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Ragi-Wheat Roti Recipe

Wondering how can you introduce ragi in your munchkin’s diet? If that is what you wish to know, we have an easy recipe that you can whip any time with just a few ingredients in your hand. This recipe also offers umpteen health benefits of millets or ragi to your kiddo! Read this post and learn to make Ragi-wheat roti for toddlers that can be enjoyed as a main meal with curries, veggies or dal!

Cooking Time

Type  Time
Preparation Time 00:10:00
Cook Time 00:15:00
Total Time 00:25:00

Cooking Method

Gas Stove

Type of Meal


Suitable For

Toddlers above 13 months of age

Meal Schedule

Lunch or Dinner

Recipe Type

Main Dishes


This easy homemade Ragi-wheat roti baby food recipe can be whipped with just the following ingredients:

Type  Quantity/Volume 
Ragi flour ½ cup
Wheat flour 1 cup
Vegetable oil 1 to 2 tbsp
Ghee 1 to 2 tbsp
Water As required


Follow these step by step directions to make ragi–wheat roti:

  1. Take a large bowl. Sieve ragi and wheat flour and mix well.
  2. Add salt and oil in the dry flour mixture and give a thorough mix.
  3. Slowly add water as you knead the flour with one hand.
  4. Keep kneading for a few minutes to make a smooth and soft dough.
  5. Wrap the dough with a cling film and let it rest for some time.
  6. Scoop small ball-size dough from the dough mix and flatten it using your palms and fingers.
  7. Dust the flattened dough and roll it into thin rotis.
  8. Heat Tawa or flat pan on medium heat.
  9. Cook rotis from both sides.
  10. Place the roti on a plate and smear ghee on it.
  11. Serve ragi-wheat rotis with dal, curry or any green vegetable to provide a wholesome and nutritious meal to your munchkin.

Recipe Tips

Keep these following pointers or tips in mind when making Ragi-wheat roti for toddlers:

  • You can substitute oil with ghee when making the dough to enhance the taste and flavour of the rotis.
  • Powdered jeera seeds or ajwain seeds can be added for more aroma and taste.
  • If you wish, you can apply ghee while cooking the rotis to make them crispier.
  • Water required for kneading the dough may vary according to the quality of ragi flour. Using more water for making the dough can not only make the dough stickier, but it may also affect the taste of the rotis.

Nutrition Information (Serving Per 100 Grams)

After learning the technique and tips of how to make Ragi-wheat roti, learn how much nutrition your little one can get by eating this yummy roti:

Type  Value 
Calories 140 Cal
Carbohydrate 25 g
Protein 3.2 g
Dietary fibre 1.6 g
Total fat 3 g
Vitamin A 270 mcg
Vitamin C 3.4 mg
Folic acid 9.2 mcg
Calcium 150 mg
Magnesium 52 mg
Sodium 13 mg
Iron 1.6 mg
Potassium 170 mg
Phosphorus 160 mg

The above table mentions approximate nutritional content present in 100 grams of ragi and wheat roti. Actual nutritional content may slightly vary.

Health Benefits

Here are some of the health benefits of this simple Ragi-wheat roti recipe:

  • Loaded with ample amounts of dietary fibre, ragi keeps your little one feeling fuller for longer. Fibre is also great for regulating bowel movements and keeps digestion in place.
  • Growing kids need substantial amounts of calcium in their diet for optimum growth and development of bones and teeth. Including ragi in your kiddo’s diet can help in providing the much-needed dose of calcium.
  • Ragi is naturally loaded with iron and including it in your kid’s regular diet can help keep iron deficiencies at bay.
  • High amounts of amino acids and antioxidants act as natural relaxants and keep anxiety and other such mental disorders at bay.

Buying Guide

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind when buying ingredients to make ragi-wheat roti:

  • Buy organic ragi and wheat flour to make these rotis.
  • Always check the best before or manufacturing date before buying ragi and wheat flour.
  • Refrain from buying unpacked ragi or wheat flour. Always buy branded food products.

Next time you are thinking of making something nutritious and healthy for your kiddo, do not overthink and try out this simple yet highly nutritious ragi-wheat roti recipe!

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