70 One Syllable Girl Names & Their Meanings

A name is not just something to be used lightly. It stays with you for life and forms a part of the identity of your newborn besides inspiring and always reminding her of her own strengths. Whether you plan to use the 1 syllable name for your girl or want it to find a perfect rhythm with your surname, beliefs and values there are many vintage one syllable girl names to draw inspiration from. But, why go with vintage names? The answer is that your baby will have many examples of famed people with her unique name to look up to and be inspired.

Why You Should Choose One-Syllable Name for Your Baby Girl?

Choosing your baby’s name is almost a sacred ritual to the expectant mother and done with a lot of care though bereft of universal rules. For example, when your family name is rather longer then it makes for a perfect situation when you choose from one syllable Spanish girl names to give your baby’s name a fine-tuned balance and exotic lilt.  In some cultures, the middle name is also a part of the name. That’s when the 1-syllable first name rule works perfectly to balance the length of the name. In some cultures, the nickname and name are kept in sync with single-syllable names with a specific meaning. Also varying the number of syllables is considered when you look at the meter, rhyme and rhythm of names. Where astral charts dictate a difficult sound for the name, to begin with, it is best to opt for simple or compound single-syllable names to form the first beat of your baby’s name. Let’s take a quick tour of various single-syllable names for girls whether they be French girl namesChinese sounding names, drawn from the meaningful Hindu lexicon or typical names with a Germanic origin.

Unique and Beautiful One-Syllable Baby Girl Names

Here are some cute names to start, including a brief note on what they mean to help make your journey easier. Mai in Japanese means a dance. In Hindi, it means ‘mother’. Mor is an Irish name used to connote greatness. May is the fifth month of the year and can also be effectively compounded as in Sally Mae or used as Mae instead. Maeve is a Gaelic term for intoxicating and a twist to it means that it can be spelt, Mavis. Maud or Maude is the renaming of the older name Matilda. Mar in the Catalan dialect of Spain means the sea. Nives which is again used in Spain and Italy is a name that denotes snowing and snow. Nelly or Nelle is a pretty and the short name for Eleanor. Nyz which is drawn from Greek terminology means the night and Nur in Arabic means light. All of these are cute and completely different. Perhaps your princess will be the only one in the class with such a short and beautifully thought out name.

Name  Meaning

This name is a shortened form of Anne and the French name Anna. It makes a great compound name with Mary as in Mary Ann.

Meaning ‘the noble one’, Ann is a very happy, pretty and short name that is popular world over.

