Top 100+ Asian Girl Names With Meanings

100+ Best Asian Names for Girls

Asia is a potpourri of cultures and many where the name starts with a particular letter or word gleaned from the astral charts made at the baby’s birth. The time of birth, the astrological chart, the name’s significance and many more factors are involved. That’s precisely why we have endeavoured to provide you with as wide a choice as possible drawn from across Asian cultures, including Oriental girl names and meanings. Names embody traits, seasons, values, power, spirituality, and royalty. Let your baby’s name be your gift to her at the beginning of life. If you are a pregnant mom and somehow feel it will be a girl, here are some beautiful Asian girl names that will inspire you and stand your princess in good stead throughout her life.

Popular Asian Girl Names

Choosing a meaningful Asian name for your little girl can be challenging, especially when there are so many stunning ones! This list of popular Asian girl names hopefully makes that decision a tiny bit easier!

1. Alina/ Aalina/ Elina

These names mean beautiful and bright and are very popular in Europe, Russia, and Asia.

2. Amber

The honey-coloured gemstone is valuable, precious and exotic, just like your little girl.

3. Aanya/ Anya

This name means a ‘girl who shines bright at night,’ ‘giving light to others,’ much like the Indian name Aaina, which means a mirror.

4. Amida 

This beautiful name is one of the names of Buddha. 

5. Biyu

This is the name for ‘jasper’, a semi-precious stone.

6. Cheng

Cheng is a common name in China. It means ‘to succeed.’

7. Diu

The name is commonly given to people who are down-to-earth or ‘practical’. 

8. Dechen

In Bhutanese, this name means one who brings ‘much happiness.’

9. Elaine 

‘Shining light’ is the meaning of this French-origin name. 

10. Harsha

Of Sanskrit and Hindi origin, it means happiness and also translates to ‘joy.’

11. Hua

This is a gender-neutral name of Chinese origin. It means ‘prosperous.’

12. Irina 

This name is of Northern-Asian origin, and it means ‘peace.’

13. June 

The name is gender-neutral, and it means ‘young.’ You can also name your child June as an ode to the beautiful month of June. 

14. Jasmine/ Yasmin

This name is as fragrant as the flower it is named after.

15. Kaoru

The meaning of the name is fragrant and is from the Japanese word for ‘fragrance.’

16. Karina

The name is of Northern-Asian origin and means ‘one who is pure.’

17. Lin

This interesting name is of Latin origin and means ‘pretty.’ 

18. Machi 

This is a gender-neutral name that means ‘to decrease.’ The name is of Hebrew origin. 

19. Nirantara 

This beautiful name is of Hindu origin and means ‘uninterrupted.’

20. Eeshana/Ishana

This name is Arabic in origin and widely used as an Islamic name meaning ‘exemplary,’ ‘a perfectionist,’ or ‘from the Lord himself.’

21. Phoebe

The popular name is a female version of the name Phoebus. It means ‘bright.’

22. Rin 

This short and sweet name means ‘dignified.’

23. Sachiko 

The Japanese name means ‘child of bliss.’ 

24. Sukhi/ Sukhada

A  Hindi name that means ‘always at peace’ and full of ‘happiness.’

25. Tama 

The name is of Japanese and Hebrew origin and means ‘perfect.’

26. Kiran

The name means the ‘sun’s rays’ or a ‘beam of light’ in Sanskrit.

27. Gurmeet

A Sikh name for girls meaning ‘a friend of the teacher/guru’ in Sanskrit.

28. Shree/ Sree/ Sri

The name connotes ‘beauty’ and ‘light’ and is trendy among Indians.

29. Tara

The name is hugely popular in India and means a ‘twinkling star’ in the sky in the Hindi and Sanskrit languages.

30. Shyla/ Sheela/ Sheila

There are many variations, and all mean ‘modesty.’

31. Gembira

Of Malay origin, the name means ‘happy one.’

