12 Best Books About the Moon For Kids

12 Best Children’s Books About the Moon

Kids get very much fascinated with the moon in the dark sky. As they grow, they get more inclined toward asking questions about the moon. To enhance their knowledge and resolve their curiosity about the ball that keeps changing its shape in the sky, as a parent, you can bring books for them that include stories related to the moon or facts explained in a simple way. 

The books can help you enhance your kids’ knowledge and get them engaged in it, while you will get some time to do your stuff. In this section, we have shortlisted top moon books for children so that you won’t need to do extra research to find the best among all the books available in the market. 

Amazing Books About the Moon for Kids 

Amazing Books About the Moon for Kids

The best method to introduce any element to your kids is to get the books related to that topic for your kid. Preschoolers can learn the best through the help of storybooks. You can easily find books about the moon for preschoolers in the market. Getting a children’s book on the moon will not only enhance their knowledge about the moon but also help them develop several other skills, including reading, comprehension, and more. Moreover, kids will also develop good focus with the habit of reading. 

Let’s discuss some of the best books for children on the moon. 

1. I Took the Moon for a Walk 

Author’s Name – Carolyn Curtis 

Best for Ages – 4 to 6 years old 

A most recommendable book for kids to make them aware of different phases of the moon. It’s a fictional story of a little boy. The author has tried to teach kids the value of the moon in our lives and how our world would be without the moon. The book includes other values for children, besides talking about some amazing facts about the moon

2. A Peek Through (Picture book) 

Author’s Name – Britta Teckentrup 

Best for Ages – 3 to 7 years old 

This book is a wonderful pick if you don’t want to make it complicated for your kids to understand the moon’s phases. It is a picture book with beautiful cutouts and stickers of different phases and the facts and information related to it.

3. The Moon Seems to Change 

Author’s Name – Dr. Franklyn M. Branley 

Best for Ages – 4 to 8 years old 

It is another picture book that you can bring for your children. This book will be more focused on providing educational knowledge about the moon with the help of pictures and photos—a straightforward book about the moon for kids written in the simplest way possible. 

4. Moon’s First Friends: One Giant Leap for Friendship 

Author’s Name – Susanna Leonard Hill 

Best for Ages – 4 to 8 years old

This amazing book will introduce some interesting elements like astronauts and spaceships to your kids. This book explains how the moon always stays up in the sky, from where it could witness everything happening over the earth and the life here, but it does not have any living object on itself, which might make the moon lonely. However, the loneliness of the moon ends up one day as humans from the earth decide to send spaceships and astronauts to the moon. 

5. Sun and Moon Together 

Author’s Name – Ethan Long 

Best for Ages – 3 to 6 years old 

This book has an adventurous story for the kids to keep them interested till the last page with information about the sun and moon. This book will be very helpful for kids who show so much interest in reading and learning about the sun and moon. 

6. Sun and Moon 

Author’s Name – Lindsey Yankey 

Best for Ages – 4 to 8 years old 

Small kids like to know about the color-changing ball in the sky, and this book does everything to help them get all the vital information. While the storyline is engaging for kids, they will also get to learn about scientific terms. 

7. Owl Moon 

Author’s Name – Jane Yolen

Best for Ages – 3 to 7 years old 

It is a beautiful story of a girl and her dad who went on a search for owls at night. The story proceeds, and inside it, the author has added the importance of the light provided by the moon during the night. Help your kids to become a part of this journey and let them find owls at night. 

8. Whose Moon Is That? 

Author’s Name – Kim Krans 

Best for Ages – 3 to 7 years old 

Curiosity within kids is insatiable. They are going to love this story about the ownership of the moon. Children will get to learn about different animals through the story as different animals claim that the moon belongs to them along with the stars. However, the moon belongs to none, and it is there to spread light. A very important lesson about relationships and sharing is conveyed through the story. 

9. A Big Mooncake for Little Star 

Author’s Name – Grace Lin 

Best for Ages – 4 to 8 years old

There could not be a more interesting method to learn about the moon’s phases. This story is about a star baking a mooncake with her mother. However, baking the cake is not easy for the baby star as the mooncake is irresistible. The book would encourage kids to get engaged in activities like cooking, and they would also get to know about the different shapes of the moon.

10. My Little Half-Moon 

Author’s Name – Douglas Todd Jennerich 

Best for Ages – 5 to 8 years old 

This book will allow your kid to use their imagination and creativity while seeking the reason behind the half-moon. A little boy in the story believes that the moon is half because it lost its other half, which must be making it feel alone. Then the boy decides to offer company to the moon. This book is highly recommended for your child with the beautiful message of kindness. 

11. The Moon Book 

Author’s Name – Gail Gibbons 

Best for Ages – 4 to 8 years old 

This book is best to introduce the science related to our planet Earth and its Moon. It can be challenging for parents to teach science to their young kids, but books can always help out. 

12. City Moon 

Author’s Name – Rachael Cole

Best for Ages – 3 to 7 years old 

This is another very engaging story about the moon for kids. The story consists of a little boy who is out on a walk with his mother. And the boy notices the very interesting phenomenon in which the moon seems to play peek-a-boo with him. Another fun read to inculcate a healthy habit of reading within your kid. 

Moon is indeed very captivating to everyone, especially the young kids. As a parent, you can help your child know more about the moon with some interesting books and stories. 

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