Top 100 Gothic Boy Names With Meanings

100 Cool and Edgy Gothic Baby Names for Boys

Choosing the right name for your baby is one of the vital decisions you have to make as a responsible parent. You find yourself amidst the chaos of various people around giving numerous suggestions for your baby’s name. After all, a name is a defining piece of a child’s identity for life.  So, forget about the suggestions offered by friends and family, and look for a name that you feel connected to or the one you love. Be it a thought-provoking name or a cool name, we present to you a curated list of unique Gothic names to choose from. The following list of Goth boy names with meanings will help you select the right one for your little prince.

Gothic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Finding cute and sweet names is a usual thing, but it is amusing to have some evil boy names as options to choose from. Find out the list of cool and edgy Gothic boy names below:

1. Auberon

You would want your son to grow up to be a noble person. Auberon is a Gothic name which means associated with ‘noble’. Auberon is a variant of the name Aubrey.

2. Astaroth

Astaroth is a unique and edgy Gothic name for your little champ. According to Christian mythology, Astaroth means a ‘demon’.

3. Adalricus

An interesting name starting from A which you would like to check out is Adalricus. Adalricus refers to a noble ruler. Let your boy shine like the sun with all the power and wealth.

4. Alfonzo

Alfonzo is an excellent Gothic name with a wonderful meaning. Alfonzo is a stylish variation to the name Alfonso which means noble and ready.

5. Amalric

Amalric is a great name for your little prince. Amalric means a person born to rule with all the power. Amalric is derived from Gothic reeks tribal names Amal and Ric. Amalric was also the name of two 12th century rulers of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

6. Ascelin

If you are an adventurous baby namer, then Ascelin is a name you would want to consider. See your son flourish and reach heights in the world with a name like Ascelin, which means from the moon.

7. Abbadon

If you want a strong and fearless name, this is perfect! The name means the destroyer. 

8. Acanthus

This name is of Greek and Latin origin, and the name means ‘thorny plant’. 

9. Addams 

The name radiates gothic energy. However, the actual meaning of the name is not dark. This gothic name means ‘son of Adam’ which means ‘Earth’. 

10. Baudelaire

The name is of French origin and is usually used as a surname. The name means ‘short sword’. 

11. Belial 

Belial is a biblical name with a gothic and dark meaning. It is one of the names of the devil or one of the fiends. 

12. Bran 

The name is of Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic origins and mean a thicket of wild gorse. 

13. Brendan

The name is derived from Gaelic, which is in turn derived from old Irish. It means Prince. 

14. Balor

If you are looking for a catchy Gothic name starting with the letter B, then Balor is a good option. Balor means a one-eyed giant according to Irish mythology.

15. Bram

Bram is a lovely Gothic name for your son. Bram means one who is the father of many children. It is popular in Netherland, Scottland, and Australia.

16. Brander

Raising your son to be a powerhouse of immense strength is a great deal. The name Brander is a Gothic name which means ‘sword of fire’.

17. Cadell

For parents who are fascinated by the spirit of the war field, Cadell is a name you should not miss. Cadell is a trendy Gothic name popular in Australia, Britain, and England. Cadell is a wonderful choice as it essentially reflects the idea of a battle spirit

18. Chimaera

Chimaera is another mythological name that is unique and cool. Chimaera is a beast made up of different animals.

19. Corbin

Corbin refers to a raven. Corbin is a wonderful Gothic name originated from a French surname which means a person who had dark hair colour.

20. Cynfael

Check out the name Cynfael which is edgy and unusual. Cynfael is an apt name for your prince as it means chief prince.

21. Cadogan

This mighty name means glory and honor. It is suitable for your little boy if you want them to grow up righteous. 

22. Caedmon 

This beautiful yet humble name means wise warrior. Your child will definitely fight all his battles with wisdom! 

23. Chaos 

The word is an English word derived from Greek. The name means abyss.

24. Daemon

The name may sound dark, but its meaning is quite the opposite. This popular boy name is of Green origins, and it means Guardian spirit.

25. Deverell

This gothic name has a very earthy meaning. It means the bank of a river.

26. Draven 

The name Draven is an Anglo-Saxon name, and it means the avenger. 