32. Upma

This unique name is associated with the number 6, and it means ‘the best.’

33. Vanna 

This popular name has many origins. The most popular one is Cambodian. The name means ‘golden.’

34. Wendy 

Wendy is a given name of English origin. It means ‘friend.’

35. Zhenzhen 

The name is of Chinese origin, and it means ‘precious.’

Unique Asian Names for Girls

Asia is a culturally diverse continent with so much vibrance, colour, and uniqueness. Here is a list of Asian girl names that embrace that diversity and represent all the traditions with a mix of modernity. 

1. Zhu

In Chinese, it means ‘like the bamboo.’ It is vital, tensile, good-looking, and evergreen, which are good blessings to invoke for a baby girl.

2. Sakhae/ Sakhi

This name means ‘a true friend’ in Hindi and ‘prosperity’ in the Japanese dialects.

3. Seiko

The name means a ‘force to be reckoned with’ or the ‘power of truth’ and hails from Japan. The name was made famous by the watch brand Seiko.

4. Shigeko

Another Japanese name for ‘a child endowed with luxury.’ It is used quite often by the rich and famous.

5. Shima/ Seema

The name means ‘limitation’ and ‘pushing the limits.’ Seema is very popular in India and has been derived from Sanskrit.

6. Tam

In Vietnamese, it means ‘at or near the heart’ and can be used as a term of endearment. An excellent name for your beloved daughter!

7. Tenshi

The term can be used in Japanese to define an ‘angel’ and ‘child from heaven.’ By the way, Angel and Angela are also widely used Asian names for baby girls.

8. March

Named after March, you can also use names like April, May, and June for baby girls born in those respective months.

9. Yachi

The name’ eight thousand’ is suitable for traditional people looking for a Japanese name for a baby girl who is very close and proud of her parents.

10. Guangli/ Ganga

In Chinese, the name means ‘to bring light to or brighten lives.’ Ganga is an Indian name with similar connotations. It is named after the River Ganga, which originates in the Himalayas.

11. Bhumika/ Bhoomi

The name means ‘earthy or of the land.’ The variation Bhoomi can also be used and is popular in India.

12. Cam

This is an apt name for a Vietnamese baby girl and is the name for a sweet fruit of the citrus family.

13. Chinatsu

In Japanese, the name invokes long life and ‘a thousand summers.’

14. Yumiko/ Yami

The name is used for a beautiful baby girl who is ‘helpful to all’ in Japanese. In Hindi, Yami refers to one ‘full of godly beauty’ and ‘knowledgeable.’

15. Nguyen

This Vietnamese name means ‘slumber’ or ‘sleep’ and is frequently used by Asian parents to describe their ‘restful’ baby.

Cute Asian Girl Names

Names have a way of making us feel warm and fuzzy. This list of Asian girl names was specially curated to give you a treasure chest of names that embody all things adorable!

1. Adeline

This French name means ‘kind and noble.’ Many Chinese people name their daughters so.

2. Adelmira

The name is of Arabic origin, and it means ‘exalted.’

3. Akemi

Is your little one the ‘bright beauty’ and the ‘sunshine’ of your life? Akemi makes for the perfect choice, then!

4. Aika

This translates to a ‘love song’ in Japanese and is fast becoming popular abroad.

5. Asha

An Indian name for ‘desire’ or ‘hope’ and a good name for your darling daughter.

6. Amy

It’s a wee bit American but also very popular in Asia. The name means ‘beloved’ and aptly describes what your baby means to you!

7. Asmita

Asmita means your daughter is a ‘source of your pride’ in Hindi.

8. Bahir 

This sweet name will light up your life. It means ‘luminous.’

9. Barkha

Inspired by nature, the name means ‘rain.’ It is very popular in the northern parts of India.

10. Bo

This Chinese-origin name is used to state how ‘precious’ your daughter is!

11. Chika

The name means ‘wise’ or ‘wisdom’ in Chinese.

