Food Chart for 21 Month 3 Week Old Baby | Nutritionist Approved Meal Plan

Diet Plan for 21 Month 3 Week Old Toddler


Welcome to week 3 of your child’s life as a 21-month-old! Mealtimes can be tough with a toddler – try making them fun by decorating the food as you serve it, playing games that involve the foods he eats, etc. A great way to get your child to eat food from all food groups is by making his plate colorful – adding different coloured foods into his plate so the meal becomes a visual treat as well! Here are the dishes you can give your child this week.

Food Menu & Schedule for 21 Month 3 Week Old Toddler

Diet for a 21-month-old – Week 3, Day 1

Breakfast Rice pancakes with coconut and jaggery filling
Mid-morning Carrot-beetroot soup with mashed murmura (puffed rice)
Lunch Multigrain roti + dal + a sabzi of choice + a few slices of boiled beetroot + hand pounded rice
Evening Plain khakhara mixed with curd
Dinner Kaali dal (black lentil) and paratha with carrot slices in dahi (curd) dip

Diet for a 21-month-old – Week 3, Day 2

Breakfast Tomato uttappam with chutney
Mid-morning Fruit chaat
Lunch Egg bhurji with roti + curd rice and beetroot raita
Evening Mashed potato with grated paneer (cottage cheese)
Dinner Hakka noodles + sweet corn veg soup

Diet for a 21-month-old – Week 3, Day 3

Breakfast Grated cucumber-oats pancake
Mid-morning Sweet lime- orange juice
Lunch Puri with aamras +aloo matar sabzi
Evening 2-3 homemade cookies + milk
Dinner Methi (fenugreek) pithla with jowar (sorghum) roti

Diet for a 21-month-old – Week 3, Day 4

Breakfast Vegetable upma with buttermilk
Mid-morning Fruit juice
Lunch Besan (gram flour)-methi (fenugreek) paratha with carrot palak (spinach) raita
Evening Masala makhana (fox nuts) + banana milkshake
Dinner Stuffed paratha with curd or lassi

Diet for a 21-month-old – Week 3, Day 5

Breakfast Omlette with bread or paneer (cottage cheese) sandwich
Mid-morning Fruit chaat
Lunch Ragi (finger millet)-wheat roti + sprouts and palak + a few cherry tomatoes
Evening Rajgira (amaranth) chikki dipped in milk
Dinner Besan (gram flour)-methi (fenugreek) paratha with carrot-palak (spinach) raita

Diet for a 21-month-old – Week 3, Day 6

Breakfast Rajgira (amaranth)-wheat sheera with mashed raisins
Mid-morning Jamun (black plum)- apple chaat
Lunch Roti + dal + a sabzi of choice + a few carrot slices+ hand pounded rice
Evening Ragi (finger millet) ladoo with milk
Dinner Moong (green gram) sprouts with oats cutlet + homemade date-tomato-mint chutney

Diet for a 21-month-old – Week 3, Day 7

Breakfast Idli with chutney and sambar
Mid-morning Fruit chaat with black salt
Lunch Palak paneer and paratha + a few cherry tomatoes
Evening Dahi (curd) /mashed banana/mashed papaya/pineapple raita
Dinner Puri with aamras and aloo sabzi


It may be easier to give your child some TV time during his meals, but try not to get him into the habit. Food is best enjoyed when all the senses are involved. It is also important that you do not bribe your toddler to have his meals as it may develop into a nasty habit. Use positive reinforcement instead. That way, you will raise a child that enjoys eating healthy food! To get the meal plan for week 4, click here.

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