50 Baby Boy Names That Mean King

50 Baby Boy Names That Mean King

Here is the list of 50 of the best possible collection of names for the lovely baby boys. The names are collated after studying the preferences of the populace based on careful analysis of information from various sources. The list shows various names with different origins carrying the meaning of ‘king’ to meet your expectations for a sweet yet unique name of your liking.

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Baby Boy Names Meaning King

We are taking a lot of load off your mind regarding choosing a suitable name for the baby. We are freeing you to enjoy the new arrival to your family by presenting this list of baby names that have a spread from the ancient to the modern contemporary times. The names carry the meaning of ‘king’ after which you are trying to choose a name for your cute little one.

Here is the list of 50 baby boy names to choose from:

Name                                            Meaning
Adelio Adelio means ‘father of the noble prince’. This is a Spanish name of German origin. This unique and sweet king baby boy name can be considered a good choice by parents.
Adrian It has a Latin origin. This lovely name is derived from Hadria, a town in Italy from which the name of Adriatic Sea is derived.
Amara It is of Sanskrit, Greek, or African origin. It means ‘immortal’ in Sanskrit, or ‘grace’ in the Igbo language. It is extremely popular in the UK, the US and Africa.
Augustus Augustus has a historical background with German and Roman Royals who brought it to England. This glamorous name means ‘magnificent’.
Balder This old English origin name means ‘prince, or courageous, brave’.  A variant to this name is Baldur which implies spreading light.
Baron It is an African Boy Name meaning King. It is of Old English origin. Baron means ‘young warrior’. You as a parent would like to see the fighting spirit in the young kid as he grows up.
Bourbon This is the surname of the royal families of France and Spain. It is also a place in Kentucky. This beautiful name is reasonably popular.
Caesar The famous Julius Caesar came to be the title of future kings. Also derived from this name is the Russian Czar and Kaiser in Germany.
Conrad This has an old German origin. It means ‘bold ruler’ and is the English version of the name Konrad which was held by many German kings.
Cyril This sweet name has a Greek origin and means ‘Lord’ or ‘master’. This king name for a baby boy is being used over the last 140 years.
Cyrus Cyrus is of Greek origin and means ‘lord’. It is derived from Kyros, the name of many kings of Persia. Cyrus the Great founded the Persian empire.
Darian It is of Kurdish or Persian origin. It carries the meaning of ‘kingly’ traits which any parent would like to see in their kid as he grows up. It also means ’upholder of the good’.
Donovan It is of Irish origin and is a bit unique. This sweet name means ‘chieftain’, ‘dark or brown-haired leader’. It is of Irish or Gaelic origin.
Delroy It means ‘of the king’. Its royal connection makes it unique. It has a French origin and sounds vintage. It is a good unique choice for parents.
Edgar It is of Old English origin. Ead means ‘wealthy or riches’ and gar means ‘spear’, meaning ‘wealthy spearman’. This king boy name is a long time favourite name.
Eric It is of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘Eternal ruler’. Eric is a very popular baby boy’s name in the US for a long time. It is also a short name for Frederick.
Fabian The word is of Latin origin. Many Roman emperors and saints had this name. It is derived from an old Roman clan Fabius. It is also popular in many other countries.
Fitzgerald It is of old German and French origin. It means ‘son of the spear-ruler’. It is also the Norman tradition to add Fitz to mean ‘son of’ before father’s name.
Frederick It means ‘Peaceful Ruler’. It is derived from the German, Frid meaning ‘peace’ and Ric meaning ‘ruler’. Fred can be the short form of the name Frederick.
Gentian Gentian is named after the ancient king of Illyria, present-day Croatia. It is of Latin origin and is a very popular name in Albania and other countries.
Gerald This also carries the meaning of ‘spear ruler’ and has an old German origin. It is also used in place of Fitzgerald, meaning ‘son of Gerald’.