27. Draco

Draco is a sharp and edgy Gothic name which means dragon. This name is suitable if you want your son to be fierce.

28. Drusus

See your baby boy emerges to be powerful and strong. Drusus is a Gothic name which means strong and sturdy.

29. Dorian

Another popular Gothic name in recent years is Dorian. This name is derived from Greek and has a romantic allure to it.

30. Davorin

Davorin is a unique name from Slavic mythology. Bring in more confidence and success in the path of your son with a name like Davorin that refers to God of war.

31. Dyrk

Dyrk is a simple and sweet Gothic name which means a person who admires nightlife.

32. Edgar

Edgar is a famous name that refers to rich and prosperous. It is also the name of a popular Gothic writer Edgar Allen Poe.

33. Etienne

If you are looking for a trendy name, then Etienne is a great option to consider. Etienne comes from a French word which means ‘crown’.

34. Elatha

The name is derived from Irish mythology, and it means knowledge and art.

35. Eldritch

This is the perfect gothic name for your little one. It means something otherworldly or ghostly. 

36. Elwin 

This short and sweet name is of British origin, and it means magical being. 

37. Fenrir 

The name Fenrir comes from Norse mythology and means an enormous wolf.

38. Griffin

Griffin is a cool Gothic name for your munchkin. Griffin means the Lord who has good control over everything around him.

39. Golgotha

Golgotha is a name with a unique pronunciation. Golgotha comes from a Hebrew word that refers to a ‘skull’.

40. Gabriel

The name Gabriel is of Hebrew origin and means God is my strength.

41. Gaur

Gaur is a name of Sanskrit origins, and it means one who is just and pays attention to all.

42. Gawain

This unique name is of Welsh origins, and it means white falcon. 

43. Hades

This name comes from Greek mythology and it means the unseen. It is also the name given to the God of the underworld. 

44. Hawthorne

The name is of British origin, and it means where Hawthorne trees grow and flourish.

45. Hellebore 

This name is derived from a poisonous herb of the lily family. 

46. Hemlock

This name, too, is derived from poisonous herbs of the carrot family. 

47. Iblis

It is an Islamic name, and it is the personal name of the devil. It is possible that it has been derived from Greek. 

48. Idris

The name is of Arabic origin and has multiple meanings. The most popular meaning is to be smart. 

49. Ingram

This unique name is of Scandinavian origin, and it means raven of peace. 

50. Jael 

This short and beautiful name is of Hebrew origin and means wild mountain goat.

51. Jairus 

The name is of Hebrew origin and means God enlightens.

52. Jarlath 

The name packs a punch. It is of Irish Gaelic flaith and means leader.

53. Kazimir 

This unique name is of Slovak and Czech origin and means destroyer of peace.

54. Kimaris 

This name has a dark meaning. It is the name given to the 66th demon of the first part of the Lemegeton.

55. Kalon

For a distinctive Gothic name, you could go for Kalon. It is a unique name that refers to the sky.

56. Lycidas

If you are a parent who wants to choose a name that makes your son stand out in the crowd, then check out the name Lycidas. Lycidas is an uncommon Goth name; it has its roots in the Greek language.

57. Ladouceur 

This gentle name is of French origin and is the perfect name for your gentle little one. If you haven’t already guessed it, the meaning of the name is gentleness. 

58. Lazarus 

This subtle name is of Hebrew origin, and it means God has helped. 

59. Leandor 

This powerful name is of Greek origin, and it means brave man.

60. Martel 

The name is really attractive and smoothly runs off the tongue. This unique name means hammer.

61. Mephisto

The name is a shortened version of Mephistopheles and is the name of a devil in medieval mythology. 

62. Merle

This sweet name is gender-neutral and is of Latin origin. It means blackbird. 

63. Morgan

Morgan is a popular name all across the world; it is of Welsh origin. The name means seaborn. 

64. Natrix

This name is a classic name given to boys. It is a Latin word given to water snakes. 

65. Nephilim

Being of Hebrew origins, this name is beautiful but has a strong meaning. The name means the fallen ones. 

66. Nocturne

The name is a musical composition that is inspired by the night. This is the perfect gothic name for your little one. It is simple, and sweet yet displays gothic notes. 

