!

63. Skye

This is an excellent hippie girl name and can be the shortened version of Skylar. It is a popular name that will stick out from the rest when you give it to your little girl.

64. Sonny

Daughters are as dear to us as our sons. So, why not give them a unique name that, perhaps unsurprisingly, means son?

65. Stella

The name Stella means a celestial star. This is a perfect name for your beloved daughter if you love star gazing.

66. Summer

Summer, the season of new beginnings and fun in the sun, is a great option! Summer is a hippie name that no one will forget in a hurry.

67. Terra

Hippies are all about mother nature and being one with the land, so what better name to pick for your little girl than Terra, which means Earth?

68. True

Pure and true are two virtues that will stand out among the others, so you could also opt for this.

69. Tulip

Lovely, pink little flowers that will surely bring a smile to someone’s face and tulips are an option to stand out.

70. Uma

Made famous by talented Holywood actress Uma Thurman, it is a Sankrit-origin name for tranquillity and splendour.

71. Venus

A planet that’s associated with female energy, Venus is a beautiful option for the girl whose life revolves around her.

72. Vita

Latin for life, Vita is the perfect hippie name for the newest addition to your beautiful family.

73. Willow

A beautiful and slender tree, Willow is a hippie name that pays tribute to the nature around you.

74. Windy

Like a windy day, your little one has rushed in like a gush of wind and taken up space in your life and heart!

Hippie Boy Names With Meanings

If you’re looking for unique male hippie names, options are available for the same as well! Choosing hippie names for little boys is always fun. It’s a way to pass the time and find the best option for your little one.

1. Alchemy

The name sounds mystical, so using it as a name is even more.

2. Arrow

Arrow is a sharp and stylish name that brings a feeling of battle.

3. Atlas

Let the world know your boy’s name no matter where he travels. Atlas is something which will grab everyone’s attention for being unique.

4. August

If you’d like to name your son after a month, do it after August, as it is memorable and famous worldwide.

5. Avery

A perfect hippie name meaning ‘ruler of elves.’ The unique appeal of the name Avery is sure to capture people’s attention.

6. Basil

Basil is the perfect name if you’re a hippie parent who loves herbs. It is a sweet name that evokes a sense of happiness and clarity.

7. Bayard

A quirky choice for all the ginger baby boys out there, Bayard refers to someone with auburn hair, including brown, copper, and red tints.

8. Bear

Bear is a cute and cuddly name that many ladies would love to call your little boy. It’s a name that is popular and hippie.

9. Benjamin

It’s not unique, but it’s a hippie name inspired by Dr. Benjamin Spock.

10. Birch

Birch is the name of a graceful and pretty tree and is a popular hippie name for your boy.

11. Bodhi

A Sanskrit word which means ‘awakened,’ Bodhi is a cool name to suggest as a hippie option for a boy.

12. Buzz

Buzz is a popular and funky name that will get everyone’s attention.

13. Cash

A name that means ‘hallow’ in Hebrew, Cash is also a cool-sounding name that sticks out from the rest.

14. Cedar

An ode to the beautiful tree, Cedar is an excellent option for a potential baby boy name. Cedar is a great name for anyone who likes nature.

15. Cooper

A unique name with a modern edge. The name means ‘barrel maker’ and refers to those who made barrels, casks, buckets, and other containers in Medieval England when it was a highly prized craft.

16. Damien

This name means ‘to tame’ and is a rare option for your little boy’s name.

17. Dash

Dash is a cute name for your tiny Tasmanian devil that zips and zaps across the room!

18. Dharma

Dharma is a translation of the ‘right way of doing things’ and is a popular hippie boy name.

19. Dusk

Sunset is the most beautiful time of the day, with the sky painted with various hues. So, Dusk makes for a perfect hippie baby boy name.

20. Dusky

A lovely name for a beautiful time of the day, Dusky works as an excellent hippie name.

21. Dylan

This unique name comes of Welsh origin and is traditionally given to boys. Dylan means ‘son of the sea’ or ‘born from the ocean’.

22. Elias

The name translates to ‘the Lord is my God.’ The name is perfect if you teach your baby the importance of sticking to their beliefs.

23. Elm

Sticking with the nature theme, Elm is a leaf that is an excellent option for a middle name.

24. Ethan

You can give your little boy a great name as it means ‘strong,’ ‘safe,’ ‘solid,’ and ‘firm’.

25. Ezra

This famous Jewish name means ‘help’ and will stand out. Ezra is also the surname of George Ezra, a well-known singer.

26. Fallon

This is a name with Irish origins and means ‘leader.’ Boys with this name will stand out from the rest.

27. Harper

This popular hippie boy’s name means ‘the harp player.’ Though traditionally a boy’s name, it has become gender-neutral and unisex.

