Top 60 Disney Characters Inspired Baby Girl Names

60 Best Baby Girl Names Inspired by Disney Characters

For couples who have recently become or are about to be parents, Disney will always hold a special place in their hearts. They have grown watching various Disney movies and falling in love with the characters over and over again.

With over 90 years of history, Walt Disney is a name that no 80s or 90s kid will ever forget. His movies are an integral part of their growing up years, and choosing girl names from Disney characters is sure to bring back many warm memories.

If movies like Lion King and Bambi take you to your childhood and fill your mind with memories that will always stay special in your hearts, you are at the right place. A Disney-inspired name is something that you will love to call your baby girl with.

Also, let’s not forget about every child’s fascination with the Disneyland. Your baby girl will love her name when she grows up.

While there are a plenty of Disney characters and their corresponding names, choosing the right one for your baby girl can be a daunting task.

60 Popular Disney Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Here are some adorable female Disney names and their meaning. Choose one depending on the meaning and the character you can relate to most.




This name has a Hebrew origin and means ‘my father is joyful.’ It can be shorted to Abby, and is a very popular name in the US.


It originates from the name ‘Adalheidis,’ which is an Old High German name and means ‘noble natured.’


Adella, name of Ariel’s sister is an uncommon name. It means ‘noble’. There is a famous singer named ‘Adele’ known by all.


Alice in Wonderland is a story and movie that we all love. The name means the same as above, and has its root in France as well as Germany. It is the short form of ‘Adelais,’ a French name and ‘Adalheidis.’


Amelia is a female, old-fashioned goose in the movie. Her name is a blend of the name Amalia and Emilia, and means ‘striving’ and ‘industrious’ in Latin.


Anna is a Latin name that originates from the Hebrew name ‘Hannah’ which means ‘full of grace’ and ‘favor.’ In the Bible, Anna was a merciful and sincere woman.


It has a Latin origin and comes from the name ‘Annabelle’ meaning ‘loveable,’ ‘loving,’ and ‘beautiful.’


Alice, the beautiful mermaid is loved by all. It is a biblical Hebrew name of a man. Alice means ‘lion of God.’


Atta originates from the name ‘Ata’ and this name can be found in the history of Arabic, Persia and Turkey. It means ‘gift.’


Aurora has a Latin origin and means ‘dawn.’ It is a popular Disney-inspired name and according to Roman mythology Aurora is the goddess of sunrise.


Belle is a French name and often thought to be the shortened versions of Annabelle or Isabelle. It means ‘beautiful’ and is quite a popular name.


Originating from the Italian word ‘bianco’ meaning ‘pure and white,’ Bianca is another choice you have. Nicknames for Bianca can be Binky, Bee and more.


Carrie was the most-used shortened versions of Caroline or Carol, names of Latin origin meaning ‘freeman’. Now it’s an independent name and can also mean ‘joy and happiness.’


The name Casey has Irish roots, and originated from the surname O’Cathasaigh. It means ‘watchful’ and ‘vigilant.’


Celia is a Latin name, and the feminine version of Caelius, a Roman clan name. It means ‘heavenly.’


The female version of Charlot is Charlotte, and it has a French origin. Charlot derives from Charles and means ‘petite’ or ‘freeman.’


Colette appeared as the female version of the name Nicholas in the Middle Ages. It means ‘victorious’ or ‘necklace.’


Daisy is an old English name and a name of a flower. It means ‘day’s eye’ in Old English.


The name Dany has a Hebrew origin and means ‘God will judge.’


Dory is quite a popular female name in France. It means ‘gift of God.’


Elinor is an English name, derived from the Greek name ‘Eleanor.’ The meaning of this name is ‘shining light.’


Derived from the Hebrew name ‘Elisheva,’ Elizabeth is a classic English name. It means ‘pledged to God.’ Greeks use the name ‘Elisabeth.’


It has its root originating in Scandinavia, and is the shorter version of the Greek name ‘Elisabeth’ or Hebrew name ‘Elisheva.’ Meaning is same as above.


This name has recently become common, and you will come across a celebrity couple naming their girl Esmeralda. It originates from Spain and means ‘emerald.’


Eve is derived from Eva, a Latin name. Eva has its origination in Hebrew from the word ‘Chavah,’ meaning ‘living.’


Flora is the name of the fairy in Sleeping Beauty. Flora is the name given to the Roman goddess of flowers, garden and spring. The word means ‘flower.’


Franny or Frannie is derived from the masculine French name ‘Francis.’ It means ‘freeman’ or ‘from France.’


