Best 200 Christian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Best 200 Christian Boy Names With Meanings

Congratulations on your little boy. Along with the baby care, you have got an additional yet important task, i.e., choosing a name for your baby boy. It is not that much of difficult a task if you straighten down your choices. If you actively pursue Christian faith and grace God every day for the blessings in your life, then picking a name for your little one from the bucket of Christian male names would be ideal for you. To lighten your burden, we have come up with a handpicked list of some really unique and distinct Indian Christian baby boy names for your little one. These bible names for boys belong to languages and cultures around the world and will give you a heads-up in choosing the best one for your little champ. Wondering how many options you have. Well, the options are endless, but here we talk about 200 popular baby boy names with meaning.

Unique Christian Baby Boy Names That Stand Out

Everyone wants a name that is unique. A unique name adds on to our distinct identity and personality. Many of us believe in looking for a distinct and unique name for our kids. Well, you need to be careful while choosing a unique name as it should not cause an embarrassment for your child in future if the name is completely off track or cannot be spelt correctly. So here we have a list of unique baby boy names for your little one:

1. Aaron

Sea or water

2. Abaddon

The Destroyer

3. Abagtha

Fortunate one

4. Abana

Made of stone

5. Adrian

A person with paramount strength

6. Alby

A city surrounded by white hills

7. Abner

Father of Light

8. Bartholomew

Son of Talmai in Aramaic

9. Benett

Honourable or blessed

10. Bethuel

Abode of God

11. Brion

Strong and honourable

12. Cain

The first son of Adam and Eve

13. Collin

A creative person

14. Cyril

Majesty or King

15. Dylan

One who wins over people’s minds

16. Dalphon

The house of caves

Dalphon - Christian Boy Names

17. Eladah

God hath adorned

18. Eliphaz

An endeavour of God

19. Eliot

A firm believer in God

20. Eric

A ruler of peace

21. Ethan

Strong and powerful

22. Felix

A fortunate person

23. Feivel

God Assists

24. Fergus

A person of great strength

25. Filbert

Extremely bright, brilliant

26. Gaddiel

The Lord is my happiness

27. Gerard

Strong-hearted or brave-hearted

28. Harold

Ruler of the army

29. Haziel

Vision of God

30. Hughe

Heart, mind and spirit

31. Hadrian


32. Hyman


33. Ian

A name that means ‘God is merciful and gracious’

34. Itzak


35. Irvin

Colour of peace, a beautiful white colour

36. Ishuah

Equal, self-satisfied

37. Jada

Wise, knowing

38. Jethro

Someone who is eminent and has excellence

39. Jerrod

Down to Earth

40. Jude

A disciple of Jesus

41. Kev

Extremely gentle and caring

42. Kedem

Old, Ancient

43. Kian

Royal, a majestic King

44. Korah


45. Lael

Devoted to God

46. Luke

A biblical name; Luke was one of the authors of the New Testament

47. Manuel

In possession of great power, strong

48. Matthew

Gift of Jehovah

49. Nathan

 Gift of God

50. Neco

One who was beaten’ in the Old Testament

51. Nicholas

The victory of people

52. Noah


53. Othello

Very rich and prosperous

54. Phelan

Joyful by nature

55. Phil

A good friend, one who loves horses

56. Reuben

Vision of the son

57. Reuel

Friend of God

58. Radwan


59. Rian

A ruler of people

60. Ryan

Little king or illustrious

61. Simon

A patient listener

62. Sachiel

Angel of Water

Sachiel - Christian Boy Names

63. Sean

A name that means ‘Lord is gracious and merciful’

64. Sivan

The third month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar.

65. Ted

A precious gift of God

66. Ulrick

A very high-born ruler

67. Urias

Jehovah is light

68. Vidor

Very cheerful and joyous

69. Vincent


70. Vivan

Full of life, energetic

71. Walter

A powerful warrior

72. Wilfred

A pleasant wish for peace and tranquillity

73. Wynn

Holy, fair and blessed one

74. Xavier

Extremely bright and helpful

75. York

From the farm

76. Zacharias

Someone the Lord has thought about or favoured

77. Zane

Gift from God

78. Zebedee

In abundance

79. Zeph

Extremely precious to the Lord

80. Zuriel

God is a rock

List of Modern Christian Baby Boy Names

Young family with son

Nowadays, as we are progressing further and becoming more and more advanced, we prefer simple yet refreshing names. Of course, the element of distinctiveness and uniqueness must be there, but a simple easy to pronounce name is what most modern parents prefer. Just go through this list of some modern names which we have selected from an endless list of names available:

