15+ Appealing & Useful Baby's First Easter Basket Ideas

15+ Perfect and Adorable Ideas for Your Baby’s First Easter Basket

Your baby might not be ready to make Easter crafts or make some DIY items for the celebration, but that does not mean you cannot make their first Easter a grand one. When it comes to buying Easter gifts for your kids, shopping for them is the easiest, and here are some ideas you cannot miss out on.

What to Put in Your Baby’s Easter Basket?  

When designing a baby’s 1st easter basket for your infant’s first Easter, the options are endless. You could go for super-cuddly soft toys, chewable, or anything useful to them. 

Baby’s First Easter Basket Ideas – Cute and Useful!

To help you out, here are the top baby Easter basket ideas you could go out for.

1. Squeaky Eggs  

These are fun games that your baby would love. These are hard plastic eggs with chicks inside them. The chicks are in different colors, which helps them learn their colors. They could sort and crack and would hear a gentle squeak with each squeeze. 

2. Easter Basket Playset 

Babies love to play and giggle the whole day, and what better way to celebrate their first easter if not with an easter basket playset! If you cannot make a basket on your own because of so many responsibilities and taking care of your infant, these basket ideas are excellent options. Go for woolen easter eggs, soft parrot toys, elephants, chicks, and more. 

3. Unisex Onesies 

Kids should always wear soft clothes, and what better way to do it if not with soft and cozy onesies. They are available in many designs and are pretty, convenient, and useful. 

4. Baby Paper  

Babies love playing with the wrapping papers that you have at home. This Easter, gift them a baby paper that would be exciting to play with. Crinkly and fun, this gift would cheer up your baby and make your Easter basket unique. 

5. Baby Shoes  

Yes, they are either in your arms or in their father’s, but looking at cute baby shoes, you will not be able to stop yourself from purchasing them. Available in so many different colors, this would be a pretty useful gift.

6. Footprint Art 

Go for a footprint art that would be a keepsake in the future. You can take your baby’s footprint and then get it printed out. A perfect first infant easter basket idea that you would be able to keep forever. 

7. Sippy Cups  

As a mother, you know sippy cups are indispensable. As your baby grows, at approximately the age of 6 months, you could start introducing your child to sippy cups so they can become independent and not rely on you. There are so many colorful cups available that the transition journey becomes a joyous one. 

8. Teether  

When it comes to infants, including teethers in your Easter basket for your baby would be a useful gift. Babies are always dropping off their teethers on the floor, and as a parent, it could get tedious trying to keep them clean all the time apart from all other parent duties. Keep a handful of teethers to keep your baby busy.

9. Soft Blocks  

Soft blocks can be your baby’s constant companion. Playing with soft blocks is a sensory activity, and by touching different parts of the block and hearing different noises, they would be able to learn a lot.

10. Interactive Books  

As your child grows, you need to introduce them to different touch and feel books. These are interactive books that babies would have fun with. Touch and feel books with chicks, animals, and food would be a perfect choice.

11. Bunny Ears

Enjoy the easter spirit by going for some bunny years for your baby. Take adorable photos of your baby with these bunny ears!

12. Headbands 

We have to tell you how cute babies look with headbands on! It is a great gift for your baby girl; take some snaps and keep it as a keepsake. 

13. Oball  

This is an interesting toy that your baby would love. It is not hard, made of really flexible material, and could be easily grasped. The rattle inside the ball will introduce them to sounds. 

14. Hooded Towel  

Are they not just the cutest first easter basket idea? Add little bunny or duck hooded towels to the Easter basket and wrap them with them after their bath. 

15. Baby Bibs  

They truly are a necessity for new parents. There are so many patterns to choose from, and they are perfect for babies between the ages of 3 and 9 months. And trust us when we say you will be using many of them.

16. Plush Bunny  

A baby easter basket cannot be complete without a plush toy. A plush toy is the perfect transitional toy for moving onto a proper stuffed one. Your kid would love it. 

17. Rainbow Balls 

Rainbow balls would entertain your kids, making all rattling noises. It would be a great simulation for the baby. 

Wrapping up, we hope you enjoy these Easter basket ideas filled with different goodies for your baby. Easter is a wonderful and merry time to spend with your family. This year, make it even more special with these cute ideas. 

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