110 Cute & Unique Southern Boy Names With Meanings

110 Southern Baby Boy Names & Their Meanings

The southerners living south of the Mason-Dixon Line are showy people who love their sugary teas and history and deeply respect names with subtle meanings that have been handed down since medieval times. Their strong family bonds show in names like Jackson, Greyson, and the mean son of Jack or Grey. They are also hard-working and have names based on professions, like the boy names Hunter, Walker, Mason, and more. So, let us quickly look at country southern baby boy names that are classical, Bohemian, trendy and traditional.

Adorable Southern Baby Names for Boy

Next to having a safe delivery and a healthy bonnie baby boy, there is no task quite its equivalent to naming the lad. A name with a meaning carrying a blessing is meant to last for life and even be inspirational. So let us look at some traditional names used by the Southerners. Any southerner is recognizable with classical names like Judd, Eagle, Merle, Blake, Conway, Percy, Thaddeus, Jeremiah, Gus, Frankie, Butch, Tex, Huck, Bubba, Remington or Remy and names that are not only unique but full of meaning.

We have compiled a list of fifty names below with their meanings to help you get strong southern boy names. Most Southerners tend to have a first name, middle name and surname. So a cheat sheet is certainly helpful if you plan to use the name in any of these positions. After all, the names of Southerners and their baby boys are distinguished and adapted from several cultures. Some of the more used boy names that are popular are Stetson, Luke, Wyatt, Bowie, Shane, Wayne, and Colton, or stylish names like Dale, Arnold, Clement, Kit or Cheyenne.




Latin origin name meaning ‘full of dignity or majestic’. It is also the name of a place.


A unisex name for the French language meant to name ‘one who rules with the wisdom of the elves’. Avis is a masculine variation.


Unique southern name means ‘good at the artwork’ and is an artist’s skill level. Also spelt as Artie and Ardy.


The name Aaron is a popular baby boy name of Hebrew origin that means ‘strong’.


Abbott is a popular baby boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘father’.

Billy Boy

Nickname for William and means ‘resolute guardian’. Sounds cow-boyish too!


This Latin-originating name means ‘good’ and can also be used as Bonnie, Bona, or Bonne.


French origin name meaning ‘special’ or ‘good’. It can also be spelt as Boon.


Or a friend is a colloquial way of saying it in English. Has the nickname of Bud built into it.


Bailey is a delightful gender-neutral name of old English origin and means ‘fortification’.


Baxter is an Anglo-Saxon name having Scottish roots derived from the English occupational surname meaning ‘baker’.


From Latin origins, the name connotes ‘wealth’. Remember the singer Johny Cash of country music fame?


A typical gender-neutral name suggests great beauty in the Greek language.


Or the strong man’ has a German origin. Many regents have used this name.


The Irish name is taken from the Gaelic term Conchobar which in Scottish means ‘wise man. O’Connor or Conchobar is a variant.


Carlisle is a gender-neutral name of English origin that means ‘protected’.


Copeland is a popular gender-neutral name meaning ‘bought land’.


The Gaelic name means ‘the brave one’.


Of Scottish origins, it means ‘a son of David’. A variant is Davidson.


The name means ‘the Valley of water’ and is of Irish origins. Also, the name of a place.


Darl has French origins, and means ‘a beloved person’.


The term is Greek and means ‘a messenger or servant of God’.


This name of English origin means ‘a brave warrior’. You can use Earl too.


The English word for green forest lands and a name inspired by the colour green.


The name is of English origins and means ‘the person from the flatlands’.


Means the illustrious one or the nobleman in the Gaelic language.


Of Latin origin, this name means ‘one who is watchful or a guardian angel’.


Gail is a popular name of English origin which means ‘joy of the father’.


Giles is a catchy male name of English origin which means ‘young goat’.


A gender-neutral name is typical in the Southern areas and very hip. So is Pixie.


Or ‘one who plays the harp’ is a traditional southern name which is gender-neutral.


Harrison is a baby boy name of English origin meaning ‘son of harry’.


Homer is a male name of Greek origin that means ‘security’.


The name means ‘a hero’ and is of Anglo-Saxon origins. It also means ‘of manly characteristics like rugged, handsome, virile etc’.


Named after Houston, it means ‘town’ and is of English origins.


