60 Disney Character Inspired Baby Boy Names With Meanings

60 Popular Disney Names for Baby Boy

You’re about to give birth to a little prince and are wondering what to name him.  If you’re someone who has been enamoured by the world of Disney growing up, why not name him something from that wonderful universe? Disney names are extremely well-thought-out and range from normal to absolutely exotic.

There are names from some of the greatest cartoons and characters of our times, but they still sound new and fresh. From the regular Christopher and Andy to the unique Aladdin and Amos, there’s something for everyone to choose from. We’ve gone through almost all the character names from Disney to give you different options to choose from.

Disney Character-Inspired Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Disney has played a role in shaping the childhood of many children over the last five decades or so. They’re still one of the world’s most recognized cartoon and entertainment brands, and for a good reason. For over sixty years or so, they’ve created memorable characters that have taught little kids about the meaning of life and other important facts of it.

Apart from being a great source of entertainment, the cute names of some characters have struck a chord with many parents who grew up watching these cartoons. From the beautiful Ariel in Little Mermaid to Peter Pan in the eponymously named book, these names have had long-reaching effects all over the world.

If you’re expecting a boy, or know someone who is, then considering or suggesting Disney names is actually a great idea. Your kids will have a fun story to tell and you can pay tribute to some of your favourite characters with the help of these Disney baby boy names.




Aladdin is the hero in the book and movie of the same name. His name originates from Arabic and means “nobility of faith.”


Amos Slade is the antagonist in “Fox and the Hound.” However, the real meaning of Amos means “is carried by God.”


The owner of the toys in Toy Story, Andy is a short form for “Andrew.” The name means “manly” and is a great option for parents looking for a short and cute name.


Arlo is the name of the young dinosaur in the movie, “The Good Dinosaur.” The origins are believed to be from the Anglo-Saxon word which means, “army or troop”.


The main character in “The Sword in the Stone,” Arthur is a Celtic word which means, “Strong as a bear”.


The laid back and absolutely adorable bear from The Jungle Book. The word is derived from the Hindi word which simply means, “bear”.


The name of the Great White Shark that’s funnily vegetarian in Finding Nemo. This is a regal name you could choose and it means “from the brushwood thicket”.


The first name of “Buzz Lightyear” from Toy Story, this name is inspired by the legendary astronaut, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and is a great name for your little boy. Buzz is a cool-sounding name as well and will help your son stand apart from the rest


A rare, Irish name that means “from the narrow forest,” Calhoun is the last name of Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph. This is a rare name that still hasn’t caught on, so you could set the trend by naming your boy this.


One of the two naughty chipmunks from “Chip and Dale.” Chip is a short form for Charlie, which means “Free man.” Chip is a cool name and you could use it as a nickname for your little boy.


This name means “bearer of Christ.” It is the name of the sweet boy who befriends Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.


An English name that means “place with good clay,” Clayton is the name of the villain from the jungle-inspired cartoon, Tarzan.


The father of Kristoff in Frozen, Cliff means “the one who lives near the ford by the cliff” and is an English derivative name.


The speedy little boy from Incredibles, Dash is a great synonym for speed and tenacity.


The lovable, legendary duck from Mickey’s world, Donald means the “ruler of the world.”


Duke Weaselton is one of the characters from “Zootopia” and his name is a regal moniker given to aristocrats.


The lovable, fire-breathing dragon from “Pete’s Dragon,” Elliott is a Christian name that means “Jehovah is God.”


One of the heroes from the Little Mermaid, Eric means the ever ruler.


The name of the boy from “Wreck-It Ralph,” Felix means “lucky and happy” and is a great boy name from the Disney movies


One of the antagonists from Cars 2, Finn is a hero’s name in ancient Celtic mythology.


Another popular hero from Tangled, Flynn is a great name for a baby boy and means “the red-haired one” in Gaelic


A rare and unique French name, this is the villain from the cartoon, Beauty and the Beast. The name means from the village of Gascony.


The cute little companion of Cinderella. Gus is short for Augustus, which means “great.”


The prince who wooed Anna in Frozen, Hans is a Dutch, Scandinavian, German short form for Johannes and means “Gift from God.”


