Food Chart for 22 Month 2 Week Old Baby | Nutritionist Approved Meal Plan

Diet Plan for 22 Month 2 Week Old Toddler


Your baby has now entered his 22nd month – we’re getting closer to year 2! Your baby is developing by the day – continue experimenting with new food and allow him to taste different things. Kids at this age require a good balance of all nutrients as they are full of energy, so ensure you feed him balanced meals. Here’s what you can feed your little one through the week.

Food Menu & Schedule for 22 Month 2 Week Old Toddler

Diet for a 22-month-old – Week 2, Day 1

Breakfast Seviyan-coconut upma + milk
Mid-morning Toast with cheese spread
Lunch Besan(gram flour)-methi(fenugreek)paratha with carrot-palak(spinach) raita
Evening Plain dahi(curd)with banana/apple/locally available fruit
Dinner Paneer(cottage cheese) cutlets or grilled fish with coriander-tomato soup

Diet for a 22-month-old – Week 2, Day 2

Breakfast Multigrain chilla + almond milkshake
Mid-morning Fruit chaat
Lunch Appam with vegetable stew + beetroot raita
Evening Peanut chikki + ½ cup of locally available fruit
Dinner Baked beans with toast

Diet for a 22-month-old – Week 2, Day 3

Breakfast Almond waffles with raisins and honey
Mid-morning Cucumber cubes with dahi dip
Lunch Fish or soya chunks curry with rice + cucumber and tomato salad
Evening Fruit milkshake
Dinner Apple-coconut-dahi(curd)chutney

Diet for a 22-month-old – Week 2, Day 4

Breakfast Phirni
Mid-morning Besan(gram flour)laddoo
Lunch Roti + dal + a subzi of choice + a few slices of carrots+ hand pounded rice
Evening Dalia(broken wheat)
Dinner Hakka noodles + sweet corn veg soup

Diet for a 22-month-old – Week 2, Day 5

Breakfast Oats-almond kheer
Mid-morning Roasted makhana(puffed lotus seeds)
Lunch Palak(spinach) paneer(cottage cheese)and paratha + a few cherry tomatoes
Evening Paneer(cottage cheese) with honey and almonds
Dinner Methi(fenugreek) pithla with jowar(sorghum) roti

Diet for a 22-month-old – Week 2, Day 6

Breakfast Poha(flattened rice) with tomatoes and capsicum
+ chocolate -almond milkhake
Mid-morning Chopped dates with almonds and cashews
Lunch Multigrain roti + dal + a subzi of choice + a few slices of boiled beetroot+ hand pounded rice
Evening Cut fruits
Dinner Stuffed parathas with curd or lassi

Diet for a 22-month-old – Week 2, Day 7

Breakfast Chicken sandwich with tomato slices
Mid-morning Yoghurt
Lunch Bajra(pearl millet) roti + brinjal bharta + dal + vegetable raita
Evening Baked potato wedges topped with cheese
Dinner Besan(gram flour methi)(fenugreek)paratha with carrot palak(spinach) raita


Week two of your child’s 22nd month is done! If you’re having trouble getting your child to eat a certain food, remember to introduce it slowly but steadily – some aversions can change! Also remember not to over-feed your child and to allow him to eat food by himself whenever possible. To get to the meal plan for week 3 for your 22-month-old, click here!

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