With origin in the Hebrew language, it means ‘son of Jack’. Jack, Bill and almost all names had an appendix in medieval times.


In Hebrew, this means ‘the beloved of God’. You can try Jediah, Jude, Judah or Judeah too.


Or ‘the son of Jeffery’ is an Anglo-Saxon name for your son.


The name means ‘one whom God has exalted’. Jeremy, James, and Jerry are all variants to use.


The Hawaiian originating name means ‘a cool breeze’. As in Keanu Reeves.


Lafe is a baby boy name of Hebrew origin that means ‘charismatic’.


Landon is primarily a male name of English origin, meaning from the long hill’. 


Meaning ‘a plum’, the name is of Chinese origins.


Used to denote a good artisan, the name has French and Germanic influences of calling stone workers by the name.


This Southern name is inspired by the place Memphis.


Magnus is a baby boy’s name with Latin roots. It means ‘the greatest’.


With English origins, the medieval times’ profession of this name was of a gamekeeper.


Hebrew name for the cottage of the priest and biblical in nature.


Want your son to go to law school. The name means one who advises.


The English term for ‘a beam of light’. Also a surname in India.


This name means ‘a field of birds’ and is of Anglo-Saxon origins.


The name is taken from the colour and is an English term. Can also be spelt Rhed.


This French name means ‘kingly’. It has many variations and is a multicultural name and sometimes a surname in India.


The name means red-headed in Latin and was popular for naming the red-haired boys of medieval times.


Riley is a gender-neutral name derived from the original Gaelic word that means ‘valiant’.


Samson is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘sun’.


The name is derived from English and means ‘from the village or estate’.


The name connotes ‘a little star’ and is of English origin. It also means the best quality when mentioned with precious goods.


Spelt in English, it indicates the profession of a tailor. Ah, yes, Elizabeth Taylor!


In French, this name means to pull. Some magnetic power for the little one?


Tucker is a popular boy name of Middle English origin and means ‘tailor.’


Vardaman has Norman roots, meaning ‘guardian or watchman’.


Victor is a boy’s name having Latin roots meaning ‘conqueror’.


The name from the Latin lexicon means ‘to be ever-youthful’. You can shorten it to Vern, Ernie, and Verna too.


Warrick is a boy’s name having English origins, meaning ‘a strong leader who defends.’


A name that was chosen for kings and princes as it means ‘strong-willed and valiant warrior’ in German who spell it Wilheim or Wilhelm.

Waylon/ Waylan

The English origin name means ‘an angel from God’. Remember Waylon Jennings the famed southern singer of country music?


Taken from the willow tree, it means ‘freedom’ and is of English origins.


The English name means ‘well-watered fields and meadows’.


The name implies ‘son of Walter’, which is of Germanic origin and means an army ruler.

Old Southern Baby Boy Names

It ain’t like all the boy names of the modern baby need to be trendy and hipster. The old-fashioned southern names do just as well as long as they have strong meanings and suit the southerner’s tastes. Bohemian Baby names are unique and suit the southerners well. Names like Aspen, Forest, Haze, Heath, Laurel, Meadow and Willow are unique boy names too! Down South, you may find boys with typical and classical names: Billy, Bennett, Stratton, Abott, Carlisle, Spencer, Ardy or Marcus. Here is our list of some names that have a typical southern ring to them like Nash, Knox, Brooks, Hayes, Mercer, Reed, Sutton, and Emerson. Some of the multicultural names becoming popular of recent are Maxime the greatest, Norris from the North, Marquis a noble rank, Miquel or like God, Sid from St Denis, Rene the reincarnated, Parfait or perfect, Pierce or a rock, Paul the little master, Percival or piercing through the veil, Orvil also spelt Orwell hailing from the golden village, Perry or Pierre the rocky stone,  Rainier the wise counsellor, Quinn the fifth born, Remi or Remy the powerful, Ray, Roy or Roi the king or light beam, Sommer or born in Summer, and Romaine or Roman from Rome of course!





The name Anse is a boy’s name of German and French roots meaning ‘cove’.


Armstid means ‘very mystical and mysterious person’. It has and Anglo-Saxon origin.


French name that means ‘handsome man’ or ‘manly’.


Sounds royal and an Anglo Saxon word to mean ‘a ruler of men’.


Dewey is a boy’s name of Welsh origin meaning ‘beloved’.


