3 Syllable Boy Names & Their Meanings

The most important task for any new parent or would-be parent is to name their baby with a unique and meaningful name. The name of your precious baby should be distinct and virtuous, to create a positive impact wherever he goes. A cute name will suit his baby years but as he grows up, he will need a name that is strong and impactful. His name will be his identity throughout his education and career. So young parents should invest a lot of effort in choosing a great name for their baby boys, as his name will be very important in creating his strong image in their peers and society.

Three-Syllable Baby Names For Boys

A unique and meaningful name for baby boys gives the impression of class and intelligence. Most parents prefer names with some origin. The origin can be biblical, Latin, Greek or Irish, it ensures the name is meaningful and creates a positive impact. Similarly, a lot of parents want a name with a certain number of syllables to get a balanced name for their baby boy. A one or two-syllable name is less impactful than a baby boy’s names with 3 syllables. A three-syllable name is bigger and sounds more balanced with a mature impact. So for a name that is well suited to their baby boy throughout his life, parents prefer a three-syllable meaningful name.

Here are some of the most popular Three-Syllable Names for Boy Babies with Meanings for you to choose from:

1. Abraham

The Biblical origin name means “father of many nations”. The name is a variation of Avraham. Abram and Papi are popular nicknames of this name.

2. Adonis

Adonis is the name derived from ‘Adonai’ a Semitic word meaning “lord”. The name has a history in Greek mythology and is associated with a super-handsome person. The popular nickname of the name is Don and Donnie.

3. Adrien

This boy’s name is of Hebrew origin and means “from the Adria”. The name is a variation of Hadrianus and Adrian.

4. Alexis

Alexis is a variation of Alexander meaning “helper; defender”. The name is of Biblical origin. Alex is the popular shorter version of the name.

5. Alonzo

This Italian origin name is derived from Alphonse. This popular three-syllable name means “Noble”.

6. Anderson

This popular three-syllable boy’s name means “son of Anders”. The name has a Scandinavian origin.

7. Anthony

Anthony or Antony is a popular male name with Roman origins. The name is derived from the famous Mark Antony or Marcus Antonius. The Latin origin name means “priceless”.

8. Benjamin

This male name has Hebrew origin and means “son of the right hand”. In some places, it is also referred to as the youngest child of the family. Ben is the popular diminutive form of the name.

9. Cameron

Cameron is a Scottish origin name with a Gaelic meaning. The popular name means “bent or crooked nose”.

10. Christopher

One of the most popular male names of English origin, Christopher means “bearing Christ or Christ-bearer”. The name is derived from the Greek name “Christophoros”.

11. Coleman

This 3 syllables Irish boy name means “Dove” or “dark skin”. It is also an occupation English origin surname meaning “burner of charcoal”.

12. Daniel

Daniel is a popular boy’s name from Portuguese origin. The name means “God is my Judge”.

13. Dominic

This popular boy’s name has Latin-American origin and is a variation of Dominicus. The name means “Lord”.

14. Elijah

Elijah is a unique name from Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord is God”.

15. Elliot

The name is a variation of Elias and is of Scottish origin. The name means “God on high” or “my God is Jehovah”.

16. Emerson

Emerson meaning “son of Emery” is a popular boy’s name. The virtuous name also implies a “brave or powerful person”.

17. Enrique

This name is derived from Hendrik and is of Spanish origin. The name means “head of the household”.

18. Fernando

This Spanish origin name means “adventurer” or a “brave voyager”. The name is the variation of Ferdinand from German origin.

19. Francisco

This elegant name of Spanish origin means “a Frenchman”. The name is the variation of Franciscus.

20. Gianno

Gianno is an Italian variation of Johannes. This elegant name means “God is gracious”.

21. Gregory

Gregory has been the name of many Popes. It is the English variation of Latin origin name Gregorius and means “vigilant” or “on the watch” implying a vigilant person.

22. Guillermo

The name is a variation of Wilhelm and is from Spanish origins. The name implies a strong person with a meaning of “with the will as strong as a helmet”.

23. Harrison

This popular name has been the name of many popular men. The name from English origin means “son of Harry” and is also a popular surname.

24. Jeffery

Jeffery is a variation of Godfrey and the English origin name means “Peace of God”. The name has a popular shorter.

25. Jeremy

Jeremy meaning “appointed by God” is a Medieval English variation of Jeremiah.

26. Jonathan

Jonathan is a male name with Hebrew origin and is a variation of Yehonatan. The meaning of the name is “gift from God”.

27. Julius

This name is of Greek origin and means “People of Julus”.

28. Leonardo

Leonardo is a variation of Leonhard and is of Spanish origin. The popular name means “lion; hard” implying a strong and brave person. Leo is a famous pet for Leonardo.

29. Livinus

This is one of the unusual 3 syllable boy names with popular references in Saint Livinus and Livinus of Ghent, who was a popular apostle in Flanders and Brabant.

30. Lucian

Lucian meaning “light or illumination” is a variation of Luke. The name originates from Latin-America.

31. Lucifer

This Hebrew origin name means “bringer of Light”.

32. Michael

Michael is a popular Hebrew origin name meaning “who is like God” or “a person like God”.

33. Nathaniel

The name is a variation of Netanyahu of Hebrew origin. The name means “God has given”.

34. Nicholas

This Greek origin name means “victor by the people” or “loved by all”. The name is a variation of Nicolaas.

35. Oliver

Oliver is a popular Latin-American origin name meaning “eleven”. Another variation of the name is Olivier.

36. Orlando

Orlando is the Italian variation of Roland. The name means “famous throughout the land” implying a famous personality.

37. Reginald

This royal sounding name is of German origin. The name is a variation of Reynold and means “ruler”.

38. Remington

This English origin name is a place name meaning “settlement on a riverbank” or “a person from the raven estate”.

39. Ricardo

Ricardo is a variation of Richard and is of Spanish origin. This popular name means “strong; brave”.

40. Roberto

Roberto is a boy’s name with Italian, Spanish and Portuguese origin. The name is a variation of Robert and of High German name Hrodebert meaning “bright with glory”.

41. Rodrigo

Rodrigo is a variation of Roderik from Spanish origin. The name means “famous”.

42. Samuel

The name with Biblical reference means “asked of God”. Samuel of Hebrew origin was a prophet and judge in Bible.

43. Sebastian

Sebastian is a popular name well-known as the name of St. Sebastian. The Greek origin name means “venerable” or “revered”.

44. Sergio

Sergio is a popular boy’s name meaning “servant” implying an obedient person. The name is a variation of Latin-American origin Sergius.

45. Theodore

Theodore is a Greek origin name meaning “Divine gift”.

46. Timothy

Timothy is a biblical name meaning “a person who honors God”.

47. Vladimir

This Slovak origin name derived from Wladimir means “by the famous rule”.

48. William

One of the most popular English boys names William means “with a will as strong as a helmet”. The name is perfect for a strong-willed boy.

49. Xavier

Xavier is a Latin origin name meaning “savior”.

50. Zachary

This Hebrew origin name means “the Lord remembered” or “remembered by God”.

Every parent in the world wants to name their baby boy with a meaningful and impressive name. So when picking a name for their baby, they give much emphasis on the meaning, origin and the specific number of syllables in the name. This ensures they have chosen a name with balanced sound and good meaning. A meaningful name is always timeless and indicates good virtues. Such a name helps the child in projecting a positive and strong image. The young boys with unique and meaningful names ensure they are taken with seriousness and respect in society as they grow up.

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