12. Chi

The name is of Vietnamese origin, and it means ‘tree branch.’

13. Constance

A Latin baby girl name, popular in China and the Far East, means ‘steadfast’ and ‘knowledgeable.’

14. Dhyana

The name means ‘attention to belief’ and ‘meditation,’ which are massive parts of all Buddhist and Hindu cultures.

15. Coral

Like Amber, the name is inspired by the jewel and its namesake, the tough, colourful forms of marine life.

16. Dev 

The short name is of Sanskrit origin, and it means ‘divine.’

17. Eun 

The name is of Korean origin, and it means ‘silver.’

18. Feng 

The unique first name means ‘phoenix’ in Chinese. 

19. Jade

The green jade is famous in China.

20. Jhumpa

With a name like Jhumpa Lahiri, the winner of the Fiction Pulitzer Prize, this Indian name connotes the meaning ‘full of charm’ and is a blessing for sure!

21. Hannah/ Hana

The name means a ‘flower’ in Japanese.

22. Haya

In Japanese, the name means ‘light and quick.’ Another interpretation in Hindi is ‘decency.’

23. Helen/ Ellen

It originated from Greece and means the ‘bright one.’ Remember Helen of Troy?

24. Hae 

This beautiful name has a deep meaning; it means ‘ocean!’ (See what we did there?)

25. Ja

The name indicates one who is fiery and very attractive in Chinese. The word also means ‘yes’ in German.

26. Iha

Did you make a big wish for a daughter? It has been granted when you again name your little daughter ‘wish’ or Iha in Chinese.

27. Jiao

Means’ delicate,’ ‘lovely,’ and ‘dainty’ in Chinese – all your little daughter is!

28. Kalini

Kalini means a ‘flower’ and invokes ‘Goddess Kali,’ known as Chamundi and Durga, in her fearful avatars.

29. Kenja

Kenja is a sage or wise for those looking for Japanese spiritual names for a baby girl.

30. Kinu

Kinu is a ‘silky cloth’ in Japanese and makes for a great middle name or first name in Japan.

31. Kane 

The name has various origins, each with its meaning. In Japanese, the name means ‘golden.’

32. Kimiko 

The name is of Japanese origin, and it means ‘valuable.’

33. Maleia/ Leila/ Mala/ Mali

The names mean ‘pearl’ in Japanese. Leela in Hindi means the ‘manifestation of God,’ whereas Leila can also be used as a term of endearment. Mala, in Hindi, means a ‘garland.’

34. Eui

Eui denotes ‘righteousness.’ The short and simple ways of Japanese spirituality can also be your source of inspiration!

35. Maya/ Mia/ Miya

The name means an ‘illusion’ and sounds exotic and mystical in Sanskrit and its derivative, Hindi. In Latin, it translates to ‘great.’ Miya is a lovely Japanese baby girl’s name that means ‘temple,’ ‘shrine,’ or ‘palace.’

36. Manjusha

This feminine name means ‘lady with a sweet voice’ and is a great Indian name if singing talent runs in the family.

37. Michelle

A name that means ‘who is God-like’ and can be spelt differently as Mychele, Machell, Mychelle or Mechell too!

38. Nadeeka 

This unique name is of Sinhala origin and means ‘creative.’

39. Nur 

The name is gender-neutral. The Arabic name means ‘light.’ 

40. Osamu 

This short and sweet name is of Japanese origin and means ‘discipline.’

41. Quon 

This name is of Chinese origin and means ‘bright.’

42. Rai 

The name has many origins and different meanings associated with it. One of the meanings is ‘trust.’ 

43. Ringo 

With this unique Japanese name, you can name your child after the fruit ‘apple.’

44. Reena/ Rin/ Rina/ Ridhi

The classical Indian name means ‘a gem,’ while Ridhi is ‘wealthy’ and ‘fortunate’ with plenty of gems. Rin means ‘dignified.’

45. Sushila 

This popular Hindu name is a female version of Sushil. It means ‘clever.’