The hero from Big Hero 6, Hiro is a Japanese name that means “abundant or tolerant”


One of the characters from Cars, Hudson means “Hugh’s Son” and is a common name around America, but still a nice one to name your baby boy.


The villainous bird from Aladdin, this is a Hebrew name that means supplanter.


The main villain in Aladdin, Jafar is an Arabic name and means small stream.


Despite being a little old-fashioned, James translates to “heel or supplanter” and is an ancient Biblical name.


Short form of Jacques, Jaq is another of Cinderella’s companions. It’s name means “seizing by the heel” or “Supplanting”.


A Native American name and a character from Pocohontas, Kocoum means Captain.


The lovable sidekick of Anna from Frozen, Kristoff is another variation of Christopher, which is “bearer of Christ.”


One of the villains from “The Princess and the Frog,” Lawrence is an ancient Roman name that means “From Laurentium”


The alligator that toots his own trumpet in “The Princess and the Frog,” Louis means “renowned warrior” and is a popular British and American name.


The protective, lovable father from Finding Nemo, Marlin means “dweller at the famous land” and has English origins


The name of the English Sheepdog in the Little Mermaid, Max is a short form for Maximillian and means the “greatest”.


The cute sidekick for Pocohontas, Meeko means “wisdom and great strength”. It’s origins are unknown.


A common name but a popular one, Michael is the name of multiple characters from Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. It is of Hebrew origin and means “who is like God.”


The first, most legendary character from Walt Disney. It is a great way to pay tribute to the icon and is also a name that’s not too common, so go ahead and buck the trend!


Ramsey’s little brother’s name in the “The Little Dinosaur,” Nash is an English word that means “by the ash tree.”


The main character from “Finding Nemo,” Nemo is a cute name for your baby boy. It means “nobody” in ancient Greek


One of the characters in Frozen, Oaken is a distinctive name that means “oak dining table.”


The lovable snowman who turns into a living being in Frozen, Olaf is a Scandinavian name that means “ancestor’s relic”.


The lead role in “Oliver and Company,” Oliver is a French word that means “olive tree”.


The cute rabbit from Mickey’s world, Oswald is an English name that means “divine power.”


The funny chameleon from Tangled, Pascal means “relating to Easter” and is a popular Latin derived name.


The villain from “The Rescuers Down Under,” Percival means “the one who pierces the valley.”


Pete is one of the characters from “Mickey and Friends.” His name is short for Peter which means “Stone or rock.”


The iconic Prince from Sleeping Beauty, Phillip is a French-derived name and means “lover of horses” and is a popular boy’s name.


The highly awkward monster from Monsters Inc., Randall is a vernacular of the name “Randolph” which means “wolf shield.”


The cute mouse from Ratatouille, Remy is a French name with Latin origins and means “Oarsman”.


The adorable dinosaur from Toy Story, Rex is a name that means “King”.


Short form for “Robert,” Robin means “bright fame” and is from the Winnie the Pooh series.


A French-origin word, Russell means “red-haired one.” It is the name of the main character from the lovely Disney movie, Up!


The helpful crab and sidekick to Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Sebastian means “from Sebaste” and was also the name of a beloved, martyred saint.


The endearing Mulan also gave us the brave captain, Shang Li. Shang is a Chinese word which means “to soar”


Aurora’s dad in Sleeping Beauty, Stefan is an elegant name for a boy and means “crowning glory”


Short for “James P. Sullivan,” it is the name of the blue monster from Monsters Inc. It is of Celtic origin and means “black-eyed one.”


The albatross from “Rescuers  Down Under,” is an old German name that means “brilliant and resolute”


The charming con-artist from Zootopia, Wilde which is an English origin word simply meaning “Wild”. You could even consider Wilder as a nice middle name.

Thus, you can choose from these many male Disney character names and end up giving your little boy a nice tribute to some of the greatest, most iconic cartoons of all time! Disney is a universe that constantly keeps innovating with their names and you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy. Keep this as a good place to start or even choose from, and you could use these names as cute nicknames for your little boy. Make sure they grow up knowing about the magic of Disney as it is something that’s passed on from generation to generation.

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