28. Hart

A short but adorable name with German and Irish roots, Hart embodies all things hippie as it stands for bear, strong, brave, and a male deer.

29. Hawk

A name of English origin, it means ‘bird of prey.’ It is a popular hippie name for boys.

Hawk - Hippie Names for Girls and Boys

30. Huckleberry

This was a 19th-century slang word for ‘humble,’ so it’s a tremendous hippie name option.

31. Hunter

If you are searching for a hippie name, Hunter is the name to go for. The name means ‘one who hunts’ or ‘pursuer’.

32. Indigo

A chart-topping name that will give your boy an edge over the others.

33. Indio

This desert town in California is an excellent name for a boy. Robert Downey, Jr named his son Indio after the city.

34. Jack

The name means ‘God is gracious.’ It’s a common and meaningful hippie name that you can give to your baby boy.

35. Jackson

The name Jackson is a surname-turned-baby name. It means ‘son of John’, which means ‘God has been gracious’.

36. Jerry

If you combine it with a cooler middle name or surname, it’s a cool hippie name.

37. Joaquin

Joaquin is a cool-sounding hippie name, for sure. It is of Hebrew origin and means ‘lifted by Yahweh.’ The Hebrew name of God is Yahweh.

38. Karma

As he sows, so shall he reap. This hippie boy’s name means fate or destiny.

39. Keanu

Like the kind and humble Hollywood star of movies like The Matrix and John Wick – Keanu Reeves, this name comes from the Hawaiian word that means cool breeze!

40. Kobe

The legendary name of a legendary player, Kobe, is a great tribute to the basketball icon and one everyone will remember.

41. Krishna

A super-popular hippie name of Indian origin, Krishna represents love and joy, which translates to black or dark.

42. Lake

Now, that’s a name that stands out from the rest. It brings with it an effect of serenity and calmness. It’s also unique enough to catch the attention of anyone who says it out loud.

43. Lars

Lars is a name popularly used in Scandinavian countries and has Latin roots. It refers to a wreath of laurel, usually worn on the head. What could be more hippie than that?

44. Liberty

Liberty is a charming free spirit boy name you can choose for your little one.

45. Luca

A short but suave name, Luca is the embodiment of hippie culture.

46. Milo

A unique and Bohemian name, Milo has German origins and is said to translate to ‘soldier.’

Milo - Hippie Names for Girls and Boys

47. Nirvana

Who wouldn’t want their kid to achieve it?

48. Noah

The meaning of this name is ‘rest’ or repose. The name is also a biblical name from the Old Testament.

49. North

This is an excellent name, as it serves as an inspiration to move forward.

50. Orion

The name of a mighty hunter in Greek Mythology and the brightest constellation in the sky.

51. Owen

A beautiful masculine name that means noble, youthful, and well-born.

52. Peaceful

One of the names means free spirit. Peaceful is an option!

53. Phoenix

The name symbolises rebirth and immortality and makes for one of the great baby names.

54. Prairie

This is an excellent option as it evokes memories of an extensive grassland.

55. Quest

Quest is a high-octane name for boys who want to discover their path.

56. Quinn

Quinn, a name that represents intelligence, is a great option.

57. Rainier

A handsome name of Norse origin, Rainer means ‘wise army,’ ‘counsel,’ and ‘warrior,’ an apt name for your little soldier!

58. Reed

This popular hippie boy name means ‘red’ and was used to name babies with red hair or a ruddy complexion.

59. River

This British origin name means ‘a flowing body of water.’ It is a perfect name to encourage your baby to go with the flow of life.

60. Rock

The Rock is a macho and stylish name for a child. It is also the name of one of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

61. Roman

It is a perfect name for a baby boy to help your baby build a strong personality.

62. Rowan

Rowan is a tree connected to Celtic lore with protecting and healing properties.

63. Soren

A mighty name for your little warrior, this name refers to thunder and is of Latin origin.

64. Sparrow

Earlier thought of as a female name, it has become unisex ever since celebrities Nicole Richie and Joel Madden named their son Sparrow.

65. Spock

It’s a hippie name that evokes happy memories for any Star Trek lover.

66. Tiger

No one commands the room quite like your son does, so what better name to bestow on him than that of the majestic animal, the Tiger? It is also the name of Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff.

67. Twig

Twig is one name you must go with if you’re a hippie!

68. Whistler

Whistler is a name that refers to a flautist or piper and is a melodic name for musically inclined little ones.

69. Wolf

While it sounds inspired by an animal, Wolf is a wildly hippie name.

70. Xerxes

A name that sounds powerful even before they meet the person. It is of Greek origin and means ‘ruler of heroes.’