Griffith Griffith is a lovely name of Welsh origin meaning ‘strong Lord or Prince’ and symbolizes the fighting nature of the kid. It is derived from the word Gruffudd.
Hansraj This name carries the meaning ‘King of Swans’ and has Sanskrit origin. It is a unique name in this part of the world and denotes positivity and grace.
Hector Named after the brave prince of Troy. It means to defend or restrain and is of Greek origin. The name is from Hektor, which means ‘steadfast’.
Idris It is of Greek or Arabic or Welsh origin meaning ‘like a king’, or ‘lord or prince’. This masculine name’s popularity is rising over recent years.
Jerrick Jerrick means a ‘strong gifted ruler’. It is of American and English origin, with a slightly different meaning. It is derived from Derrick or a combination of Jerold and Derrick.
Juan It means ‘God is Gracious’ and is of Spanish and Hebrew origin. It is also popular in the Spanish community.
Julian It has a royal connection, with several ancient Roman emperors having this name. It has Latin origin from Julianus meaning ‘youthful’.
Kaiser It has German and Latin origin. It is a German form of Caesar. Kaiser is suggestive of royal connections and means ‘emperor’ or ‘head of hair’.
Kingsley It has its origin in old English. It means ‘king’s meadow’. It is in use since the 19th century. Kinsley derived from it is a girl baby’s name.
Ladomir This has its origin from Croatia which derives it from the Russian Vladimir. The appealing, but slightly uncommon name Ladomir means a ‘famous ruler’.
Leroy An exciting and popular name, Leroy has French origin and means ‘the King’.
Malik This has its origin from the Arabic. It means ‘king’ or ‘sovereign’ and is popular among the African-American people. This was brought to the US in the 1970s from the Middle East.
Minos This is of Greek origin. It is about the king of Crete who built the complex labyrinth.
Neil This has an Irish origin and means ‘champion’. You can find a few artists with this name. This person is a powerhouse and touches people he comes in contact with.
Paris This is German French origin. It is used for both boys and girls. Paris is based on the prince of Troy who was instrumental for the Trojan war because of his love with Helen.
Prince This name is getting popular recently. It is of a Latin origin meaning ‘chief’, or ‘son of a king’. It is popular in many countries of the world.
Quinton This appealing name has English origin and means ‘Queen’s manor’. It is derived from the Roman Quintus. It is used as a given name or a surname.
Rana This has Sanskrit origin and means ‘king. In Arabic, it means ‘eye-catching’. It is popular in many countries across the world.
Rian This has an Irish origin and means, ‘Little King’. The derived form is Ryan and also believed to be from O’Rian, a diminutive form of king, hence ‘little king’.
Rajan This has its origin in Sanskrit. It means ‘ruler’. Raj means ‘kingdom’ or ‘rule’.  Rajan can be shortened to Raja.
Richard This means a ‘powerful ruler’ and has a German origin. There are several English rulers with this name and a few famous Hollywood stars carry this name.
Sargon This has a Greek origin and means a ‘true king’.
Solomon Solomon means ‘peace’ and is of Hebrew origin. Solomon was the king of Israel who chose wisdom to become a good king when God gave him a boon.
Steven This is a variant of Stephen or even Stephanus. Steven means ‘garland or Crown’ and has English and Greek origins.
Ted This short and sweet name means ‘wealthy guard or God’s gift’. This is a short form of the old name Theodore and is of Greek and Old English origin.
Terry Terry is from the German name Theodoric meaning ‘peoples’ ruler’ or ‘power of the tribe’. The usage of Terry has decreased for the girls.
Torvald Torvald is a kings name for baby boy which carries the meaning ‘Thor’s ruler’. It is of Scandinavian origin. It is derived from thor meaning ‘thunder god’ and Valdr meaning ‘to rule’.
Vladimir This is a popular name meaning ‘renowned prince’ or ‘universal ruler’. This pleasant-sounding name is of Slavic origin. Kids with this name have a desire to excel.
William This is of old German origin and means ‘determined protector’. This has been a royal name in England for over 6 centuries. It is conservative as well as contemporary and a popular name from ‘w’.

We have included some of the best baby names with different meanings and origins for the eager parents to choose from.

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