Ginny is derived from the word ‘Verginius,’ which is an old Roman family name. It means ‘chaste, pure and virgin-like.’


This name has its roots in Germany, and is derived from the word ‘gisil.’ It is a popular French name and means ‘as beautiful as the stars.’


Jane is a name that you can find in the Bible. Jane is the feminine version of John in both Hebrew and English. It is derived from the words ‘chanan’ meaning ‘to be gracious’ and ‘yahweh’ meaning ‘name of God.’


Jasmine is also a name of flower. It has a Persian origin and means ‘gift of God.’


Jessie too is the feminine version of John, and often used the shorter forms of Jean and Janet. It means ‘God is gracious.’


Katie was once a short form of the names like Kathleen and Katherine that are derived from the Greek word ‘katharos’ meaning ‘pure.’ It has now become a very popular name in the US.


One of the rare names with a Hawaiian origin, Lilo means ‘gracious one.’ It appeared in the Disney movie ‘Lilo & Stitch.’


The pretty flower ‘Lily’ is a symbol of purity, trust and innocence.


This is another name originating from ‘Elizabeth.’ The meaning remains the same.


Maggie has a Latin origin, and is derived from the word ‘Margarita.’ Margarita comes from the Greek ‘margarites,’ which in turn is borrowed from the Sanskrit word ‘Manyari,’ The name means ‘pearl.’


Derived from the word ‘Maria’ meaning ‘sea of sorrow or bitterness,’ Mary is a common name among religious people. Jesus’s mother’s name was Mary.


It has a Hebrew origin and means ‘someone who is like God,’ and is a variant of the name Michaela. Though it is most commonly used to name boys, it is quite popular as a girl’s name too.


Minnie comes from the Hebrew name ‘Miryam’ meaning ‘sea of sorrow or bitterness.’


Molly is a diminutive of Mary and means the same.


Nala is derived from the Arabic name Nhala meaning ‘water in the desert’ or ‘first drink of water.’


Nonnie has its origin in Greece and is derived from the name Helen. It also a variant of German/French name Eleanor. Meaning of Nonnie is ‘sun’s rays.’


Nora, the name is an abbreviation of ‘Honora’ and ‘Eleanor.’ Honora means honor and Eleanor means light.


Olivia is the female version of ‘Oliver’ and has a Latin origin. It means ‘Olive tree.’


Penny means ‘Flower’ and is originally a Greek name.


Polly is often considered to be the alternative of the name ‘Molly’ meaning ‘sea of bitterness.’ The sound of it is a little peppier. It can also mean ‘humble.’


Rosie is the right name for a cheery baby with rosy cheeks. It is a popular English name deriving from ‘rose.’


Another version of Roxana, an old Greek name, Roxanne is a popular French and English name. Roxana has a Bactrian-Persian origin and means ‘dawn.’


The pet form of Sarah, Sally is a cute name. It means ‘princess.’


The name Samantha has different meaning in different cultures. In English and Hebrew, it means ‘God Heard.’ In Greek it means ‘flower’ and ‘listener’ in Aramaic.


The word sky in the Old Norse language means cloud. Skye is another spelling of the same name.


Sonora is a Spanish name and means ‘pleasant sounding.’


The name Susan also has different meanings in different languages. Susan is the name of lotus flower in Greek. In Hebrew it means ‘graceful lily,’ and is variant of Susannah. It also means ‘to be joyful’ in Hebrew. Susan is lily flower in Persian.


Tia is the abbreviated versions of the names Dorothea and Althea. Thea in Greek mythology was the goddess of light and mother to moon, sun and dawn. It means ‘goddess.’


This name has a Slavic origin. It means ‘fairy queen.’


Violet is a common English name, and a flower and colour.


Peter Pan’s friend is one of the most loved characters in the movie. Wendy means ‘friend.’


The willow tree is known for its beautiful leaves and slender branches. This name means ‘graceful and slender.’


Winnie has a Welsh origin and can be the shortened versions of Winifred, Edwina, Guinevere, Gwendolyn, Wynne and more. It means ‘fair one, happiness, pure, white and smooth.’

Selecting a name is not easy but it important that you choose a good one. It is not possible to judge a baby’s character by the time you have to decide her name. However, wait to meet your baby before choosing a name. Keep its uniqueness, meaning, pronunciation and your cultural roots in mind while taking a decision. Make sure to discuss with your partner and be open to ideas.

The final choice rests completely on you and your family. With over 60 cute names to choose from in the list above, this work just got a little easier for you.

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