1. Abby

My father is elated

2. Anthony

Highly praiseworthy

3. Arne

Powerful like an eagle

4. Baruch

One who has been blessed

5. Bryce

Born of a nobleman, ardent and strong

6. Carl

A man free of all burdens

7. Cephas


Cephas - Christian Boy Names

8. Carlton

A settlement of free men or peasants

9. Cullen

Son born of a holy person

10. Dale

The one who dwells in a valley

11. Dasan

A devotee of God

12. Edwin

An extremely valued friend

13. Ellen

One who is courageous

14. Felex

One who is very fortunate and happy

15. Gabe

The bravest man of God

16. Gabriel

Strong and powerful

17. Gian

Extremely knowledgeable

18. Hanan

One who is merciful and compassionate

19. Hank

A merciful ruler of God

20. Isaac

One who brings laughter and joy to our lives

21. Ivan

A precious gift of God

22. Jobin

Excellent and brilliant

23. Joel

Due to the willingness of God

24. Joshua


25. Kane

A warrior’s son

26. Kasper

The one who bears a treasure

Kasper - Christian Boy Names

27. Kilmer

Extremely loving and caring

28. Leo

Very brave-hearted

29. Liam

Helmet of will

30. Louis

A highly renowned warrior

31. Lucas

A torch-bearer

32. Malcolm

A disciple of a renowned saint

33. Melvin

A protector and friend

34. Monty

One who has come from a rich man’s mountain

35. Nadav


36. Neil

A champion of clouds

37. Nigel

A champion of the dark cloud

38. Othneil

The powerful strength of God

39. Paulson

Son of Paul

40. Phoenix

A fictional bird that burns itself alive, only to be reborn again

41. Pious

Holy or divine

42. Rex

Almighty or the king of the universe

43. Samuel

The name of a King in the Bible

44. Solomon


45. Shawn

Graciously given by God

46. Steven

One who has been crowned

47. Theo

A precious gift of God

48. Tison

One who is highly spirited

49. Udeh


50. Uriel

Light of God

51. Yaphet


52. Yaron


53. Vaniah

God is praise

54. Wyatt

One with a courageous mind in a battle

55. Wilber

Extremely bright and willing

56. Zain

Brilliant and happy

57. Zephaniah

Extremely valued and treasured by God

58. Zaccheo

The one God remembers

59. Zed

God is fair

60. Zion

A sign

Latest Christian Baby Boy Names

Modern Christian Baby Boy Names

If we set aside unique, traditional and distinct names for a while, then we may see that many people nowadays prefer the latest trending names. They are fine if the name is not very unique but should not look off track and should be as per the new trends. For instance, Benjamin becomes Benji, Stephen becomes Steve, etc. The benefits of such names are that it’s easy to call and easy to remember. It’s all a perspective way of looking at the names from one’s own viewpoint. Here we go with the latest trending names:

1. Aidan

Extremely superior and intelligent

2. Ambrose


3. Aric

A sacred ruler of all

4. Baxter

An immaculate baker

5. Barry


6. Bond


Bond - Christian Boy Names

7. Benji

As per the Old Testament, Benjamin was the last born of Jacob

8. Boris

A warrior ready to fight in a battle

9. Craig

One who lives near the cliff

10. Chandler


11. Cyrus

Just like the Sun

12. Davis

The highly adored son of Davis

13. Dora

A Gift

14. Dalit

Draw Water

15. Derek

The one who rules over his people

16. Ebin

A kind of a rock

17. Edmund

wealthy protector

18. Eron


19. Elvin

A magical friend, one who is noble

20. Francis

A free man

21. Franklin


22. Frederick

A very calm and peaceful ruler

23. Gil

One who is shining brightly

24. Gavin

White Falcon

25. Giles

A young kid

26. Hanly

A ruler of a particular place

27. Harry

A champion of the high meadows

28. Heine

One who rules the home

29. Israel

God’s given name to Jacob, The name Israel also refers to the father of the twelve Israelite tribes.

30. Immanuel

A name that means ‘God is almighty and is present with us’

31. James


32. Jay


33. Jeff

A very peaceful and divine ruler

34. Karl

A free human

35. Kevin

Name of a famous saint

36. Larry

One who is crowned with laurels

37. Libin

One who shows love and compassion

38. Marc

From the God of wars

39. Mike

A God-like figure

40. Moses


41. Norbert

A brilliant one

42. Noel

Born on the day of Christmas

43. Oliver

From the olive tree

44. Paul

Small, little

45. Peter

Modern and beautiful

46. Philip

One who loves horses

47. Rafe

 A wise wolf

48. Ross

One with red hair

49. Roy


50. Rylan

One from the lands of Rye

51. Samson

One who is strong and distinguished

52. Seff

A Wolf

53. Smit

One with a divine smile

54. Terence

Tender, soft and smooth

55. Thomas

Twins. It was also the name of one of the disciples of Jesus

56. Travis

One who collects toll while crossing a certain path

57. Warren

Someone who is from La Varenne

58. Willy

One with a strong mind

59. Windsor

Name of a place in the United Kingdom

60. Yardley

Forest or timber

Yardley - Christian Boy Names

Why Choose a Christian Name for Your Baby Boy?