71. Zappa

A cool and unique name, it is taken after the legendary musician Frank Zappa. It is of Italian origin and means hoe or mattock, both farming instruments.

72. Ziggy

This a funky name that will catch everyone’s attention. It is a short version of the German name Sigmund, but it has gained popularity as a hippie boy’s name.

73. Zoe

A popular hippie name that translates to ‘eternal life’ or ‘life.’

74. Zuma

Another name that embodies peace, Zuma is a stunning name of Arabic and Aztec origin.

Unisex Hippie Names with Meanings

Are you looking for some cool, unisex hippie names from the ’60s or ’70s? Well, your search ends here. But first, let us explain what hippie names are. Hippie names celebrate nature and the free spirit. These names have made a comeback. Check the list below for some unisex hippie names perfect for your baby.

1. Aspen

Derived from the Old English word ‘æspe,’ this lovely gender-neutral name refers to the aspen tree.

2. Beck

The name is associated with nature and means ‘brook’ or ‘stream.’ The name will do its job and remind your baby always to follow the flow.

3. Berry

Luscious and sweet like the fruit, your baby is bursting with personality and joy, making Berry the ideal choice for a name!

4. Blaze

This Latin-origin name means ‘fire’ or ‘flame.’ The name is indeed a unique option for naming your little one.

5. Blue

A colour that is associated with feelings of calmness or serenity. This gender-neutral name makes for a beautiful baby name.

6. Breeze

Breeze makes for a perfect baby name, a light, gentle wind that brings happiness to your life.

7. Chelsea

This unisex name means ‘chalk landing place.’ The name is unique and will surely get some praise from relatives.

8. Cloud

Your little one is like your Cloud, giving you a silver lining amid dark times. Cloud is a hippie name inspired by nature’s fluffy cotton candy that brings rain and abundance along with it!

9. Coco

A cute French name with Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish roots, this name refers to the delectable cocoa bean that produces chocolate!

10. Dove

The dove is recognised worldwide as a symbol of peace and the hippie movement and is a gender-neutral name tailor-made for your calm baby!

11. Fable

Fable is a name for children who are adventurous, imaginative, and have a lot of stories left to tell, just like the famed fables we read to our children.

12. Foster

Foster means ‘one who keeps the forest.’ The name makes for an ideal hippie name you can give your baby.

13. Hale

Hale is an apt name for your little explorer who loves to crawl into tiny nooks and crannies! This name refers to someone who lives in a hollow!

14. Hawke

This unisex name means someone with a ‘Hawk-like’ or ‘wild’ disposition.

15. Ivory

This gender-neutral name connects with elephants, often revered as a symbol of prosperity, memory, and wisdom.

16. Jules

The meaning of the name is ‘youthful.’ Choose this name for your baby to remind them to always hold onto the wonder of youth.

17. Nova

Nova is Latin for new and perfectly describes the arrival of a new life into yours!

18. Quentin

It is a fantastic hippie name if you want to name your child the month they are born. Quentin means ‘fifth’.

19. Raine

The name has two meanings, ‘she is singing’ and ‘queen.’ The name is sure to charm everyone around your baby.

Raine - Hippie Names for Girls and Boys

20. Remi

A gender-neutral name of French origin, this hippie name for babies translates to ‘remedy’ or ‘oarsman.’

21. Sky

This beautiful name will encourage your baby to always look up in wonder and let their imagination soar.

22. Storm

The name means ‘the tempest.’ So even in thunder and lightning, your baby Storm will remain cool, calm, and collected.

23. Stormy

This American-origin name means ‘impetuous nature.’ Give this cool hippie name to your baby.

24. Vale

A charming, gender-neutral hippie name, Vale stands for ‘person who lives in the valley.’

25. Zen

Nothing describes peace, calm, and meditation quite like the name Zen! This name is of Japanese origin.


1. Are there specific common themes that hippie baby names have?

The values of peace, community, respect and love for nature, honesty, joy, and mysticism are embedded into the hippie movements. So, some common themes in hippie names are that they are inspired by nature, they may signify peace and love, as well as the idea of helping others and brotherhood.

2. Are hippie names only suitable for certain cultures?

While every culture has its naming practices, and people choose to go down traditional or modern routes based on their beliefs and long-held practices, the hippie movement is a global phenomenon. The themes depicted in hippie names can be adapted into the naming practices of all cultures by adding a twist to existing, culturally significant names!

Thus, you can choose from this excellent list of hippie names for your little ones, and they will love you for it. Pair it with an even cooler-sounding surname or middle name to enhance its mysticism and charm!

Infographic: Hippie Names for Girls and Boys

Hippie Names for Girls and Boys - Infographic

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