Belle This name is the short form of Isabella or Isabelle meaning noble and beautiful.
Bea The name in Latin means a voyager.
Blair The name is popular in the UK especially in Scotland where it is also a surname.
Bryn/ Brynn This name means a hill acting as a fortress in the Welsh dialect.
Blanche This French name from medieval times means the fair one.
Blythe The name means cheerful and was originally used as a surname.
Bree This name is popular in Ireland where it means to be powerful.
Brooke You guessed right. It is a running stream of water also used as a family name.
Claire The Germanic name can also be used as Clara and means bright and clear.
Cho The Japanese term for Butterfly.
Dawn The pre-break period of daytime makes a lovely name signifying rebirth and reincarnation.
Dee/ Di This name is Welsh and means rugged and swarthy. It is also a nickname for the Moon Goddess Diana.
Dell The name means a person from the valley region and was a well known English family name.
Dot This is an English word and short name for Dorothy. In the Greek language, it represents God’s Gift.
Elle The name Eleanor can be shortened to just Elle or Elli.
Eve This name has been around for ages and means life or the breath of life.
Faith This is a typical English name derived from the Latin meaning of belief and reposing trust.
Fawn The name suggests the baby deer and its innocence and golden brown colour.
Fay The name also means a fairy and is popular in America, Australia and all over Europe.
Fleur The French use this term to describe a flower.
Grace This name is Latin in origin and has variants like Garcia, Gratia and others.
Gray/ Grey The name of a colour, also popular as a surname. It can be used for boys as well as girls.
Gwen The Welsh name means ‘to be blessed’.
Hope The name draws from the English dictionary and can inspire others.
Kai This name is Hawaiian and means of the sea or ocean.
Jade The famous gemstone of China makes a wonderful baby girl’s name.
Jae/Jay The name is used a lot as a nickname for long names that start with the letter ‘J’.
Jane Once popular, it is also used as Jeanne and is a shortened French name, Johannes.
Jewel That is what your baby is, and while it is an English word, it comes from the French term Joelle.
Joss This name can also be used as Josie and is the nickname for Jocelyn a Germanic name.
Joy Short and sweet this name is from the Fench term ‘joie’ meaning happiness.
Judie/ Jude A short form of the name Judith that shot into fame with the song Hey Jude by the Beatles.
June Those born in the month of June usually are so named and can also be used as Juni in German.
Kate The name is very popular and means pure or purity.
Lake The English term for a body of water that is still and for inland water bodies.
Lei A Hawaiian name for flowers or a child. Can also be used as Lea.
Lauri/ Laure The French name Laura can also be adapted with this spelling.
Lark The famous songbird sounds great when used as a girl’s name.
Lise The name has many variants like Liz, Lizzie and is a shortened form for Elizabeth.
Liv The name is Nordic, ancient and a part of the name Olivia.
Love It can also be spelt Luv and is an English term.
Lou This name is also shortened from the name Louise or Louisa; makes an excellent compound name like Marie Lou, Betty Lou etc.
Luce The short form for the name Lucia; can also be used as Lucy.
Lynn The Welsh name means ‘a Lake’.
Lux A measure of light and is drawn from the Latin Lexicon.
Luz Drawn from the Spanish term for light. Luce also means the same in Italian.
Lyre This musical instrument is a cute name for a girl.
Meg This name means pearl and is drawn from Latin and Greek terms. You can also use Megan.
Pao The Spanish name used even in Italy means humble.
PamPamela The name in Latin is inclusivity or all together.
Più This name means ‘to want and have more of the same’ and is a musical term.
Pip/Pippa The name is associated with horses as it means a friend of the horses.
Pax The name connotes peace and originates in Latin. You can also use the name Peace.
Pearl This name is a gemstone formed in oysters and is also a shade of the white colour.
Praise Taken straight out of the dictionary, the name is very meaningful and spiritual.
Queen/ Queenie Mothers love the name as it is royal and shows nobility. Some spell it as Quinn and use it as a surname in Australia.
Ska This term refers to a particular genre of music made in rapid succession of each other.
Sage A wise person, a herb, and an excellent name for one who is always calm.
Sky This name is trendy, short and unique. It is an old Nordic name Skye and also an English term.
Shea The name means majestic and is also a butter yielding plant used to moisturize the skin.
Spring A season when the flowers bloom taken from the English dictionary.
Star Talk about astral possibilities and shining bright.
Shu This Chinese name means purity and all things good.
Tess The shortened form of Theresa. Can also be spelt, Tessie.
Trance The name will mean to put you in a state of trance which is also a genre of music.
Trill Has music in the name and means ‘two notes like birds’.
Wren A small bird that sings beautifully.
Xun Pronounced ‘Sun’, it is a Chinese flute.

Let us also quickly look at some baby girl names that start with JSome are cute, some are flower names, and all are meaningful. Some short and pretty names starting in the letter J and just a syllable long are Jan from January, the name of the month in English, Joey which is a short name for Josephine, Jedidah which is a Biblical name meaning beloved, Jules or Julie a nickname for Julia, Jael which in Hebrew is a mountain goat, Junia meaning youthful, Judith the vintage classic meaning a Jewish woman, and Jerusha or a prized possession. Perhaps Jerry is an apt nickname?

Name  Meaning
Jean In Hebrew, this name means the gracious one.
Jill The Latin name means youthful and vivacious.
Joan The Hebrew name means Yahweh is my God and He is gracious.
Joyce The name is typically English and means the Lord God.
Jacky/ Jackie The name is the shortened form of Jacqueline and can also use the spelling Jacqui.
Jazz The name means the Jasmine flower and is a nickname.
Jen/ Jenny The name is the shortened form of Jennifer. You can also use Jo.
Judi/ Judy This variation is for girl’s named Judith.
Jemima The name means dove and peace.
Jezebel In Hebrew, the name asks ‘where is the Prince?’
Joanna This name means Yahweh is good to me and can be spelt Jo Ann, Joan, Jonnie and more.

These names may be drawn from various cultures and gives you a choice to be unique and different in choosing your bundle of joy’s name. Let the little princess enjoy her name, nickname and family name by imparting your blessings to her at birth with a name containing one syllable. Short and easy always scores especially when the name is uniquely spelt and is meaningful. As we have shown above short names are very advantageous as they can double as your baby’s nickname as well. Expectant mothers should take the time and effort to choose the best name for their little one. We hope you will find these multi-cultural names that can be used in all cultures given that each one of them has a specific trait, meaning or quality attached to it. Enjoy!

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