Top 30 Aboriginal Baby Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

30 Best Aboriginal Names For Baby Boy and Girl

Aboriginals are a tribal group from Australia, who are also referred to as aboriginal Australians. When Europeans first colonised Australia, they seemed to be enthralled by the aboriginal names, which have a great sense of positivity in them. Here, we have put together a list of Aboriginal names for boys as well as girls for you to choose from. Make sure you go through this list carefully and do your research before making a decision.

Aboriginal Names for Baby Boys With Meanings

1. Allambee

There are multiple spellings of this name, including Alambi, and Alambee. The name means “quiet place” or “to remain”. It is a beautiful and unique name for a baby boy.

2. Birrani

It is a name that is used by Wiradjuri people from the NSW area of Australia. It is a popular indigenous name for baby boys and means just what it stands for “a boy”.

3. Callagun

The name means “blue fig” and has other spellings as well. It has a cool connotation to it and makes for a great name for a baby boy.

4. Djalu

Djalu is associated with the famous didgeridoo player Djalu Gurruwwiwi and is a unique name for your baby boy. The name means “lightning”, which in itself is super cool!

5. Dural

This name comes from the Dharul language and translates to “gully” or “valley”. It is the name of a rural suburb in Sydney as well.

6. Goonagulla

Goonagulla is a unique aboriginal name that is perfect for a baby boy. It means “sky”.

7. Jiemba

Jiemba refers to the planet Venus or “the laughing star” and has quite a unique ring to it.

8. Koen

An alternate way to spell the name Coen, Koen is also used amongst non-aboriginal people. Although the Hebrew meaning of the name is “priest”, the Aboriginal meaning for the name is “thunder”, which is a lot cooler!

9. Mangana

Mangana originates from the Tasmanian Aboriginals of Australia, but the meaning is unknown. The last full-blooded Tasmanian aboriginal Trugernanner’s father had this name.

10. Miro

Miro has different meanings in different cultures. It means “spear” in the Nyungar language of the aboriginals.

11. Nullah

The name is derived from Dharug for “hunting stick”. They also used it in the 2008 movie Australia as Brandon Walters’ character.

12. Omeo

It is a popular name amongst the people of Omeo. It means “mountains” or “hills”.

13. Tidam

Tidam is from the Waghiwoori tribe and means “star”.

14. Warragul

Warragul is the name of a town in Victoria, but the name means “wild dog”, referring to the native dingos that are found across Australia.

15. Yarramundi

Yarramundi is such a unique name for a boy, and it means “deep water”. The meaning of the name has a lot of depth, literally!

Now, let’s take a look at some aboriginal names for baby girls.

Aboriginal Names For Baby Girls With Meanings

1. Adaliya

Adaliya is a beautiful Aboriginal name from the Northern Territory that means “rainbow serpent spirit”.

2. Arika

In Waka-Waka, spoken in some parts of Queensland, the name Arika means “blue water lily”.

3. Bindi

The name made popular by the late Steve Irwin’s daughter. It means “butterfly” in Nyungar, which is a language spoken in Western Australia.

4. Ellin

It almost sounds like the name Ellen, but Ellin is an aboriginal word which means “wish”.

5. Jedda

Jedda is the name of the title character in the movie “Jedda” starring aboriginal actors. The name means “little wild goose” and has a strong connotation to it.

6. Jannali

Jannali is a beautiful name, and in case you are interested in the sky and space, this name will be perfect for your daughter because the name means “moon”.

7. Killara

Killara is a wonderful name for a girl, which means “permanent” or “always there”.

8. Keira

It might be a common name in Western countries, but little do most Keiras know that their name for the Dharawal people means “large lagoon”.

9. Lowanna

Lowanna is the counterpart of the boy name Birrani. It is a popular indigenous name that means “girl”.

10. Maroochy

Maroochy means “black swan” in the Kabi language.

11. Myaree

It is an aboriginal name that is believed by locals to mean “foliage”.

12. Pipipa

Pipipa is an aboriginal name that means “sandpiper”.

13. Rianna

Rianna is an indegenous name that means “sweet basil herb”. The famous RnB singer Rihanna is adorning a variation of this name.

14. Tarnee

Tarnee is the original form of the name Tahnee. The name means “surf” or “wave” in Kaurna.

15. Yindi

Yindi means “differently” in different aboriginal languages. In one, it means, “to descend”; in another, it means “mother”, but in most, it means “sun”.

Australian aboriginal baby names are unique and sound very cool. It is important to choose the right name for your child since he/she will have to live with it for the rest of his/her life. Make sure to go through our list thoroughly to find out some cool names for your new baby, and we hope you find something and love it! All the best!

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