If you practice Christianism, you’ll certainly take pride in naming your baby boy with some reference to the Bible. The Bible is full of teachings and wisdom with a plethora of characters that, at every stage, share learnings that shape a person. Plus, they remain popular for serving the top used names for boys like Matthew, James, Micheal, Peter, and so on that have not rusted even a bit with time and plan to be immemorial with growing time. So, it’s only fitting that you give your baby boy a Christian name.

From the Old Testament to the New Testament and to Biblical heroes and Apostles, our list of Christian baby boy names has all. Remember, Bible Christian names are evergreen and are not going to go extinct anytime soon. So, without any doubt or worry, you can name your little one a Christian name.

Tips for Choosing the Best Christian Name for Your Baby Boy

As much fun as it is to choose newborn baby boy names, it is equally a challenging task. The name you choose will give your son an identity and will remain with him throughout his life. Choosing the best name can depend on many factors around us. It can be:

  • Meaning and Depth: The meaning and depth of the name are very important to us. All of us try to keep a simple name with depth.
  • Biblical Names: There are many names mentioned in the Bible. If you are a firm believer in the Bible, then you may choose a suitable name for your son from the Bible. A few of them have been mentioned above as well.
  • Name of the Parents: Many of us have an inclination to keep a name which starts from the same alphabet as our names. Some of us even try to merge both the couple’s names and try to formulate a cute name.
  • Name of the Siblings: You tend to keep a name which is similar to your firstborn’s name or even rhyming. For instance, Stephen and Stephanie. This is actually quite cute!
  • Uncommon Names: Many of us try to look for a name that’s unheard of or quite uncommon names. This is quite a trend these days. So you can look for an uncommon boy name for your little one. But please be sure that the name is easily understood and spelt correctly.
  • A Familiar Personality: Many of us are firm believers that if we name our son or daughter after a famous personality, then he or she will also follow in their footsteps.
  • Ask the Family: You can ask your family for a good suggestion of names and then finally choose any one of them.
  • Use a Baby Naming Tool

Most parents look for a unique, meaningful name for their baby, and most names they come across tend to be generic. If you’re on the hunt for some inspiration to name your baby boy, a Baby Names tool gives you all the options you need. Choosing a unique Christian name for your baby boy that holds meaning yet stands apart has never been this easy.


1. What are naming ceremonies in Christianity?

Christening is the naming ceremony in Christianity which is usually combined with the Baptism ceremony. Baptism is the process of welcoming an individual into the faith. This religious service is held in Christian churches and is conducted by vicars or priests. Christians believe that the ceremony of baptism removes the baby or individual from the original sin (brought into the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden) and initiates the person into the spiritual community.

Babies are dressed in beautiful white outfits to signify their pure innocence, and a priest anoints the child’s forehead with holy oil and sprinkles it with blessed water, welcoming God’s grace and mercy on the soul. After that, he baby’s name is spoken by the priest or minister and a baptismal certificate with the new name (usually a saint’s name) is signed.

2. Are there any specific Christian names suitable for a baby boy born in a particular season or month?

Absolutely! Many Christian parents choose to give their babies a name based on the season or month in which their little one is born. Here are some Christian names that could be associated with specific seasons or months:

1. Summer

  • Elijah (meaning “my God is Yahweh”)
  • Solomon (meaning “peace”)
  • Tobias (meaning “God is good”)

2. Spring

  • Asher (meaning “happy” or “blessed”)
  • Caleb (meaning “faithful” or “devotion”)
  • Jordan (the river Jordan, associated with renewal)

3. Autumn/Fall

  • Gabriel (meaning “God is my strength”)
  • Harvest (symbolic of the autumn season)
  • Michael (meaning “who is like God?”)

4. Winter

  • Nicholas (associated with Saint Nicholas and Christmas)
  • Emmanuel (meaning “God is with us”)
  • Christian (meaning “follower of Christ”)

5. Months

  • January (derived from the Roman god Janus, associated with beginnings)
  • August (named after Emperor Augustus)
  • Luke (for the Gospel of Luke, if born in October, the month of the feast of St. Luke)

3. Are there famous individuals with Christian names?

Certainly! There are plenty of famous personalities that bear traditional Christian names. Some of them include Christian Bale (English actor), John F. Kennedy (the 35th President of the United States), Michael Jackson (the king of Pop music), Theresa May (the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2016 to 2019), Christian Dior (French fashion designer), and many more.

On a serious note, the list of names and choices is endless. You need to narrow down a few good names as per your liking and then finally choose the best of all. The naming ceremony is truly an overwhelming occasion for both parents and children. The name you choose for your son is like one precious gift to him and will remain by his side throughout his life and will also be passed on to his children as a legacy. All you need to do is inculcate high moral values in your child to live up to his name.

Infographic: Christian Boy Names with Meanings

Beautiful Christian Boy Names with Meanings - Infographic

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