67. Nodin

The name is short and simple with its roots in Native American culture. It is an ode to wind.

68. Oleander

The name Oleander is primarily of Greek origin, and it means evergreen tree. 

69. Orlok

For parents who are looking for vampire-related names, this name is just the right one. Count Orlok is a vampire from Transylvania known as the bird of death. 

70. Osiris

The name Osiris is the Latinised version of Egyptian Usir. The name means God of the underworld. 

71. Oberon

Oberon is a trendy Gothic name that has become popular in recent years. Oberon reres to ‘Elf ruler’. Oberon was also the name of the king of the fairies in the famous SHalespear’s comedy The Midnight Summer Night’s Dream.

72. Obsidian

One of the best names you could give your little boy is Obsidian. Obsidian is a cool name for your son. Obsidian is a gemstone formed from lava.

73. Ozul

A unique and classy name choice is Ozul. Ozul is a wonderful Gothic name that refers to shadow.

74. Perseus

Perseus is the name of an ancient Greek hero. Perseus is also a word used to describe ‘destroy’,

75. Pagan

The name Pagan is derived from Late Latin paganus which was used as a term for those who practiced a religion other than Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.

76. Poe

This name is of Norse origin, and it is a shortened form of peacock.

77. Quillan

This is the perfect name for your ferocious little one. The name itself is of Gaelic and Irish origins. It means cub.

78. Quillon

Quillon is a stylish yet unique Gothic name for your son. Quillon means a ‘sword’ and seems like a great option to encourage your son to be bold and brave.

79. Rook

Rook is a popular masculine Gothic name. Rook means one who looks like a raven.

80. Ransley

When we think gothic, one of the first things that come to our minds is ravens. This name means a raven’s meadow and is perfect for your little one!

81. Reign

The name is quite self-explanatory and is perfect for powerful and mighty little boys. It means rule.

82. Renwick

Apt with the theme, this name, too, calls out to goth parents fond of birds. The name means raven village.

83. Sage

The name Sage is of Latin origin, and it means wise and healthy.

84. Samael

The name is of Hebrew origin and means God has heard.

85. Samhain

This name has heavy cultural significance as in modern Irish it literally translates to summer’s end.

86. Sealin

Sealin is a cute yet unique Gothic name for your little prince

87. Sullen

An interesting name starting from S is Sullen. Sullen refers to a person with a bad temper or sullen.

88. Taos

If you are looking for a short and catchy name, Taos might be a perfect choice. Taos is a rare masculine Gothic name. Taos means a place of red willows and this name is of Native America.

89. Tierney

A regal choice of name for your little prince is Tierney. It is an adorable name which means regal.

90. Tempest

This name is quite popular and means turbulent. 

91. Thanatos

The name Thanatos has multiple interpretations, but the most popular one is believed to be the Greek personification of death.

92. Urien

The name is of Welsh origin and means of privileged birth. 

93. Vesper

Vesper means a night star. This name is also another great choice for your baby, mainly for its uniqueness and wonderful meaning.

94. Valerian

This beautiful name has Latin and Slavic roots. The name means strong.

95. Vervain

If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries, you will surely know this! The name is of French origin and is considered a magical and sacred herb in folklore.

96. Xanthus

Xanthus is a catchy and cool name. Xanthus is derived from Greek and means golden-haired.

97. Xenos

Out of a very few Gothic names which start from X, Xenos is a dynamic name which means a stranger.

98. Ywain

A fighter in your son comes to the forefront with a wonderful name like Ywain. Ywain is an adorable baby boy’s name. It is a masculine name which means a young warrior.

99. Zacchaeus

Let your son grow up to a pure soul with a Gothic name like Zacchaeus. It is a lovely name which means pure and clean.

100. Zephyr

For a stylish yet unique Gothic name, you can check out the name Zephyr. Zephyr means wind.

Your baby’s name will stay with them for a lifetime. So, select a name which you feel is apt for your child, and the one which your child always relishes upon having one. The high-stake process of choosing your baby’s name can be made easy by looking up the meanings of the beautiful Goth baby names above. Parenting comes loaded with responsibilities like choosing a name we hope the above name list helps you, Happy Parenting!

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