Edison is a popular historical British name meaning ‘son of Edward’.


Elliot is an old gender-neutral Hebrew name that means ‘the Lord is my protector’.


This name has Hebrew origins and means ‘my God is Jehovah’.


Named after the bird and the celebrated book of the southerners ‘To kill a Mocking Bird.’


Gavin is a Welsh-based male given name with an approachable pronunciation that belies a courageous and alluring personality. Gavin holds the meaning ‘white hawk’.


In Greek, the name means ‘gorgeous’ and was also used in medieval times to mean ‘a farmer or tiller of the lands’.


Gillespie, which means ‘son of the Bishop’s servant,’ is largely a male name of Scottish origin.


The boy’s name Graham has distinct British origins. Graham actually hails from Grantham, an English settlement that means ‘gravel area’ or ‘gray farmhouse.’


The English term means ‘one who hunts’.


A nickname for the name John, the medieval name means ‘beloved of the Lord’.


A Biblical name, it means ‘a gift from God’ and has Latin origins.


The name judge is primarily used as a boy’s name in England. It means ‘judge.’


The meaning of the English name Lester, which means ‘from leicester, England,’ is generally given to a male baby.


The meaning of the name MacGowan in Scottish baby names is ‘ son of the smith.


A Nordic name that means ‘a powerful power’ or ‘manly power’.


A biblical name and means ‘inspirational ruler’. It has Latin origins.


The name means ‘iconic bear cub’ and is of Latin origin.


Name with English origins means ‘from the land of the oaks’ or ‘clearing by the oak trees’.


The unisex name means ‘the priest’s meadows’ and has the famous Rock and Roll icon Elvis as a namesake.


The name Percy is of French origin for boys. The meaning of this name is ‘one who pierces the valley.’


The name Pratt, which is of English origin and means ‘trick’, is primarily given to females


Porter is a male given name with English and French roots. This unusual name, which means ‘gatekeeper’ or ‘doorkeeper,’ is derived from the old French term portier.


Quinton is a British-born boy’s name. This name, which derives from the old English terms ‘cwen’ and ‘tun,’ originally referred to the queen’s settlement.


Ramsey, a gender-neutral British name, is defined as ‘low-lying land.’


Named after the place, the name has Anglo Saxon origins.


English name that means ‘at crossroads or crossings’.


Unisex name that is unique and means ‘the heart’ and is of American Indian origin.


The name means ‘a traveller’ and is of English origin.


Waylon is a masculine name of old English and Norse origins. A variant of Wayland, this name translates to ‘land by the road.’


Webb is a boy’s name with an English origin that means ‘weaver.’


By profession, it denotes ‘the cabin or wagon driver’ and has English origins.


The unique name means ‘a new home that is gorgeous and warm’. It has Spanish, Basque and Arabic origins.


This name means ‘gatekeeper’ in English and is very popular with the Southerners.

Southerners also love names like Bailey the fortification or bailiff, Warrane or the game warden, Wyatt or Wiatt the guide, Bernard the brave and bear-like, Bellamy the handsome buddy, Bell or handsome, Corbett or raven-haired, Bruce from Brys, Dillon or Dylan meaning lion-like, Dix or number ten, Denis or Dennis of the Dionysus, Gary the watchful, Joy the rejoicer, Iven the little archer, Lancelot the King’s lance-man, Linus or Lineaus or flaxen-haired, Leandre or Leander like the lion, Lionel the young lion, Marlo the young hawk, Luc or enlightened, Marque the God of War are all good choices of French names adapted by the Southerners.

Most Southern boy names are meant to be unique, rugged and with a distinct nod to their great history and culture added to an emotional attachment to old things and a typical southern drawl and roll of the tongue. Some names of places that are dear are often used as gender-neutral names like Atlanta, Tennessee, Memphis, Raleigh, Austin etc. Some use geographical features like Ridge, Lake, Delta, Bayou, River or even flower options like Sage, Garland, Fern while others like colour options like Red, Colt, Forest. Some names are Biblical, others compounded like John Dylan, John Patrick, David Christophe and others classically old Indian style like Samson, Elijah, Moses, Paul, Peter, Simon, or James. We wish you look and enjoy our list of classic southern boy names while you pick the best one for your bonnie baby boy! All the best!

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