Scott Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Scott Name Meaning and Origin

A person’s name is a unique identifier that allows others to recognize them. Naming a baby is a holy process, and every parent strives to give their child the greatest name possible. Scott is a lovely Christian boy’s name that parents and everyone else adore. This name is not only lovely but also profound, giving a distinct identity to a baby. Let’s know the meaning and origin of Scott to understand why it is so popular.

What Does Scott Mean? 

Scott is a popular surname and first name across the world. The significance and meaning of Scott are apparent from the name itself. It means “from Scotland” or “Scotsman” and signifies a person whose ancestors are natives of Scotland. It also means a “wanderer.” For the Anglo-Saxons, Scott’s name also means “painted warrior.” During their battle with Scottish warriors, Anglo-Saxons painted their faces in blue color to scare the Scottish warriors. This led to the name Scott.


The name Scott is of Scottish and English origins with its roots in the Latin language. Scott is an ethnic or geographical name for a Scotsman or a Gaelic speaker, originating from the Old English Scotti, originally a generic term given to Gaelic raiders from Ireland by the Romans. Scott originated as a byname for people living in or natives of Scotland or from the Gaelic speaking community who were aboriginals of Ireland. This name of Anglo-Saxon origin was first mentioned in the foundation of Holyrood Abbey and Selkirk, charter recording in 1120 first attributed to Uchtredus filius Scoti. It also was prevalent in the border riding clans settled in Peebleshire in the 10th century. Scott was used as a first name even before and after the Norman Conquest. In modern times it is mostly preferred by parents who are sentient of their Scottish heritage and ancestry. In other cultures, too is adored for its cultural significance and pleasing sound.




  • Skot
  • s-co-tt
  • Sko-tt
  • skaht


1 syllable


5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

Though Scott is an Anglo-Saxon origin name, there are few Scott name variations in other languages too. Some other spellings for Scott with their Origins are:

Name Origin
Scottas Celtic
Scot  English
Scottie English
Scotto English
Scotty Old English
Scout French
Skeet Scandinavian
Escott Old English
Ascot Old English
Alcott Old English

How Popular Is the Name Scott? 

Scott is a popular and common surname in Scotland. It ranks at number tenth position in the most popular surname in Scotland, 36th most popular surname in the US, and 42nd in England. However, it ranks at 563 positions in the popularity charts as a first name per Social Security Administration rankings. The Scott popularity ranking was the highest in the 1960s and 1970s. In fact, in 1969, it reached the 12th rank, and in 1971, it reached the tenth rank in popularity. It maintained itself in the 100 most popular male names till 1995. But, after that, The Scott baby name ranking started gradually declining. In 2000 it was at 158th rank, and by 2020, it was at 563 positions. 

Interest in Scott – Worldwide

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Scott has mostly been in the range of 50 to 70 in the Google search trend for the last decade. In 2015 and 2018, it touched its highest search rank of 73 and 75, respectively. In some years in between, it dipped below 50 to 48 or 49 but not below that. However, after the year 2020, the name saw a gradual dip in search trends and reached the rank of 46 in Oct 2021. 

Interest in Scott – the US

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The US search data for Scott slightly differ from the Worldwide Google search data. In the US, it stays between 43 to 55 positions, reaching its peak search position of 71 in Jan 2015. In Oct 2021, Scott’s position dipped to 41.

Popularity of the Name Scott 


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Scott – Worldwide

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It’s no surprise that Scott was searched highest in the United States as per the Google Search trends. After the US, it is most searched in Australia, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. 

Search Trends of Scott – the US

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The highest interest in Scott in the US was recorded in Iowa in the last decade. Iowa is followed by Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Texas in the top five sub-regions in the US to search for Scott.   

Middle Names That Go With Scott 

Add a middle name that complements Scott to make your baby’s name more distinctive. Some double names with Scott are:

Nelson Walter
Martin Thomas
Robert Willie
Clark Joseph
Taylor Richard
James Edward
William Frank
Charles George

Famous People Named Scott 

Wondering are there any famous people called Scott? Scott has been the name/surname for many renowned people in literature, acting, music, science, etc. Some of the most popular people named Scott are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous for
Sir Walter Scott Great Scottish patriot, writer, and poet
Naomi Scott Actress and singer
Scott Eastwood Actor
Scott Disick Reality TV Star
Scott Joplin Composer
Scott Kelly Astronaut
Scott Adkins Actor, martial artist, and gymnast
Scott Weiland Alternative metal/rock/grunge/hard rock, and neo-psychedelia musician
Adam Scott Actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and comedian
Sir Ridley Scott Film producer and film director

Similar Names & Last Names 

Looking for similar baby names like Scott? Some other names for Scott with suitable family names for Scott are: 

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Sean Johnson
Justin Miller
Dior Brown
Tyler Anderson
Samuel Robinson
Dane Thompson
Oliver Wilson
Jonathan Moore
Simeon Thomas
Ryan Campbell

Names That Sound Like Scott 

Looking for other names that rhyme with Scott, which can be considered instead of Scott? Some names that sound like Scott are:

Arnout Sachet
Scarlett Seath
Seth Setia
Skye Saint
Suzette Sadie

Sibling Names Related to Scott 

Searching for sibling names that go with Scott? Below are some adorable sister names for Scott, along with some suitable brother names for Scott:

Sister names for Scott Brother names for Scott
Lexi Abott
Carla Shane
Alice Adrian
Jennifer Matthew
Kate Neil
Marie Abbott
Elizabeth Carlisle
Kimberly Grant
Emma Dean
Denise Alexander

Nicknames for Scott 

Keeping a cute nickname for your beloved baby is as important as his first name. Some adorable nicknames for Scott are:

Sol Biscotti
Tee Coty
Ottis Squat
Otts Sceeter
Scoot Tye

The first gift you give your kid is their name, be it their formal name or a nickname. Scott, with its ethnic connotations, is a short and simple name depicting a strong personality. It is a cool name to christen your baby boy.


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