500 Baby Boy Names That Start With L

500 Baby Boy Names That Start With L

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As your child enters the world, he/she needs to be given an identity that gets known through a name. This name is a representation of your wishes, affection, care and bond that you share with your little one. People might say that ’What’s in a name?’ However, it tells the story of who we are and what our aspirations are when we grow up. Parents need to be very careful while choosing the right names for their children as it has an impact on their lives and social relationships. Honorable and positive names can make your child confident and successful in life while there can be some names that throw light on our religion and place that we belong to. No wonder that naming ceremonies are important occasions which celebrates the arrival of the child into the family and a formal name is given to him/her as per the tradition or numerology.

The alphabet L is the twelfth letter of the English alphabet. It is quite significant and symbolic of a divine spiritual beginning or opulence. Male names that start with ‘L’ throws light on the wisdom, dedication and imagination of a person. A boy with a name that starts with L shows the potential for him to be an achiever who can balance it out with being a person who understands the significance of family and friendship. Such children are seen to be becoming more mature as they grow up and have a better understanding of the world around them.

Popular Baby Boy Names that Begin with L

If you’re wondering where to find amazing American boy names then this list would guide you to decide on the perfect name for your beloved child. These names are special in their own way and have a universal appeal.

La’Shaun Leeroy Lir
Lach Leevi Lirio
Laban Lefa Liron
Lachlan Lefteris Lisa
Lacrosse Legaci Lisandre
Lado Legacie Lisandro
Ladbroc Legacy Lisardo
Ladd Legend Lish
Ladislao Legendary Lishe
Ladislav Legion Lisimba
Lenn Legynd List
Ladomir Lehakwe Lito
Lael Lehgend Little
Laert Lehlogonolo Litton
Laertes Lehumolarona Livingston
Lafayette Leib Livio
Lafcadio Leif Livius
Lafe Leigh Liwanu
Laine Leighton Lizar
Lainie Leiland Lizardo
Lair LeiLani Llacheu
Laird Leim Llew
Laire Leith Llewellyn
Lais Leitupo Llewyn
Laith Lejend Lleyton
Lake Lekan Llorenc
Laken Leland Lloyd
Laki Lelio Lluc
Lakota Lelisa Lludd
Laksh Lelo Llyr
Lali Lem Llywelyn
Lalla Lemar Loba
Lalo Lembit Lobo
Lamar Lemmie Loc
Lamarion Lemmitty Loch
Lambert Lemmy Lochlain
Lamburia Lemon Lochlainn
Lamin Lemoyne Lochlan
Lamine Lemuel Lochlann
Lamond Lawson Lochran
Lamont Lenard Locke
Lamonte Lencho Locryn
Lancaster Leniel Lodewijk
Lance Lenix Loe
Lancel Lennan Loefel
Lancelot Lennon Loeis
Land Lennox Logan
Landan Lenny Lohengrin
Landen Leno Lohoot
Lander Lenox Lok
Landis Lenoxx Lokesh
Lando Lentil Loki
Landon Leny Lokni
Landry Lenz Lola
Landuleni Leo Lolek
Landyn Leobin Lolo
Lane Leobwin Lolonyo
Laney Leod Lolovivi
Lanford Leodegan Loman
Langa Leodegrance Lomas
Langdon Leodegraunce Lombard
Langer Leof Lonato
Langley Leofric London
Langston Leofwin Londyn
Lanier Leofwine Long
Lannister Leon Lonnie
Lanny León Lonzo
Lanzo Leonard Lootah
Laochailan Leonardo Lorand
Lap Leonato Lord
Lapu Leonce Lore
Laramie Leoncio Loren
Lardner Leone Lorenzo
Lare Leonel Loreto
Laredo Leonid Loretto
Laren Leonida Lorimar
Larena Leonidas Lorry
Larenzo Leonides Los
Laria Leonitus Lotan
Larimar Leontel Lotem
Lark Leontin Lothaire
Larkin Leontios Lotharing
Larkspur Leonzo Lotto
Laron Leopold Lou
Larona Leopoldo Louden
Larrie Leovanni Louie
Larry Leprechaun Louis
Larkane Lerato Louvain
Larz Lerenzo Love
Las Leroy Lovelace
Lasana Lesedi Lovett
Lasaro Leslie Lothar
Lashawn Lestat Luc
Laszlo Lester Lucas
Latavious Letlotlo Lucaster
Lateef Leto Lucca
Latham Lev Lucero
Lathan Levent Lucian
Latif Levente Luciano
Latrell Leveon Lucien
Lauge Leveret Lucifer
Laughlin Leverett Lucilius
Lauran Leverton Lucino
Laurence Levi Lucio
Laurent Leviathan Lucius
Laurie Levii Lucky
Laurits Levin Lucus
Lauro Levinson Ludlow
Lautaro Leviticus Luduvico
Lav Levon Ludwig
Laver Levy Lueius
Lavi Lewi Lufian
Lavon Lewis Lufti
Lavontae Lewy Lugaidh
Lavonte Lex Lughaidh
Lawford Lexton Luigi
Lawrence Lexus Luiginw
Leron Leyman Luis
Lawton Leyti Luisito
Lawyer Lezane Luisma
Laxton Lia Luismi
Layan Liam Luka
Layden Lian Lukas
Layke Liana Luke
Layla Liberato Luken
Laylen Liberty Luki
Layne Liborio Lukman
Layton Lidmann Lulani
Lazar Live Lull
Lazare Lieven Lulling
Lazaro Lifton Lum
Lazarus Light Lumo
Laze Ligo Lumumba
Lazer Lihan Lun
Lazuli Liko Lunden
Lazzaro Lillebror Lundie
Le’Angelo Lilo Luqman
Lea Lim Luster
Leabua Limerick Lutakkome
Leaf Limon Lutalo
Leafer Lin Luthais
Leago Linc Luthando
Leah Lincoln Luther
Leal Lindael Luxovious
Lealand Linddun Luz
Leana Lindeberg Luzige
Lean Linden Lwandeka
Leander Lindisfarne Lyam
Leandre Lindsay Lydon
Leandro Lindy Lyfing
Leane Line Lyle
Lear Linhanda Lynch
Learoy Link Lynd
Learoyd Linkin Lynde
Leart Linkoln Lyndon
Leary Linleah Lynette
Leathan Linnaeus Lynne
Lebogang Lino Lynwood
Lebohang Lintang Lyonel
Lebron Linton Lyosha
Lech Lintun Lyre
Led Linus Lyric
Ledarius Lio Lysander
Ledger Lionel Lytton
Lee Lior Lyuben
Leel Lipp Lyxander
Leeland Lippo

So you see, you really have some of the best and unique names when it comes to choosing a good name for your little baby boy that start with L.  Each name encompasses the character of the person beyond its objective purpose.  So pick the right name that will remain with your child forever.

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