40 Gothic Names For Girls & Their Meanings

There is no such rule that a baby’s name should be conventional, sweet-sounding or unique. The parents of this generation want names that merge old with the new one well. When looking at classic Gothic literature, there is a massive cast of characters to choose from for finding your baby name. Our beloved authors of dark fiction offer a perfect opportunity for book-loving parents to get inspiration. Whether you want a nickname for yourself or even a unique name for your baby girl, these Goth girl names ideas and the meaning behind them will surely inspire the beautiful part of your soul.

Gothic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

When choosing a Goth name for your baby girl, you should look into its origins and any hidden meanings. In some cases, a name can conceal an even lovelier meaning you would have thought, which makes the Gothic baby names a perfect choice for your little bundle of joy. Here is a list of Gothic Victorian Names to make your search stress free. Right From Gothic literature to mystical pop culture icons, today’s parents love the versions offered in these unique Gothic names and many embrace distinguished titles that have a bit of an edge to them. Others prefer to seek out otherworldly evil girl names for their little angels.

1. Amabel

Amabel is a Latin baby name meaning ‘beautiful, loving, lovable’. The softness and solemnity in the name make it perfect for gloom-tinged babies.

2. Ambrosia

Ambrosia is a Greek baby name for girls. The meaning of name Ambrosia is ‘Immortal’. It is considered a very unique and classy name for a girl.

3. Aurora

Aurora is Latin name ranking 51 on the feminine name popularity chart. Aurora is considered as a Gothic name because it was the poetic name of the Roman Goddess of sunrise.

4. Bellamira

The name Bellamira is derived from the Latin elements-‘ Bella’ means beautiful, and ‘Mira’ means wondrous. A courtesan in the play ‘The Jew of Malta’ was called Bellamira.

5. Chimaera

Chimaera is a unique Greek feminine name. In Greek baby names, Chimera means ‘The monster killed by Bellerophon’.

6. Christabel

This name is of Latin, and French origin and the meaning of Christabel is ‘beautiful Christ follower, beautiful Christian’.

7. Circe

The name Circe means Greek Goddess. This name is of Greek origin. Circe is a Goddess of magic living on the island of Aeaea.

8. Cordelia

Another great gothic name is Cordelia which is of Celtic origin, and it means ‘the daughter of the sea’. The name is beautiful and has a dark ring to it.

9. Delora

The melodic sound of the name Delora hides a darker meaning – it’s originally from Spanish which means ‘sorrow’. This is often considered a perfect name for a girl.

10. Desdemona

Another unique gothic name is Desdemona which is of Greek origin, and it means misery, Unlucky.

11. Draconia

An unusual name used for girls meaning ‘great severity’. Parents on the gothic side who want to name their daughter a dark-surrounding name go for it.

12. Edana

Edana is a girl’s name of Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Edana is ‘little fiery one’.

13. Edgar

It is a name of English origin. The meaning of the name Edgar is ‘fortunate and powerful’.

14. Eirisse

The name Eirisse is of Gothic origin. A variant of Iris, Eirisse means ‘rainbow’. The Greek Goddess of the rainbow is called Iris.

15. Elinor

Elinor is a classy feminine given name of English origin that means ‘shining light’. Short and yet so feminist and chic.

16. Elvira

Elvira is a perfect gothic name. It is of Spanish origin, which means ‘white or fair’.

17. Florentine

Originated from Latin, Florentine is a beautiful girl name meaning ‘flourishing, prosperous’.

18. Georgina

An interesting Gothic Victorian girl’s name of Greek origin meaning ’tiller of the soil, or farmer’.

19. Gregoria

The name Gregoria is a cute Greek baby girl name. The meaning of Gregoria is ‘observant, watchful’.

20. Hecate

Hecate is a Greek name possibly derived from Hekas, meaning ‘far off’. In Greek mythology, Hecate was the Goddess associated with witchcraft, demons and the underworld.

21. Isidora

The name Isidora is a gorgeous Greek baby name. The meaning of Isidora is ‘Strong gift’.

22. Isolde

The name Isolde is a girl’s name of Welsh origin that means ‘ beautiful, fair’.

23. Ivy

The name Ivy is an English origin name derived from the name of the Ivy plant. Ivy signifies ‘faithfulness’. Short, simple and yet all the more feminist.

24. Kiara

Kiara is a female given name. Kiara may be a variant of the Italian name Chiara meaning ‘bright’, or the Irish name Ciara meaning ‘dark-haired’, or a Korean meaning ‘First ray of sun’.

25. Lennon

Lennon is a girl’s name of English, Irish origin meaning ‘Lover’. Lovely lover name indeed.

26. Luna

Luna is a girl’s name of Italian origin, and it means moon. The Roman Goddess of the moon is named Luna. 

27. Maleficent

A unique name Maleficent is of Norwegian origin, and the meaning is ‘magnificent’. Isn’t the name magnificent in itself!

28. Medusa

Medusa is a Greek baby name derived from Medo, meaning ‘to protect, to rule over’.

29. Morticia

You really cannot find a name more gothic than Morticia. It’s an English origin name and was invented by Charles Addams for a mother’s role in his cartoon series ‘The Addams Family’.

30. Nova

Nova is the name of Latin origin; it means ‘new’. Nova is a name that has a feel of both freshness and high energy. It is also the name of a star that suddenly increases its brightness, then fades.

31. Olympia

Olympia is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning ‘from mount Olympus’. Mount Olympus is a home for the Greek Gods and hence a beautiful name for a gothic baby.

32. Orinda

Orinda is pronounced as or-RIN-dah, and it is of Latin origin. It is related to the Spanish word Oro means ‘gold’ or Linda means ‘pretty’.

33. Sabrina

Sabrina is a feminine given name of Latin origin. In Latin, the meaning of the name Sabrina is ‘from Cyprus or the river Severn’.

34. Samhain

The name Samhain is a girl’s name meaning ‘end of harvest season’. The name is of Irish origin, and the pronunciation is sow-in.

35. Sebastian

The most famous name on the list, Sebastian is a Latin baby name. In Latin, Sebastian’s name means ‘Venerable, revered’.

36. Starr

Starr is a famous gothic name originating from the English name Starre or Sterre, meaning star. Now you can yourself decide to keep the extra “r” in the name; we suggest that’s a personal choice.

37. Velvet

Velvet is a soft, luxurious material and the darker it is, the better. Hence Velvet is a perfect gothic name for a baby girl meaning soft. That’s as cute a name as your baby, although a popular name in Europe.

38. Willow

This name is quite popular on the feminine name popularity charts. Willow means ‘willow tree’. It is believed that anyone with this Gothic name will possess some magical or psychic power.

39. Winter

The name winter is a girl’s name of English origin. It is associated with darkness, and it has a mysterious ring to the name.

40. Zila

The name Zila is a girl’s name. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Zila is ‘Shadow’. Again a mighty name with a feminist touch.

We hope the above list of gothic baby names will provide you with maximum satisfaction for your search.

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