46. Taya 

The name is of Japanese origin and means ‘young.’

47. Veasna 

This unique name is from the Khmer language, and it means ‘destiny.’

48. Vera/ Veera

In Latin, the name connotes ‘being true.’ It is very popular in China, India, and America.

49. Yuet 

The Chinese name is an ode to the ‘moon.’

50. Zoltan 

The popular Asian name is of Hungarian origin and means ‘life.’

Pretty Asian Girl Names

Asia is a multi-cultural land with some of the most beautiful locations in the world and the most stunning people as well! This list of Asian girl names symbolises all things beautiful, charming, awe-inspiring!

1. Anzu

Anzu is an adorable and rare Asian name that refers to ‘an apricot’ or ‘sweet child’ in Japanese. In ancient Mesopotamia, the name also translated to ‘mighty cloud!’

2. Benio

Depending on the script it is written in, Benio is a Japanese name that translates to ‘crimson’ or ‘green emerald’ and ‘jade.’

3. Chivy

A unique name of Cambodian origin, Chivy translates to ‘life’ and is perfect for the new one who has become a part of your family!

4. Daiyu

An elegant Chinese name for your baby girl, Daiyu stands for ‘black jade.’

5. Emi

Another Japanese entry on this list of rare Asian girl names, Emi, means ‘beautiful blessing,’ ‘favour,’ and ‘blessed with beauty.’

6. Fumi

With different variations in Japanese Kanji, Fumi translates to ‘hope,’ ‘desire,’ ‘wish,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘wealth,’ ‘letter-writing,’ and ‘abundance!’

7. Gyuri 

Gyuri is a beautiful Korean name for ‘diamond’ and ‘star’ in Hangeul.

8. Hana

The Korean version of Hannah, Hana, means ‘my favourite.’ It also refers to the number 1 or ‘first.’

9. Iniya

Iniya is a petty Indian name for ‘flower,’ perfect for your tiny little blossom!

10. Janya

A gender-neutral Asian name, Janya translates to ‘lovable, ‘full of life, and ‘friend.’

11. Kiba

Kiba is an alluring Japanese name that translates to protect,’ ‘shelter,’ and curiously, ‘fang.’

12. Lanfen

A charming Chinese name, Lanfen stands for ‘blue fragrance’ or ‘scent of an orchid.’

13. Ling

Ling is a stunning Chinese name that refers to an ‘unbreakable spirit,’ ‘the sound of jade,’ and ‘dawn.’

14. Mari

Mari is a name of Japanese origin with the most adorable translations. It can mean ‘love,’ ‘reason,’ ‘village,’ ‘star of the sea,’ and ‘truth.’ 


1. How can you choose a suitable Asian name for your girl?

When choosing the perfect Asian name for your baby girl, there are various things to consider! Asia is a vast continent, and every region has its own cultures, traditions, religious languages, and, ultimately, meanings. First, consider if you are choosing based on language and religion, then hone in on the cultural significance, the meaning the name symbolises, and if you want a more traditional or contemporary sounding name.

2. Are there naming ceremonies specific to Asian cultures for naming a baby girl?

Different Asian cultures have different practices when it comes to naming their child. In China, there is a tradition to wait up to a month before naming the child while making offerings to the mother and deities they worship. In Japan, the baby is named on the seventh night in a ceremony known as the Oshichiya Meimeishiki.

In Korea, while the naming takes place almost immediately by either continuing the family name or taking a modern route, they have a baby ceremony called the Doljabi, where various everyday items and some unique ones are placed in front of the baby, and the item the baby choose signifies their career or future!
Alternatively, India has many diverse cultures within its borders, so naming practices are vastly different as you move from one state to another!

The list of rare Asian girl names and meanings will help you hone in on what you want to name your precious princess. It is culturally diverse and represents quirks from a plethora of personality traits. We hope it makes your search easier and ultimately fruitful!

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