Kalki Koechlin Welcomes Her Baby With a Sweet Post!

Kalki Koechlin Welcomes Her Baby With a Sweet Post!

Actor Kalki Koechlin and her boyfriend Guy Hershberg welcomed their first child together on Friday night, and have named their newborn baby girl Sappho, after an iconic Greek poet. The announcement was made via a heart-melting Instagram post by Kalki, where she salutes women who go through the intense experience of birth.

In similar news, we can’t stop gushing over Sappho’s tiny little foot imprints! Look at them!


Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8WQDTEBoXT/

Please welcome Sappho. Born 07/02/20. She just spent 9 months wrapped up like a momo in my uterus. Let’s give her some space. Thank you for all the good wishes and positive energy pouring in. And respect to all the women who go through the intense and gruesome experience of birth, be it vaginal or c section, so many of whom are not given credit or support for the biggest challenges they face, but are expected to do it out of some kind of duty. The process takes a huge toll both psychological and physical and should have the backing of an entire community to truly heal”, she wrote.

Kalki had earlier revealed in an interview that she would deliver her child through water birth. Whether she went through with it or not, the actress hasn’t revealed yet.

Kalki, who has wowed her audiences with her stellar performances in off-beat roles, has equally inspired all the aspiring mothers through her poetic Instagram posts.

“Blowing up like a balloon of anticipation coloured by YouTube videos of birthstories, Birthcentre updates, a long list of heavy books, the endless advice of mothers who know better and the black hole of Whatsapp spamming from various sources as I wait for my own version of this age-old story to unfold…”, says one such post.


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Here are a few more glimpses from her pregnancy diaries –


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Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7ffHTIB9lJ/


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Kalki Koechlin was previously married to filmmaker Anurag Kashyap in 2011, but the couple got divorced in 2015. She confirmed her relationship with her Israeli boyfriend Guy Hershberg, in September last year, through an intimate photo of the two of them by the sea.


Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B12d2spBeSN/

When asked about her family’s response to her pregnancy, on a radio show, Kalki replied that both she and her partner belonged to families that were quite unconventional in terms of not having to be married in the traditional sense. Her mother was extremely supportive and told her- “The next time you marry, just make sure it’s for life.” Looks like Kalki is honouring her mother’s advice and not rushing into marriage this time. For now, the family is enjoying their newest little addition.

While we await further updates and pictures of the little one, we wish the couple heartiest congratulations on their little bundle of joy, and this new journey of parenthood!

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